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Daily Fantasy Plays for Tuesday!

DAILY FANTASY PLAYS breakdown from CheatSheetPros!


I know we have focused a ton on Sports Betting and Player Props over recent months so I'm trying to work back in and get some good DFS plays for everyone. I'll try to focus on some value plays, a punt and a stud to pay up for so let's get digging!


RICHAUN HOLMES – C [DK: 4600 / FD: 5900] [CASH or GPP]

They are working Holmes back into the mix but he is up to 24 and 28 minutes over the last two games putting up 23.75 DKP and then 32.25 DKP last time out. On DK that last game out is 7x his salary which is great for cash or gpp.

PATRICK BEVERLEY – PG [DK: 4300 / FD: ???] [CASH or GPP]

They have him listed as Q tonight with his ankle injury to stay tuned. His price is too cheap for his 25 minutes of normal run. In his last 3 games excluding the 6 min game last time out when it happened he has 30, 25 and 30 minutes putting up 30.25, 26 and 29.5 DKPs and he was priced at 5300 and 5500 on DK and now he dropped to 4300? I think that is an error is their algorithm. On his 4.3k price tag that would have been 6x-7x value on his current salary. He also had a stretch of games from 12/31 to 1/05 where he was putting up 31.5 to 40 DKP for 4 games in a row playing the same amount of minutes. Upside is huge!

JAKOB POELTL – C [DK: 6400 / FD: 7700] [CASH or GPP]

I wish I could show you the screen shot on my NBA cheatsheet. I color code the recent performances in terms of their X value over the last 10 games and his line looks like a Christmas tree! At 6.4K on DK for 5x value we need 32 DKP and he has put up 49.5, 38, 39 and 50.5 DKP – Wow! Having a shot at 50 DKP from someone in the low to mid $6K range is great for GPP value!


I have to give you a near min priced guy incase you want to build a stars and scrubs lineup tonight on this larger slate! Rodney McGruder is one of the higher near min priced guys on my NBA Cheatsheet. He is only playing around 20 minutes per game so there is a ton of risk as he has a floor of 12 or less DKPs so save him for GPP tournaments. He did have a 3 game stretch on 1/18, 1/19 and 1/21 of 22.5, 26 and 30.25 DKPs giving up a 7x, 8x and 10x return. Worth a shot!

IVICA ZUBAC – C [DK: 5200 / FD: 5800] [CASH or GPP]

Anyone that has hit 10x and 8x in 2 of his last 3 games is going to get my attention especially when that guy is priced under $6K and not one of the normal high owned studs! Zubac has 40, 27 and 53 DKP over the last 3 games.


I usually focus on value and tournament plays and provide a near min priced guy as most people now the studs and if they can afford them they will fit them into their lineup. I want to give you one of my favorite high priced studs tonight that you can target in Luka Doncic. In the $10K and up range on DK we have 8 players. Luka is the only one with (3) different 6x games in the last 10 days on his current salary. Dejounte has 2, Tatum 1, Joel Embiid 2, Harden 1 and Jokic 1. Nikola Jokic has the highest ceiling in the last 10 days with his 93 DKP explosion but followed that up with 62 and 69 point games which are still good but his price tag is whopping 12.5K on DK. Luka is much cheaper at 10.9K (5th highest priced guy of the 8) and has 6x games in 3 of his last 4 putting up 72, 49, 73 and 67 DKPs. He allows more roster flexibility and upside.

Good Luck,



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