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NFL Week 9 CheatSheetPros!

NFL Week 9 Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!


If you are playing NBA make sure to check out our NBA CheatSheets. We are starting to catch fire with the stats accumulating for the 2019-2020 season. Last night our top to GPP Algo plays were Kleber who went for 8.7x value and was the 4th highest scoring player on the slate and Bam who went for a solid 6.4x value. I posted the NBA CheatSheet in our free Facebook group (link below) for everyone today.


We are testing out the servers for our NFL Optimizer this weekend so please feel free to check it out at! You can lock/exclude players, generate lineups with a global exposure and even export lineups directly into excel at the click of a button! Play with it for FREE!


Remember the large majority of GPP winning lineups will have chalky solid stud RBs with low owned WRs that explode. So don’t overthink the RBs that you know are great plays but get wild on the WRs and mix and match the boom or bust guys!


CMC (10,000) – What do you guys think of CMC this week? This price tag is INSANE! I’m torn, I can’t tell you to fade him because he has put up 30, 22, 50, 34 and 31 DK points the last 5 weeks. He is getting 20-25 rush attempts a game PLUS 5-10 targets per game. I don’t know how he isn’t hurt that usage is way too high. TEN is the #2 rushing defense and they are a solid 16th vs. pass catching RBs but I think CMC is matchup proof and his volume alone will always pay off his salary.

DALVIN COOK (9500) – He is our top GPP Algo play and his price tag shows it. Facing a KC team that is giving up 31.2 FP to the RB position (30th) and a whopping 145 yards per game (30th). KC has a surprisingly decent pass defense that ranks 4th in DVOA and they are only allowing 232 PY/G (11th). Minny will run the sh*t out of the ball and Mattison is a good GPP pivot as he should also get some extra run after 13 carries last week. Dalvin has put up 28, 31, 13 and 30 DK points in his last 4.

NICK CHUBB (7300) – He has put up 16, 33, 11 and 42 DK points in his last 4 games. He is getting around 20 rushes per game and anywhere from 1-2 targets up to a high of 4-6 targets in a game. His 33 and 43 point games give us a solid ceiling to use for GPPs. He ran good against a tough NE rush defense but he couldn’t hold onto the ball. DEN has the 5th rated pass defense in DVOA and they are allowing the least amount of points to the WR position so Chubb could get some extra run this week. They are 14th in rushing defense and giving up 24.3 FP to the RB position.

AARON JONES (7000) – LAC have the 24th ranked rush defense and they are giving up 122.8 RY/G (23rd). They are also 31st vs. pass catching RBs. Jones should get some extra touches this week as they are only allowing 32 FP to the WR position (9th). In his last 4 games Jones has put up 44.6, 18.3, 9 and 52.2 DK points. 2 of those are GPP winning numbers! When you have a 6x+ and 7x+ in his last 4 games and a great matchup he has to be in consideration! I also want to add in that he has 8, 4, 7 and 8 targets in those last 4 games and facing a team that is struggling to cover the RB out of the backfield!

JAYLEN SAMUELS (4000) – It looks like Conner and Snell are likely a no-go this week giving Samuels a monster workload. He was the top waiver add this week in season long leagues and his price it dirt cheap in DFS. He hasn’t really got much done since Week 4 where he rushed 10 times for 26 yards and a TD and then caught 8 of 8 targets for 57 yards. It won’t take much to pay off his price tag this week!


ALLEN ROBINSON (6800) – Philly is giving up 42.5 FP to the WR position this year (30th) and they rank 20th vs. the WR-1. A-Rob has 11, 25, 29 and 15 DK points in his last 4 games so 2 of those are pushing 4x. He also has 7, 16, and 9 targets in his last 3 games. I don’t have much faith in Mitchell T but he is on the radar and has a solid matchup vs. Jalen Mills.

DETROIT WRS: GOLLADAY (7700), MARVIN (6000), AMENDOLA (4700) – This is a great spot for GPPs where you can run each one of these WRs in a different lineup and one of them is guaranteed to have a big game. Oakland is 29th in DVOA pass defense and giving up a whopping 40.4 FP to the WR position (27th). They are also 29th vs the WR-1 and 26th vs. the WR-2. PFF has them all at + matchups but Amendola has the biggest bump with coverage vs. Lamarcus Joyner who is graded as one of the worst coverage CBs in the entire NFL. He is giving up a 68% catch rate. Whoever Stafford wants to throw to will have a big game, I personally rank them in order of: Golladay, Amendola and Jones. My reasoning is Jones has 3 of his last 4 games have been under 11 DK points and 5 or less targets and only the 1 monster game. Amendola is coming off 18 and 22 DK point outings that combined for 19 targets, 16 catches and 200 yards. Finally, Golladay has been the most consistent with games of 32, 3, 20 and 24 DK points. Take away the Minny game and he has at least 8 targets in every other game this year. In 2 of his last 3 games he has over 120 yards.

TAMPA BAY WRS: CHRIS GODWIN (7300) & MIKE EVANS (7200) – I prefer Godwin > Evans for cash but I think you can put one of them in your GPP lineups and one of them is going to explode. Tampa is 19th in RY/G at only 99.3 but they are 9th in PY/G at 271.4. Evans and Godwin are the main two targets and then it falls off a cliff. Remember all the OJ Howard hype pre-season? He hasn’t topped 35 yards or 3 catches in his last 3 games. Evans is the perfect GPP guy because he is boom or bust. In his last 3 games he has a 0 point, 3 target game and also has a 12 target, 11 catch, 198 yard and 2 TD game for 46 points. Godwin is most cash friendly with 10, 28, 35 and 44 DK points and his target volume has been solid at 8, 12, 9 and 14 in his L4. Take away the game last week where Mike Evans went nuts and Godwin has 151 – 125 and 172 yards! Cash game I don’t mind both in the same lineup but in GPP use one or the other. Imagine Mike Evans and Marvin Jones having their monster games on the same day and they were both in your lineup? Boom!


RICKY SEALS-JONES (2900) – RSJ is a viable punt option if you don’t want to pay up at the TE spot and his last 3 games he has 13.7, 0 and 17 DK points. This should be the one game CLE could win. OBJ will draw shadow coverage from Chris Harris Jr. who is allowing one of the lowest fantasy points per route at 0.23.

JONNU SMITH (3800) – I was all over Jonnu last week when Walker was out. If Walker is out again look at Jonnu. He put up 19.8 DK points and caught 6 balls for 78 yards and a score.

HUNTER HENTRY (6000) – Packers should be leading this game and I’m shocking the spread was only -3.5. LAC should be playing catchup and throwing a lot. Packers are 8th in pass defense and only giving up 31.5 DK points to the WR spot so this should be a little tougher for a hurting Keenan Allen but they 15th vs. TE and giving up the 27th most points to the TE position. HH has 6, 8 and 9 targets in his last 3 games and those accounted for 9, 16 and 33 DK points. He has a solid floor for cash games and if the game plays out like we think it will he could have high upside numbers too!

DARREN WALLER (6300) – If you can afford it Waller is the perfect guy to pay up for. He has 9, 25, 8, 12 and 30 DK points in his recent contest. He also has 8+ targets in 4 of his last 5 games. With Josh Jacobs shoulder hurting, DET is 24th vs. the TE and Oakland should be playing catch up we like Waller this week.

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Thank you for reading and good luck!



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