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NBA DFS Plays & Stats for February 22nd from CheatSheetPros!

NBA Plays & Stats for (February 22nd, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


Today I’m going to look at the studs that are priced over $10k on DK and then go into the players we like so far. If you haven’t seen the article on the site make sure to go back and read the recap from 2/20 on the “Grade Tab” and our though process behind it. These are great articles to let people know how we are picking and find core plays. Last night we had Tatum who smashed and some exposure to C.J. McCollum.


Giannis Antetokounmpo – He has the highest average value of the 4 studs on the main slate today. He is coming off 67.5, 72.5, 68, 70 and 71.5 DK points. Just a solid player stuffing the sheet. Playing at home with a 226.5 total you can’t go wrong if you can afford to fit him into your lineup. Safe cash play + GPP upside!

James Harden – Harden has a better floor than Trae Young below but also comes with some risk if his shots aren’t falling. Harden is coming off 60, 67, 66.5, 46, 36, 79, 73 and 75 DKPs. The one thing you can count on is that Harden or Westbrook will have a 6x+ game. As far back as I can see on our player tracker sheet when one goes 4x the other explodes and most of the time both of them are having solid games. GPP play since Westbrook and Covington are playing well that slightly takes away from Harden.

Trae Young – He has a little bit more variance in his performances as he can push the 70’s or sit in the low 40’s. His last 4 are 71, 53, 43 and 74 DKP so there is a bit more of a risk at his DK salary of 10.6k. Playing at home with a whopping 239 total I lean to Luka over Trae in this spot. GPP only with some risk.

Luka Doncic – He has the second highest average value of the studs coming in at 6x. He is coming off 62 and 61 DKP games and priced at only 10.2k on DK. Playing on the road with a 239 game total we have Dallas easily winning this game and that means Luka should have a solid game. Safe cash play + GPP upside!


Kristaps Porzingis (8000 DK / 9000 FD)

First off he has played two games with Luka back on the floor and in those games Luka put up 61 and 62 DKP but that didn’t take anything away from Kristaps as he put up 56.5 and 58.75 DKP and he is priced over 2,000 less than Luka today. Also he is popping as our top GPP Algo play on the early NBA sheet! Now facing ATL they are allowing the most total fantasy points of any team at 255.3 per game (compare this to PHI only allowing 203.5 on the bottom end) and they are allowing 68.7 DKP over the last two weeks to the C position which is a +30% position advantage. Also remember when we were talking about players that have 23% or great of the total fantasy points allowed and how that is a smash spot? The C position is getting 26.9% of the total fantasy points and that is the highest I’ve seen this year. Also, we talk about looking for players with a total edge over 100 and prefer 120 on the grade tab, his total edge today is 274! He also has a FPPM boost from 1.40 to 1.64 for a +17% increase! Likely going to be a core play for us today.

Mike Conley (5200 DK / 5800 FD)

He is our #2 GPP Algo play on the early morning NBA sheet. Conley has started the last 4 games he has played in for the Jazz and has been amazing! For his DK salary of 5.2k to get 5x value we need around 26 fantasy points. Keeping that in mind he has put up 35.25, 32.25, 42 and 34.5 as a starter in his L4 games. So in terms of “X” value that is 7x, 6.2x, 8x, and 7x. He didn’t play last night vs. SAS so he should be ready to go tonight vs. the Rockets and their 234.5 total!

Tomas Satoransky (4900 DK / 5400 FD)

First things first, PHO Is allowing 50.1 DKP to the position and 240.1 total DK points per game which is tied for the 2nd or 3rd highest on the slate. Second, Tomas has played 33, 30 and 32 minutes in his L3 games and put up 33.5, 33.5 and 28 DK points for a solid 6x+, 6x+ and 5x+. He is our #3 GPP Algo play on the early NBA sheet.


Shaq Harrison (3500 DK / Unk FD)

He doesn’t have any monster games I mean his high is 20.25 DKP on 02-06 but he has only played 18, 11, 7 and 18 minutes. Now what is he doing with those minutes on the floor? So with a 13.6 minutes per game average he is also averaging 4.3x value. Not great if he is only playing 13.6 minutes but tonight he is projected to play 25 minutes! Now if you have followed our grade tab recaps we always say players projected under 30 minutes have a ton of risk. We see some of them play 12 minutes and some might go for 30 but IF they get the minutes will they be successful? I think Shaq will be successful IF the minutes are there for him. His FPPM is amazing going from 0.87 and flying up to 1.23 for a whopping +41% increase. Could be a sneaky 10x play IF THE MINUTES ARE THERE!


Looking at the early projections tonight there is A LOT of risky players out there that are going to crush your hopes and dreams. I see a ton of players with horrible edge grades that are projected in the top 10 and top 20 value players. Also players with massive hits to the FPPM production with -20% and -30% drops. So be careful! I also advise people to take our “Grade Tab” and sort it by 3 things. 1. Total Edge over 100, 2. L4 Value over 4.5x and 3. Projected Minutes over 30! Here is a quick look at what it would give us on the early NBA sheet.

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