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bathrobeDFS - Daily Analysis for February 2nd and Review of February 1st

Hello, everyone! bathrobeDFS here with your daily basketball article. First, I will breakdown my lineup for yesterday’s main slate. Then I will go over tonight’s slate from the perspective of a one lineup player on Draftkings. If you have any additional questions or want to see guaranteed updates in regards to breaking news- I provide additional updates, information, and stats on my twitter @bathrobeDFS. Feel free to throw me a follow cause it’s much easier and more timely to provide updates over that medium. It also should go without saying, this is just a preliminary analysis of the slate: everything can change throughout the day, so make sure you are staying on top of any and all injury news and change your lineups accordingly! I am always available to help with any questions there, as well, even if I can’t do a second article. Let’s get started with the Review!

Yesterday In Review:

***My Single Entry Lineup-*** -

Name | Price | DKP | Value | Proj Own | Real Own | Diff

Mack | 3500 | 38.25 | 10.9x | 12.8%| 52.6%| 39.8!!! (wow)

Allen | 3300 | 21 | 6.4x | 45.6%| 40%| 5.6

Caboclo | 3400 | 16.5 | 4.9x | 10.3%| 28.7%| 18.4!!

Kornet | 4300 | 13.5 | 3.1x | 10.2%| 15.4%| 5.2

Gobert | 8500 | 46.75 | 5.5x | 18%| 21.9%| 3.9

Westbrook | 11000 | 56.5 | 5.1x | 27.4%| 35.2%| 7.8

Jaylen Brown | 4900 | 22.5 | 4.6x | 1.9%| 8.8%| 6.9

Jokic | 10800 | 63.75 | 5.9x | 46.9%| 52.3%| 5.4

**Total** | 49700 | 278.75 | 5.6x| | |

***My Highest Scoring Lineup-*** (859th in the DK And-One)

Name | Price | DKP

Mack | 3500 | 38.25

Allen | 3300 | 21

Jaylen Brown | 4900 | 22.5

PG13 | 9900 | 67.25

Favors | 5100 | 34.25

Monte Morris | 5100 | 42.5

Faried | 6900 | 31.5

Jokic | 10800 | 63.75

**Total** | 49500 | 321

***Best Possible Lineup-*** - [Using the free lineup rewind tool on fantasycruncher](, I find the highest possible lineup that could have been played.

Name | Price | DKP

Mack | 3500 | 38.25

Basley | 4400 | 45.5

PG13 | 9900 | 67.25

Olynyk | 3800 | 35.25

Jokic | 10800 | 63.75

Trae Young | 7000 | 48.75

Ingles | 5300 | 37.75

Monte Morris | 5100 | 42.5

**Total** | 49800 | 379


On top of the obvious emotional toll the last couple days have taken on me, it also exacerbates the severe pain disability I have. I am at a constant 8 of 10, at best, without a couple different medicines in me. That is without doing anything. If I stand up or try walking more than a couple minutes, the pain from my back down my right leg into my toes will literally knock me off my feet. Worst off, it will increase my base pain level for the next couple days. Unfortunately the 7 hours of driving the last couple of days, on top of the standing and moving and sleeping on a bad bed.. Needless to say I am far too exhausted both physically and mentally to get too far into much of anything tonight. I got all your messages and I felt all your love. I let the family know that literally hundreds of people were praying for them every day, and there’s a whole community of really great people that have sent nothing but love and support. I also told her mom a couple of people had contacted me to ask if they could send flowers or anything. She asked that, in lieu of anything, to please send any donations you would to the American Brain Tumor Association. Thank you all again. I love you more than you will ever know.

Jokic was my play of the day for today, going against a Houston team that had no one that could handle him (Faried? Come on.). After watching his press conference, I also locked in Gobert. That was a dude that took this “snub” personally. You don’t cry tears if you aren’t going to bust your dick off to show them wrong that night. A Jazz beat writer said it best- that Gobert was either going to score 50 points and get 20 rebounds tonight, or he would get 6 fouls in 6 seconds. Either way it would be fun to watch. I then had a more balanced lineup (with Faried and PG13), until the Conley news broke. Then I could get Mack, Bruno, Allen and have a ton of money leftover. I wanted to get Jaylen Brown who seems to be one of the best “blow out” run players I’ve seen this year. If I got one of the cheap Knicks, I would be able to fit Westbrook, so I took the ceiling chance and ran with it.

