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MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!

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Ross Stripling – ARI had a 24.1% strikeout rate vs. RHP last year (highest on the slate) and held the lowest batting average vs. RHP at .229. Stripling comes in with a 3.02 ERA last year and a 10.0 K9 rate. He was dominant vs. LHH with a 2.32 ERA, 10.9 K9 rate and only allowed a .240 batting average.

German Marquez – MIA held a 22.9% strikeout rate last year and a team overall batting average of a low .237. Marquez held a solid 3.77 ERA last year but on the road it was a nice 2.95 with a 3.21 xFIP and a 10.1 K9 rate. On the road he also allowed the lowest whip rate on the slate of 0.98 and a .201 batting average! Marquez was dominant vs. RHH but struggled vs. LHH. His numbers look like this:

ERA: LHH 4.74 – RHH 2.85

xFIP: LHH 3.88 – RHH 2.36

K9 Rate: LHH 8.8 – RHH – 12.2

WHIP: LHH – 1.53 – RHH 0.90


Andrelton Simmons – 6 for 12 (.500) with only 1 K.

Albert Pujols – 5 for 12 (.417) with a HR and 4 RBIs.

Mike Trout – 4 for 10 (.400) with 2 HRs.

Eric Hosmer – 9 for 24 (.375) with a HR.

David Peralta – 5 for 14 (.357) and only 1 K.

Manny Machado – 7 for 20 (.350).

LARGEST SPLIT ADVANTAGES vs. Pitcher Handedness:

Domingo Santana – wOBA is .352 vs. RHP vs. only .232 vs. LHP = +120 points.

Daniel Murphy – wOBA is .367 vs. RHP vs only .249 vs. LHP = +118 points.

Franmil Reyes – wOBA is .437 vs. LHP vs. only .321 vs. RHP = +116 points.

Travis Shaw – wOBA is .374 vs. RHP vs. only .272 vs. LHP = +102 points.

HIGHEST WOBA vs. Pitcher Handedness:

Mookie Betts - .488

Mike Trout - .457

Franmil Reyes - .437

Justin Turner .433

Christian Yelich - .425

J.D. Martinez - .406

David Peralta - .389

Alex Bregman .390

Matt Carpenter - .385

Manny Machado - .383


LAA vs. Marco Estrada

Estrada is a lowest GPP algo pitcher on the slate using last year stats. He finished with a 5.64 ERA and a 5.85 ERA at home. His xFIP was also a whopping 5.93. He also holds the lowest K9 rate on the slate at 6.5 overall and at home he only held a 5.7 K9 rate. He has been terrible vs. RHH and LHH but slightly worse to RHH. He held a 4.76 ERA vs. LHH and 6.35 vs. RHH. He also had a 1.63 WHIP vs. RHH and allowed a whopping .300 batting average and .389 wOBA. Mike Trout, Andrelton Simmons, Zack Cozart and Albert Pujols would give you a good middle of the lineup RHH stack.


Toronto vs. Matthew Boyd (5.89 Road ERA last year!)

Colorado vs. Trevor Richards (4.81 Home ERA LY)

St. Louis vs. Peralta (5.36 Home ERA LY)

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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J.C. Van Hoose
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