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MLB Breakdown by CheatSheetPros!

MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!

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NYM vs. Nick Pivetta: Pivetta is holding a low 9.9% swinging strike rate which is the 3rd lowest on the slate. Pivetta has also given up 7 runs in his last start, 3 ER in only 5 innings vs. MIN and then 4 ER in 4.2 vs. ATL to start the year. So Pivetta has been terrible thus far. Now for the NYM – they are projected for 4.4 runs but they are averaging a whopping 6.1 runs per game. Nimmo has been on fire only (4100), Peter Alonzo is a whopping (4900) but putting up almost 12 DK PPG and has a .420 wOBA and .738 OBiso vs. PH. Cano only (3700) is only putting up 6.3 PPG so you can skip him in the stack if you like. Conforto at (4800) is averaging 10.5 FPPG with a .459 wOBA and .767 OBiso vs. PH. Fill out your stack with Jeff McNeil (4300) .382 wOBA and 8.4 FPPG or Amed Rosario (4100) .361 wOBA 7.8 FPPG.

KANSAS CITY vs. Reynaldo Lopez: Lopez has the worst on the slate swinging strike rate of 7.7%. Also allowing a whopping .560 wOBA vs. LHH and .453 wOBA vs. RHH. He has given up 8 ER in his most recent start, 6 ER in the prior start and 4 ER in his first start. KC faced them in the opener and tagged him for 4 ER in 4.0 innings and only 2 Ks. See screen shot for stats below – if this is on Reddit then see actual article link for screen shots.


TYLER GLASSNOW (10600) – Priced up where Chris Sale should be if he was in form Glassnow supports a 13.5% swinging strike rate just is just about middle of the pack. He has improved in each start going from 17 DK points in his first start to 27.1 in his second start and then 37.7 in his last start. His strikeouts have also climbed from 4 to 6 or 11. He has also only given up 1 ER in 3 starts. Solid floor for cash games and upside if you want to use him for GPPs.

SHANE BIEBER (8600) – He has the 2nd highest swinging strike percentage on the slate behind Boyd. He is at 16.4% so he is well behind Matt Boyd but still solid! Coming off two solid starts of 25 and 30 DK points with 9 and 6Ks. My red flag is that he is facing a tough Seattle team in Seattle. Bieber hasn’t really faced a tough opponent yet this year. Use with caution in GPP only but he does possess upside.

JOSE QUINTANNA (8400) – Here is your GPP play of the day. He could put up a monster game or get you negative points. He has a swinging strike rate of 13.7% which is about middle of the pack. He is coming off a monster game of 38.75 DK points where he went 7.0 innings with 0 ER and an eye popping 11 Ks! However the game prior he faced MIL and only lasted 3.0 innings and gave up 8 ER and only 3 Ks. Now MIA is a weak team so he could have a monster game. What jumps out at me is that MIA is striking out 25.6% of the time as a team but only 12.6% vs. LHP. GPP play.

MATT BOYD (8100) – One of my favorite pitchers on the slate. He boasts a monster 20.1% swinging strike rate which is the highest on this entire slate of great pitchers. He is also coming off 3 solid performances of 22, 33 and 23 DK points. His stikeouts in those games have been monsterous with 10 vs. TOR, 13 vs. NYY and 6 vs. CLE – Wow! Now facing PIT where they are striking out 22.3% as a team (which is about average) but vs. LHP they are striking out a whopping 30.7% of the time. Big day for BOYD!

STEVEN MATZ (8100) – Swinging strike rate of only 10.4% Matz has been getting it done! Coming off a 24 and 26.5 point starts vs. a decent WASH team and solid ATL team he put up 8 strikeouts in both games. He gets to face a tough PHI lineup but should have success. It is notable that PHI is striking out 21.9% of the time but only 16.5% to left handed pitching. GPP option.

NICK MARGEVICIUS (7900) – Very low 9.9% swinging strike rate with limited data. He has put up 16, 10 and 24.5 DK points and put up 5,1 and 6 Ks in those 3. Two of those games were against a terrible SFG team and the second game was @ STL where he went 5.0 with 1 ER and 1 K. He is facing COL who has been terrible to start the year. COL is striking out 27.3% of the time vs. LHP so this could lead to success for the rookie. COL ranks dead last in our custom power rankings with a team .201 batting average, team 26.4% strikeout rate, 3.0 runs per game average and only 12 HR on the year.

JOE MUSGROVE (7300) – 13.2% swinging strike rate and coming off 23 and 33 point outings he is just priced to cheap for this matchup. He went 6.1 and 7.0 innings in his last two games with 6 and 8Ks. DET strikes out a terrible 26.4% of the time as a team and slightly higher vs. RHP of 27.3%. DET facing RHP have a team batting average of .198 with a wRC+ of 62 (100 is the average wRC+ per game, so over 100 is great, under 100 is bad, thus 62 is terrible!)

MIKE MINOR (7100) – Swinging strike rate of 12.2% and coming off 29.5 and 17.5 point outings vs. HOU and ARI he has upside as this price point. Mixed thoughts on the matchup vs. LAA. LAA has a super low team strikeout rate of 16.5% (one of the lowest in MLB) but they have a low .170 batting average / .247 wOBA and wRC+ of 57.5 vs. LHP. GPP play.

CHRIS SALE (7900) – I didn’t believe the talk this year about Sale falling off and people taking DeGrom over him as the #2 pitcher behind Scherzer (in season long) so I got stuck with him in a league. His price is below $8k! Wow! I don’t think he is playable right now as he has failed to top 10 DK points in 3 starts. He put up -4.65 @ SEA, 9.9 @ OAK and 0.80 vs. TOR. His strikeout numbers were only 4, 1 and 3. Swinging strike rate of 11.7%. Now he is facing NYY who have a 23.5% team strikeout rate and an eye popping 34.7% strikeout rate vs. LHP! Wow! That alone I could justify using him in a GPP. NYY also hold a low .196 batting average vs. LHP. Want some more stats? NYY hold a wRC+ of 114.2 overall but vs. LHP it drops all the way down to 66.3. Use with caution but man the matchup is there!

HOT HITTERS: (Hitters with the highest value over the last 10 days using DK salaries!)

1. Josh Phegley (TEX:C) – 15.4 FPPG L10 for 4.2x value – 6 straight double digit games!

2. Austin Meadows (TB:OF) 19.7 FPPG L10 for 4.1x value – 3 games 30+ DK points!

3. Jurickson Profar (OAK:SS) 13.7 FPPG L10 for 3.8x value.

4. Jose Altuve (HOU:2B) 17.7 FPPG L10 for 3.7x value. (17, 25, 30, 19, 14, 19 – Wow!)

5. Peter Alonzo (NYM:1B) 17.3 FPPG L10.

6. Brandon Nimmo (NYM:OF) 14.3 FPPG L10.

7. Josh Bell (PIT:1B) 15.7 FPPG L10.

8. Mike Moustakas (MIL:3B) 13.9 FPPG L10.

NOTE: We also added a new color of the black background for hitters with 30+ DK points!

BVP MONSTERS: (Hitters with at least 10 Abs with solid BVP numbers vs. current pitcher!)

1. Marcus Semien - .467 average / .590 wOBA / 7 for 15.

2. Jon Lucroy - .455 / .583 / 5 for 11.

3. Zack Cozart - .333 / .570 / 4 for 12.

4. Buster Posey - .391 / .400 / 9 for 23.

5. Whit Merrifield - .375 / .389 / 6 for 16.

6. Wil Myers - .348 / .385 / 8 for 23.

7. Jonathan Schoop - .360 / .379 / 9 for 25.

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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