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3 DFS Stacks for Tuesday from!

MLB DFS Stacks from CheatSheetPros!


STACKING is a must in DFS. I prefer to stack 4-5 hitters from one team and then 2-3 from another team for a “mini stack”. You can do 4/4 or 5/3, etc. The idea of stacking is when one hitter is on base and the guy behind him hits him in then you get points for the run scored and also the RBI from the other hitter. I base my stacks on cost per player and how chalky it may or may not be. Here is what I’m looking at today.


CIN put up a solid 14 runs yesterday, hopefully you read the article!



This pops on our “Quick Stacks” tab as a “Mini Diamond Value Stack”. Nationals are 6-4 L10 games after L2 straight and get to face Chase Anderson tonight. Nats sit middle of the road in most tracking status and have 67 Abs for the projected lineup against Chase Anderson and they are hitting a solid .284 with 4 HRs. They rank 4th in our L10 game power rankings.

WEATHER: Wind 9 mph blowing IN


Chase Anderson is followed by the 22nd rated bullpen in our custom rankings. The bullpen itself has an xFIP of 4.11 and a high WHIP of 1.40. Chase was bad last year allowing a .315 batting average in 33.2 IP and a 1.63 whip. This year he already has 26 IP under his belt and although there is slight improvement he still has a whip of 1.50 and a xFIP of 5.42. His ERA sits at 5.54 so with an xFIP and ERA that close his is a 5 ERA pitcher. He struggles vs. RHH where he allows a .311 batting average (as opposed to only .200 vs. LHH).


Josh Harrison – He makes the top “Grade” stack and top “Hot Hitters” stack in our Daily Stacks tab. He is hitting .291 with a low 11% K rate this year and his history vs. Anderson is a solid 7 for 15 with a HR. Priced at ONLY 3600 on DK he is where I’m starting my stack tonight and building around him.

Trea Turner – hitting .308 and has the 3rd highest ISO vs. RHP on his team.

Yan Gomes – Hitting .265 with a low 15% K rate and the highest ISO on the team vs. RHP this year.

*** NOTE: Josh Bell and Kyler Schwarber are only 3 for 21 and 3 for 16 off Anderson and both are hitting .141 and .193 on the year. I would not put both of these guys in your stack, I don’t mind one of them but definitely not both. Kyler Schwarber > Josh Bell for me.


Vegas implied run total of 4.6 runs today. Bryse Wilson was recalled to start the opener against TOR. We will break him down below. TOR ranks 2nd in our L10 game power rankings and they are putting up a solid 6 runs per game over the last 14 days and 1st in HRs over that same time span. With the fact they are facing a bad pitcher and they are hot this is all over my radar.

WEATHER: Wind only 4mph L-R


Bryse Wilson has 12 IP this year and has an ERA of 6.75 with an xFIP of 5.97. He is allowing a whopping batting average of .367 to opponent hitters with a whip of 1.92. We also get to beat on the 23rd ranked bullpen when he comes out of the game that has an xFIP over 4.40 and a whip of 1.47.


Marcus Semien – hitting only .262 this year he has been on fire and grades out over a score of 100 on our cheatsheets. He has put up 8, 22, 5 and 29 DKP over his last 4 and should hit lead off tonight.

Bo Bichette – hitting .267 on the year Bichette is also on fire grading out over 100 on our cheatsheets. He has put up 14, 0, 14, 23 and 14 DKPs over his last 5.

Vladimir Guerrero – hitting .310 this year Vlad is starting to live up to the hype with an ISO of .247 vs. RHP (highest on the team) he has a ceiling game in the last 14 days of 50 DKPs so how can you argue with 10x upside?

Randal Grichuk – hitting .295 on the year he pulls a solid 87 grade putting him in the top 5 for our “Grade Stack” on the cheatsheets. He has put up 0, 13, 3, 27 and 15 over his last 5 games and priced at only 4400 on DK.



Vegas implied run total of only 3.3 runs and Peralta is sure to garner some ownership in DFS. If you can get a stack that knocks him out of the game then it’s two fold because you get a low owned stack plus everyone that used that pitcher is sunk! STL comes in at #6 in our L10 game power rankings at 4.90 runs per game and 9th in HRs over the last 14 days. STL is also a solid 8-2 in their L10 games and have won 3 straight and 14-6 across their last 20 games.



Freddy Peralta is off to a solid start through 32 IP he has an xFIP and ERA under 3.40 with a low 1.09 whip and allowing a .162 batting average. STL does rank 9th, 9th and 13th vs. his top 3 pitch types. He has faced the Cubs 3 times who were struggling and that is where the majority of his great stats came from. He did toss a great game 2 starts ago against LAD going 6.0 / 1 ER / 7 Ks but he is coming off a start @PHI where he only lasted 4.0 IP and gave up 5 ER with 3 BB and did manage 8 Ks. If he can keep his walks down he can provide enough Ks to have upside. But he has been prone to giving up 3-4 walks per game and coming off a 5 ER game I’m going to take a show here at a low owned stack on a team that I like.


We can stack this up for only 4180 average per hitter for the top 5 man stack for the “Hottest Hitters” and I love that price point!

Nolan Arenado – hitting .281 this year he has a top 4 ISO on his team vs. RHP and hitting in the clean up spot. Stack must start here because he Peralta gets knocked out Arenado will be part of it.

Paul Goldschmidt – hitting only .246 this year Goldy is off to a slow start. I like putting him in the stack because of his upside and he has a 28 DKP came in the last 14 days giving him a solid ceiling.

Dylan Carlson – Switch hitter batting at the top of the lineup at only 3300 really makes this stack affordable. He has a .303 average this year and has put up 8, 16 and 8 DKPs across his last 3 games.

Tommy Edman – Projected to hit lead off with a .289 batting average he is also only 4100 and makes this affordable.


Dylan Cease – Only 7000 on DK and has put up two amazing games of 37.10 and 36 DKPs he has to be in the player pool.

Shohei Ohtani – He is cheap at 7400 and has a tough matchup but the strikeout upside is there.

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