This is a huge slate. With the Super Bowl on Sunday, there are going reaaaaaaal light on Sunday and cramming everything in today. 12 games today. 11 on this slate. I am still in an insane amount of pain. Even with the medicine. I am still also having a tough time of it emotionally and I haven’t slept well in a few days, so I am extra exhausted. Not that I need to give excuses to such kind people. I am just explaining this is going to be a little less in depth when it comes to explaining everything. I still put almost 2 hours into research, though. So, even on days when I don’t write as much, I still do all the research in every way. I did a full update on all my stats and metrics this evening, so we are as up to date as possible. So let’s get to it. It’s good to be back. Let’s hope nothing else happens for many many months. (editor note: i spent 4+ hours writing, and this is one of my longest articles ever)

The Daily Slate:

Matchup Specific Ceiling (MSC) Pick of the Day

Matchup Specific Ceiling is a “quasi-metric” I use to make decisions. If you haven’t read my explanation, please check out this link right here

The explanation begins in the “injury/lineup news” section about halfway down.

In this section, I will pick the player who has fewest factors preventing him from reaching his ceiling, considering spread, pace, O/U, defense, usage, teammate health, and other factors.

Devin Booker - Let us not forget, first of all, I have no idea who is going to be popular or not. But if Booker isn’t one of the chalkiest plays tomorrow, I will be surprised. If he isn’t, then make some money tomorrow by getting all over this right here. I know there’s a lot of really great plays, but gimme Booker for a few reasons. First, on a day where 24 teams are playing, and what will probably be over 300 players, the only one playing today that has scored 70 points is Devin Booker (8800). On that day, March 24, 2017, Booker got 70p/8r/6a/3s/1b and what amounted to 96.5 DKP. So, sure, maybe Harden can get there. But don’t tell me Booker doesn’t have one of the highest ceilings tonight. Second, when I started writing these articles the Suns were 22nd in the NBA in pace. Right now, if you go by the whole season, they are up to 12th overall. If you look at their last 15 games, the Suns are 7th in pace. This is a team, with Booker having more control, that is playing much faster. And they get to go against the fastest paced team in the NBA, the Hawks. Next, the O/U is one of the highest on the slate, 235, and the spread is awesome with the Suns 2.5 point home favorites. Both season long, and recently, Booker leads the Suns in usage and no one is particularly close. Booker is 4th overall in the NBA. Over the last 15 games Oubre (5900) (who I also LOVE tonight) is the only other Sun in the top 50, and he barely snuck in at 46th. On top of all of this, the Hawks have one of the worst defenses in the NBA. Both overall, and specifically at the positions Booker will be playing. They are the NBA’s worst team at defending PGs (which Booker will be playing a good chunk of this game, even if Okobo is technically the starting point). They are also far worse than league average against SGs. And, in case you think they can just move a good defender over, they are also worst in the NBA at defending SFs. Best yet, the Suns have their fair share of horrid defenders, meaning, as Vegas predicts, this is going to be a high scoring shootout, where there is little defense, and the people who normally control the usage will not be prevented from continuing to do so (in fact, if anything, their usages should come in over their average season usage tonight). Melton is Out, Warren is Out, Bender is Questionable, and Ayton is Probable. I expect him to be limited, after missing a few games. If he isn’t, I have no problem playing both Booker and Ayton (6800) against this Hawks defense. Regardless, though, Ayton playing actually helps Booker so we should look at it as a good thing for Booker as well, on top of everything else. And, as you can see, that’s a lot. I also want to add that Jamal Crawford (3600) just put up 37.5 DKP. He isn’t the type that will hit every day for you, but he has been getting a lot more run with Melton out. And anyone getting that kind of run, against the Hawks, has to be on your short list of punts tonight, even on an 11-gamer.

