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Draftkings TIERS for Monday 11/28 from CheatSheetPros!

NBA DFS TIERS PICKS (November 25th) from CheatSheetPros!

QUICK NEWS AND NOTES: For anyone who hasn't played there is a contest on Draftkings called Pick'em/TIERS and I am going to breakdown the TIERS section of my NBA CheatSheet for tonight. Our NBA CheatSheet has custom grades for the players in each tier and then I am also going to include a screen shot of our player tracker sheet showing the fantasy points scored over the last 5ish games. Let's dive in!


Here is where we find out top priced guys in DFS and this is usually the stud tier. Tonight we have Giannis rated at the top with a score of 134.2. You can see the GRADE score per player, the fantasy point averages for last 6, 4 and 2 games. Projections, Projected Minutes, Fantasy points per minute, Last 10 game high (ceiling), last game vs. current opponent, usage, DVP to their position and last but not least the last 21 day consistency to see what % of times they have hit 5x, 6x, 7x, etc their current salary.

TOP PLAY: Giannis Antetokounmpo - TOURNEY OR CASH! 2 of his last 6 games he is over 71 DK points and hasn't been below 52 with several between 70-80 DK points.

LeBron James - He has put up 46, 55, 59 and 68 points in his last 4 games. He is right below Giannis and will have some exposure to LBJ in GPPs.

KAT I'm kicking out of my player pool due to the low ceiling.

Trae Young - His range is to wide for me tonight and I'd rather pivot elsewhere and take the safe points up top in T1. His last 5 games he has a low of 28 and a high of 64 with the majority falling in mid 40's.

TIER 2: This is down to 2 players for me. Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis is my favorite play for cash as he has a solid floor. 2 of his last 3 games are over 60 DK points. Joel Embiid is giving you a solid 45-55 points and I think he will be much lower owned than AD for GPPs.

Pascal Siakam - His ceiling is around 50 DK points and that is the floor most nights for the above two guys so I'm off him for GPP and cash. Gotta narrow that player pool somehow.

Damian Lillard - High risk high reward play for GPPs. Coming off 47, 37, 40 and 29 DK points I won't own any of him tonight. He does have a 75 point game in the last 10. CJ is hot right now shooting so I'm going to pivot off Dame and narrow my player pool to 2 guys for T2.

TIER 3: This is the hardest tier for me. Everyone is putting up the same range of scores night in and night out. McCollum and Gobert have been right there with the highest scoring players in the tier but grade out low tonight. I am still undecided here...

TIER 4: Here we have LaVine who just exploded for 60.5 DK points after 3 shitty games below 27. Jonathan Isaac has been a monster without Vucevic and Gordon putting up 52 and 46 DK points in his last two games. I prefer Jonathan Isaac. He is going to give you a ton of minutes, safe floor and a ceiling to hang with the top guys in the tier. With those two guys off the floor his usage goes from 17.6 up to 22.7 and his fantasy point per minute goes from 1.17 to 1.47! Jimmy Butler is my #2 tonight. Zach LaVine took twice as many shots as normal on his 60.5 DK point game so I think he comes back down to earth tonight.

TIER 5: No surprise as Andrew Wiggins grades out as the top play. He is averaging 52 DK points per game over his recent contest and he was on a tear before he got sick. Since returning from his illness he has only 34 and 35.5 DK points so hopefully that rust is off tonight! Prior to that he went for 57.5, 52.5, 42 and 64 DK points. Spencer Dinwiddie has been smashing putting up 37-50 points. The rest of the guys have such low floors I likely won't own many of them tonight.

TIER 6: We have Jayson Tatum far and away above everyone else with a grade of 109 and the next highest person is at 99.2 He will be my lock for this category and I will look to pivot around in T3 tonight. He has a massive FPPM score of 1.26, Usage rate of 30.9 and 44% of his games are hitting 6x his DFS salary. All of the other guys blend together for me and no one really stands out. Hield has been ice cold, CP3 has a ceiling of around 41-45 and that is on a good night, Blake doesn't have as high of a ceiling with Drummond on the floor, TT has to much variance for me. Bam Adebayo would be my #2 guy that could get there as he has the highest amount of 7x games over the last 3 weeks.

This is the first article I've done for TIERS so hopefully it gives you some perspective of the contest. My screen shots cut off some of the edges and I apologize for that. Look over the screen shots and stats and pick your favorite players for a low stress and fun DFS contest!

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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