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Leaping over some NBA DFS plays for 2-29!

NBA Plays & Stats for (February 29th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


We really liked the new player grading system on the sheet last night as our Tier 1 players projected over 5x had 8 of 10 hit value! Here are some plays I like tonight and I’m going to start with the injury front and players who get a boost and then hit some of our “Tier 1: Core Plays” for the night! While the wife is away I will DFS all day!


JAKOB POELTL: Here we go again with Aldridge out and Poeltl the top chalk value play. Last time he only played 10-11 minutes and put up a dud at 40-50% ownership. So he falls into our Tier 3 player and that is a player that we like IF THE MINUTES are there for him. DVP spot is good at 1.19 and his production continues to be steady at 1.18 to 1.22. So if he is on the court he will hit value, that is the question but at 3200 on DK he is a perfect punt play.

DEMAR DEROZAN:So he falls into our “DVP Red Flag” category as his DVP is 0.80 for tonight but with Aldridge off the court he has the biggest FPPM bump going from 1.15 to 1.31. We wrote about this last time and he was pictured on our article and he was priced at only 7000 on DK and dropped a solid 51.5 DKPs. Tonight he is still only 7600 and provides value as he is the main scorer on that team.

JAYSON TATUM:Kemba Walker is out and Tatum has the biggest FPPM bump going from 1.20 up to 1.32. Marcus Smart also jumps from 0.91 to 1.05. You are going to pay a hefty price for Tatum tonight at 9400 on DK but he has 50+ DKP games in each of his last 4 games. He has a good shot at a 6x ceiling so a good cash game play to build around. His price tag will limit exposure for GPPs for me because 7x-8x isn’t likely.

C.J. McCOLLUM:He falls into this same category with Lillard out tonight. He is expensive at 9200 (which blew my mind) but he has been putting up stellar performances. He has a 56.25 DKP average over his last 4 and that is still good for 6x his current salary and a last 10 game ceiling of 76.3! DVP spot is fair at 1.01 and he falls into our Tier 1 player class. In case you were wondering his usage goes from 26.6 to 34.2 when Lillard off the court and his FPPM production also goes from 1.02 to 1.24. Good safe cash option for tonight with some upside for GPPs.

CAM REDDISH: He is in our “Tier 1: Core Player” category on the new sheet. Playing an average of 31.8 minutes over his last 4 he hasn’t disappointed with a 6.5x average and high of 39.5 DK points and the best part is he is only 4300 on DK! He only has 1 dud game in his last 6 and those numbers look like this in terms of DK points: 39.5, 25.75, 10, 37, 31, 26.5. Pretty solid value with plenty of upside room for GPPs.

DEANDRE AYTON:Another “Tier 1: Core Player” tonight and priced at only 8400 he has good boom/bust potential for GPPs. In 32 minutes per game over his last 4 he is putting up 5.26x value and has a last 10 game ceiling of 61.8. DvP spot is pretty solid tonight at 1.12 so no concerns and with a total edge of 179.2 I think he is good for GPP or cash builds. He has hit 52, 57.25 and 61.75 DKP in 3 of his last 6 games.

BAM BAM: BKN is allowing only 40.1 DKP to the PG position with a -15.8% compared to the league average, they are also allowing a much lower amount to the F positions as well. So I think this is going to route some extra opportunities to the C position for Bam as they are allowing 55.1 DKP to the C position. Bam coming that stinker should have some lower ownership (hopefully) as he played 29 minutes vs. DAL and only put up 35.25 DKP. However, he only hit 3 shots out of 10. Bam is only 8600 tonight and even though he has a lower floor with 35.25 and 33.75 DKP outings in 2 of his last 4 he also has a massive ceiling with a 48.5, 64.25 and 70.25 in 3 of his last 5 games.

RICKY RUBIO:Holy moly he did not disappoint last night at 7100 on DK putting up 48.5 DK points giving me a 4x return on my money as a core player. So his price only went up to 7300 and we like him again tonight, shocker! He has solid performances putting up 48.5, 45.5, 62 and 47.75 in his last 4 games. He only needs 36.5 DKP to his value and he is smashing those, I’m shocked his price tag is where it is. He is pushing 7x average over his last 4 games and his FPPM is off-the-charts going from 1.18 to 1.48 for a +25% increase! DVP spot is also tremendous at 1.13 tonight!

TIER 1: Core Plays from the New Grade Tab for tonight on the morning version of the sheet.

Almost everyone reading this article has seen my sheets either in a Facebook group, Reddit, Twitter or even been a premium member at some point. I wanted to point out the new player labeling that I refer to above. This is filtered out to only show the Tier 1: Core Players. These are solid players with a total edge over 100, projected minutes over 30 and playing steady minutes close to 30 and have been hot recently with most hitting over 5x value in their last 4 game average. The highlighted black under Last 4 AVG are players that are averaging OVER 6x per game in their last 4. Under Last 10: High which is their ceiling game out of their last 10 games played if it his highlighted then they have a big GPP boost and a game that is over 7x or 8x value (can't remember which I chose). You can also see the FPPM (Fantasy Point Per Minute) production on the year compared to the last 6 game average to determine if they are going UP or dropping off. DVP is the far right column and a key number to watch. If they are below 0.85 that is a huge red flag and a large majority of those players will miss value. Anything over 1.10 is awesome and those players usually smash value and are in winning GPP lineups.

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