Situations to take advantage of (in no particular order):

Hawks - Like with Suns I just spent a while talking about, the Hawks should be a priority tonight. Start by running Booker back with Trae Young (7500). In his last 4 games, Young has gotten 48.75, 37.75 (blow out), 43.5, and 48 DKP. He has seemingly found something. He is taking extra shots, and playing really well. While I think everyone will go through streaks, I don’t think this is a fluke. I think we are seeing Trae finally get everything together. Against a Suns team that plays incredible fast, and without defense, Trae could get to that 50 DKP mark tonight at a huge discount from some other people. This emergence, as well as the fact that the wings have all gotten healthy, has hurt the production of Collins (7900) who is still great, and has the same ceiling as always, but should only be considered a GPP play at this point. They have been limiting Dedmon (5800)”s minutes lately. He got 28 minutes last night and that’s the most he got since January 11th. Now ATL has to travel from Utah to Phoenix for the second night of a back-to-back. While I don’t think it will hurt anyone’s production, I would be surprised if it didn’t hurt Dedmon’s potential minutes. This means only one thing- Alex Len (4300) revenge game. As much as that is tongue-in-cheek, I am 100% serious that Len is a fucking amazing play tonight. I wish it wasn’t a revenge game thing so I could have recommended him at 2% ownership. Instead we have to pay attention. Ayton is an AWFUL defender. The Suns are 2nd worst in the NBA at defending Centers. And Len only played 9 minutes last night. While it could mean they mean to play him less, it could also mean they are saving him up for tonight. It’s a GPP play for sure, and one we may have to avoid given the inflated popularity caused by narratives, but it’s still interesting to consider.

Vuc vs D’Angelo III: Electric Boogalee - This will be the third time these teams have faced each other in the last few weeks. Both games have been incredibly close, as Vegas expects this one to be. The first game, Vuc (9800) had a bad game, only got 33 minutes, shot 7-20, and he still put up 50.25 DKP. The next game, Vuc had another bad game, only got 33 minutes, shot 9-20, and got 58 DKP. Vuc is playing the Nets. Don’t overthink that one. On top of that, the Nets have been playing at the 3rd fastest pace lately, and, much like the Suns, have pushed themselves up from a rank in the 20s to one of the fastest teams in the NBA. On the other side, in these 2 games, Dinwiddie got 20 and 29 real points, on his way to 26.5 and 39.75 DKP. Even with Dinwiddie putting up good production both games, D’Angelo (8200) still managed 40 and 25 real points, on his way to 58.5 and 54.25 DKP. And now Dinwiddie is injured. And Orlando is weakest against PGs.

Giannis - Giannis is a monster who should be priced at 12k in this matchup. While Washington is a bad D, they are better with Sato than with Wall, and their major deficiencies are shifting from the perimeter defenders to defending the frontcourt. Right now, they are weakest against PFs and Cs, meaning I will jump all over Giannis (10900) and BroLo (5100). You might think this game would blow out (I sure do), but Vegas thinks 229 points will be scored, and MIL will only win by 6. There’s a lot of expensive superstars in incredible spots, but it’s hard to argue Giannis isn’t in as good a spot as anyone tonight.

Rondo and Lebron - If you checked Haze’s article yesterday (and I wanna thank him again for putting in extra work with me having to be away), he had a section where he talked about usage. It is a topic I have covered in the past- correlation. There are some people you should never play together because they either eat into each other, or split minutes. But there are some players who, when they play with each other, make one another better. This is what happens when Rondo (6800) and Lebron (10800) get together. Lebron will be at 12k and Rondo over 8k before too long. Mark it down. They are going to get most of the work in this game. Even though Vegas thinks GS blows it out (and who wouldn’t think that could happen), installing them as 10.5 point favorites, I don’t think it’ll get far enough out of hand they won’t use this to keep giving Lebron the minutes he needs to get fully back to game shape, and I don’t think Lebron can ever play the Warriors without giving it an extra few notches. This is the 4th and 9th fastest teams in the NBA matching up. The O/U is highest on the slate at 236. The only thing that should keep you away from here is how incredibly popular I expect Lebron to be tomorrow. Either way, hooray for Rondo.

Curry - First things first, obey your thirst. Drink Sprite, A-ight? Second, commercials really stay with you forever, huh? Third, Klay is Questionable tonight. He missed last game and yesterday’s practice. They expect him to be a GTD but, hopefully, we know something in the early afternoon. If Klay (6200) plays he is OK but a victim of the TooManyCooks. If Klay is forced to miss again, Curry (9600) would be one of the best plays on the slate tonight. Given the fact that the Lakers haven’t been as good at defending the point with Lonzo out, and Curry is already one of the toughest players in the NBA to guard, he would be a great play even if Klay is active. Lebron is a great defender and will be on Durant. As much as I love to see that matchup, it is enough for me to go to who should the the lesser owned player, with a better shot to reach his ceiling. As I will continue to say, you can play Green (6400)any time he’s under 7k. If this is the game they lift his minute restriction, I will be on Cousins (6700), if not, i can’t pay that for 25 minutes no matter who it is.

