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MLB Stacks - CheatSheet Reading & Other information for Saturday!


The last two weeks have been crazy at work so I've only really been posting the CheatSheets and limited content except for some last minute things in the chat group. I put together this article to show you some things I'm working on (Pitcher Point Tab) and then some things I look at when stacking teams. I took the time to include some screen shots for you. Utilize the cheatsheets and get your process down because you don't want to be dependent on someone telling you what to pick and what to play.

So here is a new data grab I'm playing with right now and it's our fantasy point tracker but for the pitching staff for the day. The top guys have he highest average fantasy points and the lowest guys are possible stacks against that I'm considering. Here is what the raw data looks like but I color coded the fantasy points for RED (below 0), Blue (0-9.99), Gold (10-19.99) and Green (20 and up). What do you think?

CHICAGO CUBS - Here is what the data looks like on our MLB CheatSheet.

Now here are some things that are jumping out at me and you should notice.

1 - Stack Cost is 3940-4340 average per hitter which is the SWEET SPOT so we can either fill our other lineup spots with STUDS or go STUD Pitching!

2 - Cubs have not been great as you see the "Low/Mid" rating so if we are going with the Cubs who will be somewhat chalky today we want to get the best GRADED hitters. This lineup is "Not Confirmed" and when you open the MLB cheatsheet is auto updates and will change to "Y" under the Confirmed Lineup.

3 - Prior Starts - He only has 8 IP this year but we can see his ERA is 9.00 and xFIP is 4.72 and allowing a .324 batting average. Small amount of innings but struggling so far this year. We can see last year in 2021 his xFIP was 4.65 which was higher than his ERA of 3.24 so that is something to take note of when looking for pitchers to stack against.

4 - Weather Check - Wind is also blowing out at 17 mph which is brutal for a pitcher. This is not shown in the above screen shot but I will show it below.


Here is how I breakdown the STACKS tab and what I'm looking for:

This is sorted by projected VEGAS runs and then I can scroll down from the top and determine if I LIKE or DIS-LIKE the team. I love the quick comparison of the last 14 day averages. So in this example I would shy away from MIN/CIN/NYY/PHI just due to the 3.2, 2.3 and 2.8 runs per game average and low batting averages as a team. If you are doing 20 lineups then I wouldn't do more than 1-2 of these teams.

Now when looking for teams I LIKE I want to get in that 4000-4400 per hitter for the sweet spot as you can see from this diagram below:

I like San Fran as you can get them as low as 4000 per hitter and with the Vegas projection that is a 96% value and they are middle of the road ranking 17th in last two week power rankings. I like taking a shot on PIT for GPP as they are CHEAP sitting around 3800 per hitter and rank 12th in our last two week power ranking with a 94% value. The wind is also blowing OUT at 17 mph which is great for stacking! Something else that jumps out making PIT intriguing is they are hitting .326 off Hendricks through 89 team ABs with a low 15% strikeout rate.

MLB TIERS - If you are playing TIERS I went ahead and put in the TIERS tab for you to see!

Sports Betting Money - Here is the money breakdown from the DK sportsbook as of 10 am central time today. The "handle" is the CASH.

Thank you for reading and good luck!



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