Excel Optimizers for Daily Fantasy Sports!

We are constantly working on improving and making more Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizers for our members.

These optos were created for the people who don't want to pay the outrageous amounts of money they are charging  and most of them are even on a PER SPORT basis.  We think that is ridiculous and want to provide an alternative.

- We wrote these in EXCEL 2013 and we are using reference library 15.0.  

- They are made to be used on a desktop computer with an actual licensed version of Excel.

- Functionality has not been tested on iPads, Macs and mobile devices.

- You are welcome to contact us for a sample one to make sure it works on your computer.

- As we uncover easily fixable issues we will post videos on the trouble shooting to make them functional for you.

Our Optimizer Includes:

- Ability to run optimal lineups based off different drop down options such as 3 projection models, an average projection model of the 3, player grading system, previous game averages, projected minutes, etc.

- You can save your lineups with a click of a button and easily go back and review the players selected.

- Ability to LOCK and EXCLUDE individual players.

- Ability to EXCLUDE specific teams.

- Ability to export lineups to a .csv file and upload to Draftkings/Fanduel.