The Pelicans Injury Report - AD is OUT. Randle is OUT. Mirotic is OUT. Elfrid on the Shelfrid is OUT. E’Twaun Moore is OUT. Even Trevon Bluiett is OUT. That leaves 10 active people. It doesn’t matter that Vegas has the Spurs as 10.5 home favorites. Blowout or not, the Pels don’t have the bodies to discriminate. Frazier (3800) and Frank Jackson (3500) have basically been splitting the PG minutes. Jackson starts, though, which means he has to battle Jrue for ballhandling and the other starters for usage. Even though Derrick White is a great defender, the Spurs are weak at defending PGs. Jrue (9100) is still not priced high enough for being the only player on this team objectively worth anything tonight. He should get into the high 30s in minutes regardless. Ian Clark (3000) has been backing him up (and others) to the tune of 20 minutes a game. He could put up 10 DKP or 20 DKP, but he is a min priced player getting run if you need one. Kenrich Williams (4100) is a real player and you need to play him tonight. People thought his performance 2 games ago, where he put up 16 rebounds and got 31 DKP, was a fluke. But if you watched the game, it wasn’t as if the ball kept slipping out of people’s hands, in a vaudevillian manner, until Williams wound up with it, possession after possession. He’s a dude who busts his ass and goes after it. I played him the next game, with like 10% of other people, and he put up 21 real points, 8 rebounds and 41 DKP. Miller (4400) is also getting almost 40 minutes of run a game here, and, even though his price has come up, he is still hitting the mid-30s in DKP and should do so again tonight. Solomon Hill (3300) seems to be the main person hurt by the emergence of Williams and I won’t have any of him today. Don’t play Wes Johnson (3000) under any circumstance. Okafor (7000) was rightfully manhandled by Jokic last game. Jokic drew enough fouls that Okafor couldn’t play as aggressive as he would have liked. He also played a solid D. Tonight, Okafor will be matched up against LMA, who is the 4th worst defensive Center in the NBA. Diallo (3200) doesn’t get enough minutes to be relevant either, and shouldn’t be played here. That’s literally everyone they have tonight. And 3 of them barely get any minutes.

Jazzzzzzzzzzzz - The Rockets will be playing without CP3 tonight, unless he somehow manages to convince the coach to let him play (doubtful). That means a couple of things. First, Harden is going to go nuts. Second, the Houston defense becomes TERRIBLE. Third, the Rockets play faster when Harden controls the ball. All of these are bonuses for DFS players that want to play Jazz players tonight. It is possible that all of these guys could hit value today. Gobert (8400) will drink Faried’s milkshake. Seriously. Faried won’t be able to stop him. Houston is making the Clippers look good against Centers lately. Rubio (6100) is back, if his 44 DKP game last night didn’t tell you that, and his price will be up to 7500 soon enough. Get on him while the value is there to get. Donovan (8700) may have the highest ceiling, but is also the most volatile when everyone is healthy. That sounds like a great GPP play to me. Korver (3700) also remains underpriced and should be considered every day as a legit punt.

Sixers vs. Kings - I was going to list a couple people individually, but this game is another DFS gift we get to enjoy tonight. The highest O/U on the slate at 236, with a great, close spread of PHI -3.5. The Sixers and Kings are both top 10 teams in pace. On the Sixers side, they already announced Redick and Chandler would be rested tonight. While I will get to the lineup changes, this makes me like Embiid (10700) and Simmons (9200) a lot more. They should be the main beneficiaries from the usage and other counting stats Redick and Chandler will be leaving for other people. In terms of cheaper guys, the Sixers have a couple different ways they can play this. First, they move Butler to SG (which would suck for Hield (6700)) and play Brewer (3400) at SF in place of Redick. Then they start Bolden (3400) at PF. If this happens, I will have more interest in Bogdan (5800) and Bagley (5300). They could also start TJ McConnell (3500) at PG and let Simmons play the 4. If this happens, I will be all over Fox (7400). Again, either way, they are going to need a whole lot of WCS (5700) who is playing at home and should easily push for 40 DKP today. I don’t know if there’s a single player on the entire slate as underpriced as WCS tonight. You just have to make some tough choices at Center. If you are worried WCS gets into foul trouble again (which has been happening a lot), you need to play Giles (3600). Either way, they’ll need one of them against Embiid, so make sure to take advantage of the production they will guarantee you at far too low prices.

