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3 NCAA Hoops Bets for Christmas Day!

NCAA Hoops Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


I have made several cheatsheets over the years for several sports but I LOVE THIS NCAA HOOPS SHEET! I can pick out the games I want to bet in a few minutes and I can update it rather quickly. Here are the 3 bets I like for Christmas Day!


Wisconsin (-2) over Michigan State

Custom Model: Wisconsin winning 81-73

Custom Projected Line: Wisconsin -8

Average of All Models: Wisconsin 77-69

Notes on Game: Lay the 2 points as all of our models have Wisconsin winning by 8+ points. Last 5 game rankings Wisconsin sits at #8 and Michigan St is #84. Wisconsin is allowing 13 less points per game with a defensive efficiency of 0.83 vs. 0.97. They are also much better on the offensive side with an offensive efficiency of 1.12 vs. 1.08. Lay it!


Michigan -8 over Nebraska

Custom Model: Michigan rolling 85-62

Custom Projected Line: Michigan -12

Average of All Models: Michigan 81-64

Notes on Game: Lay the 8 points as Michigan is a much better team. The last 5 game rankings put Michigan at #24 and Nebraska at #145. The offensive efficiency favors Michigan at 1.12 vs. 0.98. Both teams hold around the same defensive efficiency for the season but over the last 3 games Nebraska is allowing 18 more points with a DE of 1.09 vs. 0.90 of Michigan.


Iowa (-6.5) over Minnesota

Custom Model: Iowa rolling 95-76

Custom Projected Line: Iowa -7 (close to Vegas line)

Average of All Models: Iowa 95-80

Notes on Game: Lay the points. The offensive efficiency of Iowa is by far better with a 1.25 vs. the 1.03 of Minnesota. Both teams are sitting close defensively so go with the better offense. Last 5 game power ranking puts Iowa at #2 and Minnesota at #73.

Good Luck and have a Merry Christmas!



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