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March Madness Bracket Challenges from CheatSheetPros!

CHALLENGE #1 - For anyone and everyone! This is your standard group paying out 100% of the funds with 50% / 30% / 20% to the top 3 places. If there is a tie they will split the money for that place between the two parties. This is being hosted on Yahoo so you can follow ALL BRACKETS and the LEADERBOARD throughout the tournament. To get in just sent your entry fee ($10 for 1 bracket or $25 for 3 brackets) and I will email you the link and password to join! Please send money as friends & family so I don't get charged a fee!

CHALLENGE #2 - For those who are interested in being a "Lifetime Member" of the website. This will include ANY & ALL CONTENT that we provide now or provide in the future. No limitations. We only have a few select "Lifetime Members" and I'm going to give another one away for the winner of this tournament! When you sent your ($5 for 1 bracket or $10 for 3 brackets) make sure you put in the description it is for the "Lifetime Contest"!

Good Luck!


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