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5 Slot Prize Picks Card - Thursday!

Prize Pick Card for today!

Rozier over 5.0 AST - With 8, 10, 10 and 8 the last 4 games I like the over 5. With Devonte off the floor he had 10 and 10 and with him on the floor he still put up 8 and 8 last 2.

DeVonte over 3.0 3PM - In 4 of the last 5 he has double digit 3P attempts with 13, 13, 12 and 12. He has also made 3, 5, 3, 5, 6 and 3 over recent games giving us a "push" as a likely floor.

P.J. Washington over 13.5 PTS - PJ is back to big minutes playing 35 and 34 over the last two games and putting up 26 and 23 real points. He has 35 FG attempts in last two games, 13.5 seems like a fair shake to take an over.

Alex Cobb over 4.0 Ks - Extremely tough matchup as HOU has the lowest K% in all of baseball over the L14 days. However, Cobb has a 19% and 20% Swinging Strike rate in his last two starts and putup 10 and 7 Ks in each. Only 4Ks feels really LOW! Number should be 5.5.

Jose Urena over 4.0 Ks - I don't mind any play for the #5 shot on the card but Urena is who I ultimately went with. He has 8, 4 and 5Ks in his 3 starts this year and his pitch count is up each game from 81 to 85 to 96 last time out. Facing a team middle of the road in K% taking a shot here. This is my least fav of the 5.

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