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Premium members can access our cheatsheets for ALL SPORTS either via Facebook group and/or members section of the website.

We provide premium CheatSheets for NBA, MLB, PGA & NFL.   We have also added Sports Betting specific CheatSheets for NCAA Hoops & NCAA Football!

Most of our sheets can be utilized for Daily Fantasy Sports AND Sports Betting Selections.  Please see some of our videos for a breakdown of our CheatSheets and how to use them!


Facebook CHAT group is available for PREMIUM MEMBERS!

Price Lock Guarantee! As long as you are renewing with us we won't increase your price.  If the price does take a small increase it will only be for new members.  Price may increase in the future depending on server costs for the optimizer.


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NOTE: Contact us at anytime with any questions or issues.  Sample cheatsheets are available so you can check them out.  They are for the current sports.  Sheets for daily slates are posted in the morning and updated again in the late afternoon to address any changes.