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bathrobeDFS Early Slate Breakdown.

Hello, everyone!! bathrobeDFS is here with your Daily MLB Analysis. First, I will go over any weather concerns. Then, we will take a look at the Vegas lines. Next, I will take a look at Pitchers. Then I will look at the Hitters. All of this will be discussed as someone who plays on DraftKings.

Early Slate


Great Pitchers

Jose Berrios (10100, MIN) vs DET - Berrios is a Cy Young caliber pitcher with a world of talent and incredible stuff. He hasn’t had the greatest start to the year, but this is a get right spot against a poor Tigers team that may be without Castellanos tomorrow. I don’t expect him to be exceedingly popular on a small slate, either, given the Snell option, but I think it’ll be worth it to pivot if you want. There aren’t many other pitchers here with his upside, or with as good a matchup.

Blake Snell (10900, TB) at TOR - There aren’t MANY here with his upside, but we all know Snell is one of the best pitchers in the game and the reigning Cy Young. You can play him every time he pitches, and, given the fact some of the other aces are 12k, he is way underpriced for his upside.

Great Spots

Rick Porcello (9100, RHP) vs BAL - Porcello is a hit or miss pitcher, as I say. Someone who we can use against bad teams, given his upside and his skillset, and avoid when he’s going against really good teams. Well, Porcello has a good matchup here against a decent, but not exceptional, Orioles team. I don’t think he’s great, again. And I think he’s grossly overpriced. But I can understand if you want to go there. And, if you MME, I would definitely give exposure to him.

Kyle Hendricks (7000, RHP) vs LAA - Normally, I am not a big fan of playing Hendricks. He’s a good pitcher in real life, but not one for fantasy. He doesn’t strike a lot of people out, basically. But, against an Angels team that should be missing Trout and loses the DH, plus given Hendricks’ insanely low price and the lack of other options on this smaller slate, I think you have to, if not consider him, lock him in here tonight.

Kyle Freeland (6200, LHP) vs SFG - I know Tyler Austin, Posey, and Longoria are great against LHP, and you can play any of them as one-offs today. But I also know Freeland is a fantastic pitcher in real life, especially away from Coors Field. And the park in SF is about as good as it gets for pitchers. He is grossly underpriced, and I expect Freeland to be the absolute chalk here, and for good reason. I am going to be all over him as well.

No Thanks

MadBum (9300, LHP) vs COL - I just can’t go there yet. He still doesn’t look right. He’s doing ok, sure, but he’s only doing ok. I have no interest in playing Colorado in this park (though you can ALWAYS play Arenado and Story against any LHP). Either way, I sure as hell have no interest in him at that price when the odds are just as good he gets single digit points as he does 15. And even 15 won’t cut it here.


Stacking Opportunities (in no particular order)

White Sox vs Sabathia (LHP, @NYY) - Sabathia is like 150 years old and this is his first start this season. He is passable as a starter at best, but he is absolutely not someone we are going to prioritize. Especially not at that price. The White Sox players are underrated, especially Moncada, although he’s worse against LHP.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 8

Chalk Level (1-10): 4

Preferred Stack: Full

Preferred Players: Tim Anderson, Abreu, Castillo, Garcia, Eloy, then whoever else you want.

Yankees vs Ivan Nova (RHP, CWS) - Ivan Nova is a passable pitcher. He keeps the ball on the ground, generally. But he doesn’t strike anyone out. So, going against this Yankees team, we can expect quite a few of those balls to get hit out of the park.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 8

Chalk Level (1-10): 10

Preferred Stack: Full

Preferred Players: Always start with Judge, especially with his splits. Then you can just start at the top

Red Sox vs Cashner (RHP, BAL) - It’s getting late, given how much work I had to do today on the website and everything so i can keep this real simple. One of the worst pitchers in baseball vs. the best offense. Don’t set caps for this one.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 10

Chalk Level (1-10): 10

Preferred Stack: Full

Preferred Players: Everyone. Start at the top

Twins vs Tyson Ross (RHP, DET) - Tyson Ross used to be a good pitcher. He has a nasty slider that, when it works, can be pretty devastating. But it also gives him extreme, extreme splits. If he is going against a Righty heavy lineup, we can pencil him in and low price and ownership. But against this Twins lineup, who I project to have 5 Lefty batters right now, I will be all over them

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9

Chalk Level (1-10): 5

Preferred Stack: Full or Mini - LHB ONLY

Preferred Players: Kepler, Polanco, Rosario, Marwin, Castro, any other LHB

Cubs vs Stratton (RHP, LAA) - A pitcher prone to HR going to Wrigley Field with the wind blowing out double digits??? The only problem here is deciding which players to use, or whether to use this stack, the Red Sox, the Yankees and how to fit all of them in.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 9

Chalk Level (1-10): 9

Preferred Stack: Full

Preferred Players: Rizzo then Schwarber then Descalso or Zobrist then Heyward then go back to the top and work back down

Rays vs Clay Buchholz (RHP, @TOR) - Thornton is a good pitcher and the Rays smashed him yesterday. The Rays have made a habit of smashing a bunch of good pitchers lately. Well now they get Buchholz who is one of the worst pitchers in the game. I don’t even know if he should be in AAA. GIven how popular the other stacks will be, this will fly under the radar and, honestly, it shouldn’t

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 10

Chalk Level (1-10): 4

Preferred Stack: Full or Mini

Preferred Players: Make sure you get Meadows and Pham in there. I also love Lowe and Kiermaier. Then take your pick

Pirates vs Anibal Sanchez (RHP, @WAS) - I don’t like stacking the Pirates every day, but they keep going against such horrible pitchers. I don’t know how else to avoid having some exposure to them, especially at these prices. I know a ton of other stacks will be more popular (and they SHOULD be), but not many will be cheap enough to let you take Snell and Berrios if you want.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 8

Chalk Level (1-10): 3

Preferred Stack: Full or Mini

Preferred Players: Jung-Ho Kang is in an amazing spot. As are Marte and Gonzalez. Then take anyone else you from, starting from the top.

Nationals vs Archer (RHP, PIT) - I think Archer is going to be pretty damn popular today. But I think the Nats are set up well to get to him. He isn’t going against CIN again, here. This is a team where Eaton, Soto, Rendon and Robles are all in great spots, and not priced nearly high enough.

How much do I love this stack? (1-10): 6

Chalk Level (1-10): 4

Preferred Stack: Mini

Preferred Players: Eaton, Soto, Rendon, Robles.

One-Off Batters

Addressed in the course of the article. It’s 4am. Sorry.




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