Situations to be careful of(in no particular order):

Mavs vs Cavs - I mean, the Mavs just played their last game against another slow team, the Pistons (Mavs 27th, Cavs 25th, Pistons 30th). Even though the Pistons have Blake (and Drummond) who is more talented than everyone on the Cavs put together, it was a 89-93 score. I wouldn’t be surprised if even less points were scored today. Seriously. The O/U is 210 and, while I’m not allowed to do so, I would GLADLY bet the Under here. Because, to be honest, if the O/U was 200 I would still bet on the under. There are some decent plays. Doncic (8300) will be back, and Brunson (4200) won’t get in his way. Even if Dallas only scores 90 points, Doncic could get a 3x2 tonight. I think Powell (4400)is a decent punt, as is Kleber (4100). On the Cavs side, no player is priced high enough to make me worry about the potential speed and score (or lack thereof). However, no one is really low enough to make them locks. If anything, I will look at Cedi (5800) who has been on fire lately and Clarkson (5100) whose usage is high enough he could exceed value no matter what.

Miami Heat - This game is even worse than the Mavs/Cavs game. If you want to take a chance on Olynyk (3800), go ahead. He got 30 minutes last night, and they will need his height against a bigger Pacers team (though, honestly, he could play 10 minutes so I really can’t say I am going to go near this game).

San Antonio TooManyCooks - Putting the Spurs in this section isn’t saying that they are bad plays, necessarily. It is that we need to be careful here. They are playing against Jrue Holiday and the shell of the Pelicans, at home. They should easily win this one. Even if the Pels can keep it close (and they certainly could), the Spurs are spreading it around a lot. While people look at Derrick White (5700)’s last game, and see the team leading 45 DKP, they should rightfully be intrigued. I have been talking about White for a month. I love the kid and think he’s a great DFS asset, since he can produce across the spectrum. And when he gets hot from the floor, he can get you games like last one. The thing they might not have noticed, though, is that he only got 25 minutes. While that is an impressive bout of PPM, it is not impressive that Mills (4100) got 30 min, Forbes (3900) got 28, DeRozan (7600) got 36. If he only gets 25 minutes again, and 3 other guard-type players are going to get more minutes than him, at much fairer prices, how can you go to White? And given their recent production, how can you go to Mills or Forbes in anything but GPPs? And, again, given the real chance of a blow out, how can you trust DeRozan with so many other players in better games? The same goes for LMA (8100) who should be able to produce like crazy with the minutes he is given, but, if he only gets 28, how can you stomach paying that when you have 10 other games to choose from? If anything, I think Gay (5800) is priced low enough that he won’t kill you if this blows out and, if it stays close, he could get 46.25 DKP like he did on 1/26 when the the Spurs last played the Pels (with a much different cast of characters). Pop doesn’t need to play big, meaning you don’t have to worry about Gasol or Poeltl getting anything but sparse backup minutes. This means that Bertans (4100) and Belinelli (4000) should both easily see run in the 20s, and could see some extra run in the event of a blowout.

Situations to monitor:

Zach LaVine PROBABLE, Seldin GTD, Jabari Parker OUT - LaVine’s status has a lot of relevance for this entire game. Since he has been called probable, but is listed as questionable, we can plan for the slate as if he was playing and just make sure to stay aware of his status as we approach 7ET. Luckily this is in the first batch of games that goes off, so we will definitely know before anything gets locked in. If he is in, LaVine (7200) would be in the best spot on the Bulls. The Hornets are really weak against both SGs and players like LaVine, so, being a SG that is like himself, he would get an automatic nod from me. Like I always like to say, LaVine could easily put up 40 real points here, and that is more than 5x his value already. Apart from a weakness at C, the Bulls are also incredibly weak against SGs. This, however, is a function of LaVine being one of the worst defenders in the NBA. If he is in, it will be really hard to say no to Lamb (5900) who will line up against him and, like LaVine, could put up 5x his salary in raw points. If LaVine misses, I will lock in Markkanen (7100) and give serious consideration to Dunn (6700). I would also have a lot of interest in Arcidiacono (3600) who got 34 minutes last game in LaVine’s absence. If LaVine misses, I would also no longer have interest in Lamb, since Archie is actually a really good defender. With Parker out, the Bulls may have to run a 3 man rotation at PF/C meaning Lauri (7100), Portis (5700), and RoLo (4000) could all be forced into a huge chunk of minutes, making them all great plays. If Seldin (4500) plays (and, even though he’s listed as a GTD, he is expected to play), he would be a fine play. If he misses, the Bulls would be thin enough they would have to run Shaq Harrison (3300) out there for 30+ minutes. While not a decent PPM producer, he might be able to fall into 20+ points. It would also, again, increase the output of Dunn and Markkanen.

