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NBA 2021 CheatSheet Tutorial:

Breakdown for NBA CheatSheet for DFS & Sports Betting!

NCAA Hoops Betting Tutorial.

Breakdown & Tutorial of the College Basketball Betting Sheet!

NBA Sports Betting Tab!

NBA continues to be red hot!

MLB Cheatsheet Tutorial

Great tool for stacking!

Excel Lineup Optimizer Tutorial

This is part 1 of 4 for the opto build and then I added #5 & #6 for Fanduel NBA!


Boom%/Bust% New Feature!

First reactions for the new Boom%

feature on the NBA sheet.

NBA Grade Tab Breakdown:

Detailed breakdown of the Grade Tab on our NBA CheatSheets!

NBA Grade Tab Labels '2021

Breaking down the labels for the GRADE TAB of the '21 NBA sheet!

Fanduel NBA Excel Opto

Here is part 1 of 2 for FD NBA.

Custom Projection Upload

Uploading custom projections to 

Fantasy Cruncher!

Player Props & Prize Picks!

Player Prop Tab Tutorial with emphasis on!

Player Props & Prize Picks Tutorial!

Prize Picks + Prop Betting!


Using the NBA ON/OFF Tool in our NBA Cheatsheets!

Prize Picks DVP Add on

Tutorial of adding the Prize Picks DVP over last 10 games!

NBA Prize Picks Finder

Using the Prize & Props Sheet to find Prize Picks!

MLB Pitcher Props/Prize Picks

Using the Prize & Props Sheet to find Prize Picks!

MLB CheatSheet Tips

Quick Tips & Tricks Video for MLB '21


Tutorial for Draft Guide '21 release don July 2nd, 2021.