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Contrarian Cheap Stacks for June 5th from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!


NYY vs. Thornton – Thornton hasn’t been a terrible pitcher this year I mean only 3 ER and 10Ks vs. SD, 1 ER vs. CHW and a 2 ER start vs. SFG but vs. great hitting teams he has been destroyed. His recent start was @ TB and gave up 3 ER in 4.2, not terrible, no great and then MIN he was clobbered for 5 ER in only 2.0 innings with 1 K. He has been up and down but NYY can rack up some runs and I’d bet on that before I bet on Thorn shutting them down. NYY are expensive with their projected 1-5 hitters average price of 4820 on DK. But NYY on the road are 17-8 and hold a wRC+ of 115.77 which is 20 points higher than their home wRC+ of 95.82. They are also the 6th best road team in the entire MLB in wRC+, wOBA, K% and 7th in OBP+ISO scores. Even after Thorn leaves the game TOR has the 22nd ranked bullpen they can pound on. Fill in some hitters from NYY because it will be a fun one to watch!

I want to focus on some CHEAP stacks we can attack and not the chalky expensive stacks that anyone can look at the projected run total and find:

Giants vs. Vargas – Projected 1-5 hitters (that’s how I’m looking at stack cost today) are only an average of $3,620 on DK, that is dirt cheap and rock bottom prices! They are scoring 6.0 runs per game over the last week and Vargas isn’t exactly Chris Sale with a 5.38 xFIP to LHH and 5.52 to RHH with a 7.7 and 7.0 K9 rate and .333+ wOBA’s to both sides of the plate. NYM also have the 7th worst bullpen! The 1-4 hitters give you a ceiling in the last 14 days of around 90 DK points with an average of around $3,600 per hitter, that’s insane value! Worth a GPP dart!

Miami vs. Jimmy Nelson – Miami is scoring 6.8 runs per game over the last 7 days and that is tied for 3rd with Colorado. Miami really? Projected 1-5 hitters are at an average price of only 3420, another dirt cheap stack! They also have a top 5 hitter last 14 game ceiling of a whopping 130 DK points and that is 3.4x value (highest of any team on the slate or cheatsheet!). Miami 5-5 in their last 10 games and on a 2 game win streak. Granderson is 4 for 7 vs. Nelson with 2 HRs and have you seen this Cooper guy? 10 for his last 20 Abs with 8 runs, 2 HRs and 5 RBIs. He already has 5 HRs in only 83 Abs that is a projected pace 25-30 HRs and at $3900 sure why not!

Chicago Cubbies vs. Marquez – It’s the Cubs man come on! Top 5 projected hitters (that is 1-5 in the lineup, just FYI) are an average price of $4,300! BVP data vs. Marquez is only 42 Abs but hitting .310. Two guys with a wOBA over .400 vs. pitcher hand and another at .385. Cubs hold a wRC+ of 114.29 at home which is 15.6 points over their road number and they are also 6th in wOBA and 5th is OBP+ISO. They are cold right now scoring only 3.7 runs per game but that is why they are priced down! Give me some GPP Cubs! Marquez has been solid in 2 of his last 4 starts but those other two…..

Oakland vs. Felix Pena – Pena is a decent pitcher but Oakland is just so cheap. Top 5 projected hitters are only an average price of 3,880 on DK. Oakland got cold with 3.6 runs per game over the last week but they have it in them to explode with Krush Davis back in the lineup! BVP numbers through 42 Abs they are hitting .310 with 3 HRs and only 8 Ks. Oakland is also betting on the road as they are 18-15 vs. only 11-15 at home and their wRC+ on the road is a massive 122.91 while only 98 and change at home. They rank 3rd in road teams in wRC+, wOBA, K* and OBP+ISO. Let’s get Oakland back on track with a GPP dart stack that is super cheap!


Milwaukee (5.4 runs) – Average cost of 1-5 hitters: (5140)

Tampa Bay (5.2 runs) – Average cost of 1-5 hitters: (4740)

Boston (5.1 runs) – Average cost of 1-5 hitters: (5020)

Texas (5.1 runs) – Average cost of 1-5 hitters: (5060)

St. Louis (5.1 runs) – Average cost of 1-5 hitters: (4360)


You can see how expensive these basic 1-5 stacks are with the highest projected totals. So we hit on some contrarian stacks that were much cheaper. Oakland (3880), Cubs (4300), Miami (3420) and Giants (3620). The difference here is if you take Milwaukee (highest projected run total team) at an average a $5,140 x 5 hitters = $25,700 and if you take Oakland $3,880 x 5 hitters = $19,400 you get a $6,300 discount that you can use to fill the other spots on your roster AND beef up your starting pitching!

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