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MLB Bullpen Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Bullpen Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!

TEAM BULLPEN BREAKDOWN: Whether you are playing daily fantasy sports, season long or sports betting it helps to know the team bullpen data. If you are wanting to stream a SP in a season long league find someone with a solid pen behind them to help keep the win. If you are looking for a contrarian stack for DFS look at a team with a terrible pen that will get lit up when the start comes out of game. And if you are betting MLB totals the pen is the key to over/under bets.


1. GIANTS – I was surprised as you are to see them atop the BP report. They have the lowest HR/9 ratio at 0.53, allow a low .221 batting average, 1.07 whip and have an ERA of 2.51 which is the lowest ERA of all the team bullpens.

2. HOUSTON – Coming in at number 2 so far this year they hold a whopping 10.6 K9 ratio as there are only 7 teams in the entire MLB that have a K9 ratio over 10.0 from their pen. They have a 0.87 HR/9, .188 batting average, 0.95 whip and 2.61 ERA. You could also put them ahead of SFG and no one would argue.

3. TAMPA BAY – TBR also supporting strong numbers but they usually start a RP and then stack a few of them up. They have a 9.6 K9, 0.73 HR/9, .222 average, 1.16 whip and 3.27 ERA.

4. CLEVELAND – Sliding in at #4 Cleveland has a 0.95 HR/9, .213 batting average, 1.14 whip and 2.68 ERA. Their xFIP of 4.33 indicates they gave been lucky and could be sliding down in the future when that luck runs out. Still solid overall.

5. NYY – Eye popping 10.44 K9 ratio, 0.90 HR/9, .219 batting average with an xFIP of 3.43. When they turn it over they can close out a game!

6. LAA – Just shy of the 10.0 K9 number coming in at 9.81 they also support a 0.94 HR/9 ratio, low .209 average and ERA of 2.82. Their xFIP also indicates they have been luck as their pen ERA should be closer to 4.33. They may slide but for now they are in the top 10 pens!


1. WASHINGTON – Coming in dead last this year they have a BB/9 ratio of 4.6, HR/9 ratio of a whopping 1.72 and allow a .307 batting average. Wow! Their WHIP is the highest in the MLB at 1.81 with an ERA of 8.04 and an xFIP of 5.31. Gulp!

2. BALTIMORE – I don’t think anyone is shocked to see the O’s here. 2nd lowest K9 rate in the entire MLB at 8.2, 4.59 BB/9, 2.3 HR/9 and only two teams are over 2.0 HR/9 (ARI being the other team at 2.08), .296 batting average, 1.70 whip and 6.67 ERA. Gonna be a rough year!

3. KANSAS CITY – My poor Royals! 8.34 K9 ratio ranking in the bottom 5, eye popping 5.01 BB/9 and allowing a .296 batting average with a 1.75 whip. Eeek! 6.37 ERA with a 5.35 xFIP. It’s going to be hard to hang onto leads when the starts coming out of the game!

4. NYM – Number similar to the above teams with 4.57 BB/9, .289 batting average, 1.70 whip and 5.87 ERA. Starters are solid but need some help in the bullpen.

5. ARIZONA – Sub 9 K9 ratio at 8.75, almost 5 walks per 9 at 4.75, over 2 HR per 9 at 2.09, .272 batting average, 1.60whip and 5.64 ERA. Constant stack opportunities here!

6. MIAMI – Miami has one of the hottest starting rotations in the MLB this year but their pen remains in the bottom 25%. Decent 9.58 K9 ratio and solid .243 batting average but allowing 4.26 BB/9 and 1.86 HR/9 has been their demise! Also supporting a 1.42 whip and 5.19ERA. They actually have some separation from ARI for #5 to #6.


DETROIT – They come in at #7 but could be sliding way down the ranks in the near future with a 3.99 BB/9 ratio and a huge discrepancy between their ERA and xFIP numbers. ERA is a solid 2.75 but xFIP indicates they have been lucky to keep that number and their ERA should be closer to 4.65!

TORONTO – Sitting in 11th right now they should soon be climbing. They hold a 10.64 K9 ratio which is the 4th highest in the MLB right now and a .206 batting average with a 1.20 whip. Those are good numbers! They hold a 3.89 ERA too.

PIRATES – Another solid BP that could be climbing the ranks. They have the MLB highest 11.52 K9 ratio with the 3rd lowest batting average of .196! They also have a microscopic 1.09 whip supported by a 3.61 ERA.

TEXAS – They will soon be sliding down even further. They support a league worst K9 ratio at 7.41 with 4.2 walks per 9 and an xFIP of 5.17!

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