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San Francisco/Cleveland Showdown Slate Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!

NFL Week 5 Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!


NFL Algo Sports Betting picks last week went 3-1-1 and just missed a 4-1 day! Algo continues to be hot and look for them again next week! In our NFL CheatSheet we had Austin Ekeler as the top RB play for 23.3 points, CMC as #2 for 50.7 points and Dalvin Cook #3 for 29.8 points and Michael Thomas with the lower price tag slid in as the #3 WR for 44.2 DK points. Let’s look at some Showdown Captains for tonight!

ALGO Projected Score: San Francisco 28 vs. Cleveland 20

Best Bet: San Francisco -4 or -5 depending on your book.

Best Prop Bet: Nick Chubb rushing yards under, I believe it was 87ish.


Captain Spots:

Jarvis Landry – Jarvis has the best ceiling vs. ownership to win a Showdown GPP. SF is also 25th vs. the WR-2 and that is the best you are going to see for any person on CLE tonight.

George Kittle – CLE is 20th vs. the TE and that is the 2nd best setup of any position tonight. Kittle also should have less ownership in the captain spot after his recent lower performance games with most people gravitating toward OBJ and Chubb after last week.

Jimmy G. – He is my #3 Captain spot as CLE is 21st vs. the QB, we have them scoring 28 points so there is a good chance he is going to have solid production tonight.

OBJ/Deebo/Goodwin – OBJ has a massive ceiling but so will his ownership. He will likely be the highest owned person on the slate tonight. San Fran is harder on the WR-1 position so I don’t think they will forget about OBJ and have him in single coverage all night. OBJ is amazing and should have a good game but I don’t think he will have that “Great Game” that you need to win a GPP. Deebo & Goodwin are great low owned and low priced captain options that allow you to fill in studs on your roster.

**Don’t forget Kickers & San Francisco Defense!


- OBJ should see half his routes covered by Richard Sherman a top cover CB.

- Marquise Goodwin has a 78% catch rate and 0.44 fantasy points per route run which is great!

- Deebo Samuel has an 85% catch rate and 0.56 fantasy points per route run.

- Deebo Samuel and Goodwin both have plus matchups tonight vs. the CBs they are facing. T.J. Carrie is giving up a 69% catch rate and 0.43 fantasy points per route and should mainly see Goodwin. Terrance Mitchell is giving up a lower 54% catch rate and 0.34 fantasy points per route and should see more Deebo. Mitchell is a lower corner with 4.65 speed.

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Thank you for reading and good luck!



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