Otto Porter QUESTIONABLE - Porter finally got back to 30+ minutes a game, and he hurt his toe. He is questionable and I don’t see any indication if he will play or not (if anything, they think it will come down to a GTD, which is ok since this tips off with the first group of games at 7pm). If he plays he’s ok, but I will look elsewhere. If he misses, I will be all over Dekker (3300) as one of my top punts of the day. I will also stock up on Jeff Green (4700) who would get 35+ minutes and could easily get more DKP than that.

Tyreke AND Cory Joseph AND McDermott QUESTIONABLE - If any of them play, I have no interest in anyone here. This game is supposed to have 6 less points scored than the Mavs/Cavs game, which is insane. Both teams are incredibly slow. This game is going to suck for DFS players. However, if all 3 are out, Collison (6300) and Holiday (3800) would both get 40 minutes and I would have to consider both.

Jamal Murray and Gary Harris - Both players missed last night’s game, leading to 3 Nuggets being on the best possible lineup. Considering that the Wolves are a shitty defensive team, with KAT and Rose both in the bottom at defending their positions (assuming Rose plays..), if both Murray and Harris miss again, I don’t see how you can’t love Jokic (10600), who will manhandle KAT, as well as both Beasley (4400) and Monte Morris (5500) (who would be a little harder to swallow at that price, but still totally feasible). If Murray and/or Harris play, I would still probably play Beasley but not Morris at that price. No matter what, Jokic is one of the top plays on the slate.

Teague OUT, Tyus OUT, RoCo OUT, Rose QUESTIONABLE - If you played Bayless (5400) last game against Memphis, after the Wolves had just signed Canaan (3000) and made him immediately available, you made a stupid, stupid decision that made you stupid, stupid money. Just cause something is a smart, informed decision doesn’t mean it will work out. And just cause something may be straight throwing caution to the wind, doesn’t mean it can’t turn into windfall. We don’t have the same problem today since the Nuggets are not the Grizzlies. KAT (9700) has a really tough matchup against Jokic, but he should still be priced close to 11k. Even if you don’t love the spot, you have to consider him as a price play (especially if Rose is out, and his ownership still doesn’t budge). Unlike with Memphis, if Rose is out, I will also have interest in Wiggins (6300) again today, although the Canaan signing hurts him as much as it would Bayless. If Rose (5800) plays, and should see 30+ minutes, I will lock him in next to Booker. If he misses again, I have no problem playing Bayless, but I love going sneaky with another min priced player in Canaan.

CP3 DOUBTFUL - CP3 was questionable for last night’s game and, after pre-game workouts, the Rockets coach said that CP3 would play last night’s game against Denver, but would most certainly rest for the game against the Jazz. Meaning Harden (12500) will most likely be playing a game without CP3 and his price didn’t correct itself back into the 14k region. If you are worried about the Jazz, go take a look the “best possible lineup” from last night. You see Trae Young there? Guess who the Hawks went against last night? Yep, this very same Jazz team. And, without CP3, guess who will be playing the same position Trae played last night. You got that right. James Fucking Harden. I have also documented how, while Gobert is a fantastic defender, the Jazz are straight up terrible at defending against Centers (or prevent Centers from racking up fantasy points). Gobert is a detriment to someone like Harden, but does not hurt the prospects of Faried. This means I will also have a ton of interest in Faried (6700). He is a little expensive, but they will need him desperately tonight and I can’t imagine many people will be on him since they falsely think it will be a hard matchup (the fact DK says he has the hardest matchup next to his name will be a HUGE help for us there, too).

It’s good to be back. I wanted to stop writing by like midnight so I could sleep and now it’s 3am and this is my longest article so far so I’m just gonna end it there. Best of luck tonight everyone!


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