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College Football Recap | Red Sheet 4-1 | Model projects near perfect score in 4 of our games!

College Football Recap:

I've been up since around 5:30 am this morning digging into this new Tic-Tac-Prop strategy for NFL but wanted to put together a recap of some things from the College Football slate. We started off rough losing with Georgia 1H, splitting UCLA, losing UCF and then closing strong hitting Utah, South Alabama & Washington. My main focus was to check on the models with 3 games loaded and 4 of our games we almost projected the perfect score!

UCLA Final Score 45-17 - CheatSheetPros Projected Score 44-12

UTAH Final Score 34-13 - CheatSheetPros Projected Score 34-17

SOUTH ALABAMA Final Score 38-14 - CheatSheetPros Projected Score 40-21

WASHINGTON Final 40-22 - CheatSheetPros Projected Score 42-23

College Football Recap:

GEORGIA (1H) – LOSS Took the loss here as Georgia had 3 turnovers in the first half but they ended up with a 529 yard edge to 281.

UCLA (-21 / -12 1H) – SPLIT Lost the first half bet due to a touchdown scored by Colorado but the game line covered as UCLA rolled 45-17 with a 24-7 2nd half score. UCLA killed Colorado on the ground as we projected putting up a 249 – 51 rushing yard edge. College Football CheatSheet projected this score 44-12 and final was 45-17 so the models are shaping up nicely!

UCF (-20.5 / 1H) – LOSS UCF won this game 27-10 but they were dominated statistically giving up a 438-333 total yard edge to a terrible Georgia Tech team.

UTAH (-14/1H) – WINNER Projected this with a final score of 34-17 and the final was 34-13 and both the first half and game line were winners for us.

SOUTH ALABAMA (-13/1H) – WINNER Solid win in this spot as our model had this projected score around 40-21 and the final was an even better 38-14!

WASHINGTON (-14/1H) – WINNER Another solid game by Michael Penix Jr. with 309 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. First half line covers and game line so solid turn around that was much needed after a rough start to the am games! Projected this score on the College Football CheatSheet 42-23 and final was 40-22!

KU TEAM TOTAL OVER 36.5 – LOSS What a game! I’m hoping we are ranked in the Top 25 next week and if you a new I live 30 minutes from the KU campus so it’s exciting around here to see them dominating some football games. I did have a ALT line parlay with Jalon (QB) rushing yards and KU over 30.5 rushing yards so squeaked a 1-1 split but my posted play was a loss.


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