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Bullpen Update up to May 5th from CheatSheetPros!

MLB BULLPEN Breakdown through May 5th from CheatSheetPros!

TEAM BULLPEN BREAKDOWNS: Whether you are playing daily fantasy sports, season long or sports betting it helps to know the team bullpen data. If you are wanting to stream a SP in a season long league find someone with a solid pen behind them to help keep the win. If you are looking for a contrarian stack for DFS look at a team with a terrible pen that will get lit up when the start comes out of game. And if you are betting MLB totals the pen is the key to over/under bets.


1st – Houston Astros: Coming in atop the custom rankings we put together for this report is the Houston Astros! They have the lowest HR/9 score at 0.75 (league bullpen average is 1.26), they have a 26.8% strikeout rate and allow a low batting average of .198.

2nd – San Fran Giants: Less than a point behind the Astros is the Giants. They have a HR/9 number of 0.82 with a 24.2% K% and allow a .222 batting average.

3rd – Tampa Bay Rays: Rays come in at #3 with a 0.87 HR/9, 25.4% strikeout rate and .226 batting average.

4th – Cleveland Indians: Indians are climbing up the charts since the last report and have a 0.97 HR/9, 23.5% strikeout rate and allow a .232 batting average. The notable red flag is that their xFIP is 1.1 higher than their ERA of 3.21 so they could start dropping. Just something to keep an eye on.

5th – Cincinnati Reds: Reds have a solid 0.79 HR/9, 24.4% K rate and .242 batting average.

6th – Toronto Blue Jays: 1.13 HR/9, 25.5% strikeout rate and micro-scopic .188 team batting average. ERA of 3.16 and xFIP is a much higher 4.42 so watch as they may start to slide down in the rankings.


30th – Baltimore Orioles: They support a horrible HR/9 of 2.17! Add in the lower 21.3% strikeout rate (league bullpen average is 24%), monster .279 batting average and an ERA of 6.11 with an xFIP of 4.98. Yuck!

29th – Washington Nationals: 1.24 HR/9, 23.2% strikeout rate and .270 allowed batting average with an ERA of 6.18 and xFIP of 4.92. Awful!

28th – Miami Marlins: They support a solid 10.46 K9 rate which equates to a 25.7% strikeout rate which is awesome, however, a monsterous 1.69 HR/9 number, .252 batting average, ERA of 5.82 and xFIP of 4.48.

27th – Detroit Tigers: The little tiggers slide down near the bottom with a 1.48 HR/9 ratio, 22.3% strikeout rate, high .274 allowed batting average, 1.55 whip and an ERA of 5.47!

26th – New York Mets: Slightly above league average HR/9 of 1.31, 23.3% strikeout rate, .251 team batting average with an ERA of 5.11 and xFIP of 4.95.

25th – Seattle Mariners: Was shocked to see them down here. 1.66 HR/9 ratio, 23.9% strikeout rate, 1.50 whip with an ERA just over 5.

24th – Kansas City Royals: Climbing out of a bottom two spot they have a 1.29 HR/9 rate (league average is 1.26), horrible 20.9% strikeout rate (3rd lowest), .273 average allowed with a 1.54 whip and 4.87 xFIP.

23rd – Texas Rangers: Ok I was going to stop at KC but Texas is so bad I have to add one more team in. They have the lowest strikeout rate in the league at 19.6%, a 1.51 HR/9 ratio and .262 average with a 4.88 ERA and 4.89 xFIP.


HR/9 Rate – 1.26 <Number range is 0.75 Astros to 2.17 Orioles.>

Strikeout % - 24.0% <Number range 19.6% Texas to 29.4% Cardinals.>

Average – .237 <Number range .176 Cardinals to .279 Orioles.>

Whip – 1.36 <Number range 1.02 Astros to 1.58 Orioles.>

ERA – 4.35 <Number range 2.91 Astros to 6.18 Nationals.>

xFIP – 4.39 <Number range 3.62 Astros to 4.98 Orioles.>

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