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Round 2 Showdown Plays!

PGA BUY & SELL PLAYERS for Round 2 CheatSheetPros!


I just got back from my son’s baseball practice and saw Round 2 was suspended. II decided to update the Showdown CheatSheet and hit on some plays based on what we have available at this point in time. The thing to look for are players with a strong APP and T2G and avoid the players that are really high in SG: Putting. Now when I say avoid I want to explain what I mean. If someone is ranked 125th in putting and is all of a sudden at +4.00 through R1 that is not going to sustain and he will likely drop back the next day and it will even out. However, if someone is 9th in putting and is +2.00 then I am fine with that because he is a good putter. When you get over +2.00 then you really want to see how they rank. Screen shot of the cheatsheet for Round 2 is included below if this is the online version. If a player has not completed their round I had to just put them down as 0 or a “par” for now so if you see someone with a crazy score that is why.


HARRIS ENGLISH – He ended the round with a solid +1.16 SG:P and he ranks 9th in putting so I’m good with this. It’s a good putter who is playing his game. He was also really strong in ball striking +4.05 and APP +4.01 and T2G +4.12. He also has a decent ceiling of -7 in his last 3 tournaments. He is only 9400 on DK and I think he is a good staple to build around for R2.

TOM HOGE – Priced way down at 7000 he is another person that I want to look at for my R2 showdown line. He shot a massive -8 tonight and was on fire. He even missed a couple easy putts and could have been at -10 for the round. Now if he was +4.00 strokes gained putting I would probably look elsewhere but he wasn’t! He was only +0.44 with the putter and very strong in ball striking +4.21 and +3.16 on his APP. Even if he shot a -5 or -6 tomorrow I’m good with that at 7,000 on DK.

TALOR GOOCH – Only 7300 and another golfer I like. He was +1.14 putting but he ranks 34th in putting so that is just a solid putter getting it done on the course. He was +2.61 in ball striking and +1.15 in approach with +2.93 in T2G. Gooch has a ceiling of -7 in his last 3 tournaments so that is perfect for GPP showdown picks.

NATE LASHLEY – I’m not a huge Lashley fan but when I was building my GPP pool for this week I locked in Webb Simpson, English and have a high amount of Wes Bryan and then mixed in the small guys. Lashley shot -4 today and I have him at <1% ownership so I think he is worth a mention if his ownership is going to be microscopic. He only has a ceiling of -4 which was shot today but he was +1.49 in ball striking, +1.48 putting and ranks 30th in putting and +1.80 in T2G. If you need a lineup filler he is a good I would consider at a dirt cheap 6700.

WEBB SIMPSON – I’m still riding Webb as he loves this course and has 3 straight top 3 finishes. Sometimes you have to “EAT THE CHALK” and the be different elsewhere which was my approach this week. After hitting the ball into the trees on what I believe was the 4th hole today he came back strong with a birdie fest. I think Webb gets better as the tournament goes on. He ranks 6th in APP and 4th in T2G over his last 36 rounds. He is 20th in putting and was +1.71 with the flat stick today. He ended up +1.25 on APP and +1.58 on T2G and I think that improves tomorrow. So much value you have to spend up someone!

PATTON KIZZIRE – Here is another guy I have in a GPP with Webb/English/Horschel at <1% ownership. Kizzire is only 6400 for the showdown slate. He was +1.82 in ball striking, +1.86 in approach and +1.41 in T2G. His ball striking and approach stats were better than Webb Simpson. I don’t think that holds but for 6400 and after a -4 round I’ll eat some share of PK.

HENRIK NORLANDER – Priced at 7900 he shot a -3 round today and was only +0.63 with the flat stick. He was a solid +2.68 in ball striking and over +1.60 in approach and T2G. He has a solid ceiling with a -7 round in his last 3 tournaments. He also ranks 22nd and 27th in approach and T2G over the last 36 rounds. His scores should also continue to get better.


HAROLD VARNER – Don’t go crazy on me for this one but +2.66 with the flat stick and he ranks 124th in putting? His first round is always his best round and his ownership will skyrocket for R2. He may come out and shoot a solid round and that is fine but this is just a pivot due to the ownership play and luck with the putter. He was solid in ball striking, approach and T2G so it’s not a terrible play.

ROGER SLOAN – Priced at only 6400 and after shooting a -8 people will be sitting around drinking a cold beer and stick him in several lineups. If you look at his stats he ranks 105th in putting and you guessed it he was extremely lucky with the flat stick today. So can you guess his strokes gained putting? Anything over +2.00 I want to look at their ranking and he ranks 124th. So, is it +3.00? +4.00? Actually he was +6.11 strokes gained putting. So if he was “average” and 124th isn’t close to average his -8 should have been a -1 or -2 round. SELL SELL SELL

SEBASTIAN MUNOZ – Priced at 6800 and shot a -3 today he might be a semi-popular pick for R2. However +2.29 strokes gained putting in R1 from the 128th ranked putter makes him a “pass” for me. He also only has a ceiling of -3 for recent tournaments.

SUNG KANG / SCOTT BROWN – Any guys that you see circled with the really high strokes gained putting and horrible ranking I would avoid. Sung Kang is 134th in putting but was +3.24 strokes gained today. Scott Brown is 129th in putting but was +2.90 strokes today. Instead of listing out all of the guys you can see the screen shot above for the top wave of guys.

TOM LEWIS – Make your own decision here but he falls into the “fade” category at 87th in putting but +2.73 strokes on the day. However, you see his ceiling round of -11 and that is a game changer so I still have to put him in my player pool.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you in Round 2!



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