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Late Week GPP Plays from CheatSheetPros!

NFL GPP Plays from CheatSheetPros!


When all the injuries in the NFL I wanted to hit on a few key players that could be great GPP plays for this week.


KEELAN COLE (3600) – DJ Chark & Conley are OUT for Sundays game and they need someone to catch the ball from Mike Glennon. Cole has upside and at his salary on DK of only 3600 we need around 10 points for 3x value. In Week 10 he had 21.7 DKP and 23.3 in Week 6 and either of those would be a massive return on value for his low salary.

COLE BEASLEY (5500) – I don’t worry about BUF suddenly being able to run the ball and the WR not getting the looks as they average under 100 RY per game and rank 27th in rushing yards per game. Diggs is the obvious WR-1 and will be highly owned but he is also priced at 7600 on DK. John Brown or Cole Beasley have an indirect correlation and one of them usually has a great game and the other a stinker. Well John Brown has been ruled out already so that puts Cole Beasley in my player pool for Sunday. We need 16.5 DKP to get to 3x value and in Week 10 he put up 30.9 and Week 7 he had 25.2 and those are massive ceilings for his price tag. To explain a little further the 30.9 DK points in Week 10 was 5.6x value his current salary. For Diggs to get 5.6x value he would need 42.5 DKPs and that is highly unlikely as he has several games with 20-25 but 40+ isn’t in the possibilities for Diggs. If he had 10 catches, 150 yards and 2 TDs that is 40 points but he has not had a 2 TD game all season, 1 is the max he has shown us thus far.

FRANKE GORE (4300) – This is a dirt cheap price for someone that should get 15 carries and a couple targets. He is coming off a 15 carry for 61 yards with a TD and 2 catches for 10 yards last week that was 15.1 DKP and that is pushing 4x value. Dalvin Cook at 9500 for 4x value needs 38 DKPs. Everyone will see MIA as a “tough defense” but the truth is they are a strong pass “D” with solid corners. They rank 11th in pass “D” but they are 29th in rush “D” and allowing 134.2 rushing yards per game with ranks 27th.

JAMES WHITE (4500) – On a site like DK where it is true PPR scoring White has to be in play. With Rex Burkhead on IR White will take most of the passing down work and some of the carries. White had 9 targets last week and caught 6 for 64 yards. That is 14.3 DKPs without getting into the end zone!

BRIAN HILL (4000) – The Falcons are not really a “running team” as they only rush on 40% of plays and that is one of the lowest in the league. Vegas has the 32nd DVOA rush defense so there could be some opportunity for Hill. Hill is 6’1” and 219lbs and has looked decent in limited carries this year. If he can get a single TD that is 1.5x value on his micro-salary. If doing multiple lineups I’d mix him in if it allows you to load up on other studs. I prefer White, Gallman or Gore but he is in the mix.

RONALD JONES (6100) – Tampa Bay is only rushing on 37% of plays and they have games where they either rush a guy 30 times or 5 times so they are hard to figure out. Looking at this game Kansas City is 8th in least passing yards allowed on defense but they are allowing the 26th most rushing yards. If you want to break it down into rankings they are 10th passing “D” and 30th rushing “D”. I’m assuming they will want to chew up the clock and keep that “O” off the field so they may run a little more than usual this week. So the question becomes does RoJo have 4x-5x upside? So on his current salary that is 24-30 DKPs for a great return. He doesn’t need that every week for a GPP but if he has hit it in the past them I’m interesting in playing him due to game script. In Week 10 he has 28.8 DKP where he had 23 carries for 192 yards and a TD and then in Week 6 he had 23 carries for 113 yards and 2 TDs for 29.1 DKPs. So YES he does have some upside if he can get 20+ carries.

WAYNE GALLMAN (5000) – One of my favorite cash game plays because there is little question about what you are going to get from him. You will get a 2x floor and likely 3x ceiling at a low low price tag. The last 3 weeks he has 18, 14 and 12 carries with a couple targets each game. He has put up 19, 15, 13 and 16 DKP over the last 4 weeks. He isn’t killing you and he isn’t winning a GPP but he is a great cash RB if you want to pair him with Dalvin Cook.

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