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College Football Bets for Friday! (9-2 Last 2 Weeks!)




The last 2 games for Nebraska were against our custom power ranking #2 Ohio State and #5 Wisconsin. Last week against the #1 “D” Nebraska led a 23-15 FD edge and 452-398 total yard edge but lost 35-28 on the scoreboard. They kept #1 “O” Ohio State to only 26 points losing 26-17. This week they get Iowa and their 122nd ranked “O” which should be a much easier matchup and they are playing at HOME!


CINCINNATI (-14) – I typically wouldn’t even look at this game with how bad CIN has played this year but last week they finally showed up. They played SMU and won 48-14 and held a 544-199 total yard edge and 24-15 FD edge. Now in our model if SMU & ECU matched up, SMU would be favored and appear to the better team.

ARKANSAS (-14.5) – Arkansas hung with Alabama last week finally losing 42-35. But what is impressive is they put up 21 FD and 468 yards. MU off 2 wins for the first time this year but only managed 286 total yards and 17 FDs against Florida. The prior 3 wins for MU came against weak foes South Carolina, Vanderbilt and North Texas and they rank 77th, 116th and 113th in our power rankings. Arkansas just played Alabama (power rank #3) and then LSU (#51) and Miss St (#29). Don’t mind laying the wood or teasing it down.

UTAH (-24) – Another home team to consider today if you want some action. CU has been playing better and 3-1 ATS over the last 4 games but our model has a 260+ yard edge for Utah so laying the points it he only way to go. Since both teams are in the Pac 12 we can look at some common opponents. Both teams have played OREGON and CU lost 52-29 and Utah just played them rolling 38-7. Both teams also played UCLA and CU lost 44-20 and Utah bean UCLA 44-24. Utah has been lighting up the scoreboard with 38, 38, 52, 44, 34, 35 and 42 points over the last 7 games. Oregon ranks #13 in our power rankings and Utah just beat them 38-7 and CU ranks #98. Laying the points.

Thanks for reading & good luck!



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