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MLB Home vs. Away Splits & Top Teams from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Home / Away Team Splits from CheatSheetPros!

If you are playing Daily Fantasy, Seasong Long or Sports Betting the Home/Away splits come into play. I’ve put together a list of some of the best and worst splits in the league.


Houston – wRC+ of 144.4 is 30 points above their road number and 46 points above league average. They also support a wOBA that is 32 points higher at home of .374 and the highest OBiso in the league at .590!

LA Dodgers – wRC+ of 131.8 at home and that is 31 points above their road number and 32 points above league average. They also hae a .359 home wOBA that is 35 points higher than their road wOBA and a solid OBiso number of .571!

LA Angels – wRC+ of 124.6 at home and that is a whopping 62 points higher than their road number. We will discuss that more down below under the splits teams. They have a .346 home wOBA that is 83 points higher than their road number and the LOWEST team strikeout rate in the league at 16.9% at home with a .560 OBiso!

Cardinals – wRC+ of 115.1 - .341 wOBA – 17.4% strikeout rate and .525 OBiso.


Seattle – wRC+ of 134.3 and that is 36 points higher than their home number. They also have a solid .371 wOBA on the road and that is a whopping 69 points higher than their home number and a league high OBiso of .614.

Chicago Cubs – wRC+ of 128.1 - .365 wOBA – 21.4% strikeout rate and .584 OBiso.

Minny – wRC+ of 123.8 with a .356 wOBA and low 18.8% strikeout rate & .577 OBiso.

NY Yankees – wRC+ of 120.1 with a .351 wOBA, low 21.1% K rate & .556 OBiso.

Houston – wRC+ of 114.6 with a wOBA of .342, low 19.2% strikeout rate and .544 OBiso. What is the most impressive is that they make both the home & road list!


Angels – Huge split here to consider. Angels have a 124.6 wRC+ at home but on the raod that drops 61.6 points to 63.1. Their wOBA goes from .346 to .263 and strikeout rate still maintains the low number of 16.9% and 13.5% (League average is 23.5% to show you how incredible low that number is!) Home batting average of .261 vs. .208 on the road and OBiso is a whopping .560 at home and .388 on the road. The .388 number is the 2nd lowest road OBiso in the league.

Cincy – They are getting hot! The Home/Road splits are as follows: wRC+ 109.3 vs. 55.0 (the 55 is the lowest road wRC+ in the league just FYI), wOBA of .343 vs. .254, Batting average of .239 vs. .197 and OBiso of .566 vs. .398. They range from top 5 at home to bottom 5 on the road.


Detroit has a 30.4% strikeout rate on the road – EEEEK! (This is 8.4% higher than their home strikeout numbers!)

Angels hardly strikeout home or road. They are at 16.9% at home and 13.5% on the road and compared to the 23.5% league average pitchers aren’t going to rack up many Ks vs. LAA.

Cincy & LAA both lose a ton of stats on the road. They have the 3rd and 4th best OBiso numbers at home and the 2nd to last and 3rd to last lowest on the road.

BATTING AVERAGE NUMBERS: (I don’t focus much on batting average and you really don’t see it in any of my sheets but I just want to hit on the top and bottom teams real quick for reference.)

HOUSTON @ Home - .294 batting average – Highest in the league!

SAN FRANCISCO @ Home - .207 batting average – Lowest in the league!

CUBS – On the ROAD - .279 batting average – Highest road average in the league!

CINCY – On the ROAD - .197 batting average – Lowest road average in the league!

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