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MLB Sports Betting Picks for Sunday! Smashed a +425 parlay yesterday!

MLB Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


Loved watching some NCAA Football yesterday and digging into some stats! That Florida QB is amazing and he will make that team compete with anyone. We smashed that +425 parlay yesterday for some bankroll building! Seattle F5RL was my "fav" of the day and they were up 4-0 after the 5th for an easy win. Tampa Bay squeaked out a win with a 2-1 game over the Yankees and then our final leg was LAD (Urias) F5RL and it was 8-0 after 5 as Julio Urias continued his dominance on the mound.

MLB CheatSheet had a huge edge for Washington (+330) over NYM. That just points out the the NYM line was way to high that was posted by Vegas. At those odds you only need to win that bet 23% of the time so we are stating it is more of a 28%-32% probability. Well surprise surprise the Nationals rolled up a 7-1 winner as a huge dog! Was fun to see the MLB CheatSheet grow this year and come up with some solid dog plays!

As always check the starting lineups because Sundays we see some "mix up" and some solid players get the day off!

Good Luck!



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