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MLB Stacks for Monday!

MLB Stacks & Plays from CheatSheetPros!


What a day with trades coming in fast due to the trade deadline. The next two weeks I’m going to hammer out some sports for everyone so follow along. On the MLB cheatsheets I’ve added some rankings and other stats for the teams over the last 14 days.


WASHINGTON NATIONALS VS. SPENCER HOWARDThis stack comes in cheap at only 4280 per player and you can get that down to even around 4,000 per player. Today is a day where you need at least one stud pitcher in your lineup so stacking Padres and Rockies is going to cost you a pretty penny so we are looking at the lower stacks with upside. Nationals at 3rd in team batting average over the last 14 days, 5th in OBP+ISO and 5th in wRC+. Vegas has them projected at only 4.8 runs and we have them at 5.8 so this could be slightly lower owned over the obvious stacks. Spencer Howard is a decent pitcher but not a great pitcher. He has an ERA over 6.00 and an xFIP over 5.40 and allowing a .358 batting average. Behind him is the 30th ranked bullpen with an xFIP over 4.74 and a whip of 1.89! In his last 11.2 innings he has given up 19 hits, 8 ER and 11 Ks. Trea Turner (5500) has been on fire putting up 15+ DK PPG over the last two weeks, Adam Eating (3600) is a cheap filler projected to bat 2nd and then you have the massive bat in Juan Soto with a .360 average and 203.4 wRC+ vs. RHP. SPORTS BETTING – I also like Nationals moneyline +130 parlayed with the over 10.5.

CLEVELAND INDIANS VS. BRAD KELLERVegas has them projected at 4.5 runs and we have them at 5.1 runs. Brad Keller is a solid pitcher showing an ERA of 2.08 and allowing a .189 average. But his xFIP is 4.63 making him more of an “average” pitcher. Now KC could keep this game close and Keller can be solid but I can’t pass up the opportunity to get these red hot Indians at 4100 per player for a 5 man stack. What is great is that KC has the 21st ranked bullpen so if Keller does get hit early this could blow the lid off the top. Keller had 3 solid starts and then his lost start he gave up 5 ER and 3 BB in only 4.0 innings vs. STL. The projected 1-7 hitters all over at least a 7.5 DK PPG average over the last week. Tyler Naquin (2600) is the cheap piece to stick in your stack as he is putting up 11.3 DK PPG over the last week (2nd highest on the team) and 1 for 4 off Keller with a HR. I would use Naquin and 3-4 hitters ahead of him. Jose Ramirez is red hot right now. I’m looking at Jose Ramirez – Lindor – Santana – Reyes – Naquin for my stack.

CHICAGO WHITE SOX VS. RICH HILLWhite Sox rank #1 in the last 10 game power rankings and they are #1 in OBP+ISO, #2 in wRC+ and #2 in team batting average over the last 14 days. Rich Hill is a decent left handed pitcher but the ChiSox are LHP killers. They have a wRC+ of 160.9 vs. LHP with a records of 10-0! The 1-5 hitters in the lineup have a wRC+ vs. LHP over 120 and as high as 367 (Tim Anderson). We have them projected at 6.7 runs today and with Vegas sitting on them at 4.8 this could be an under owned stack.

SAN DIEGO PADRES VS. GERMAN MARQUEZIf you have the money to spend up tonight I love the Padres but yes they are expensive! You have to build around Manny Machado hitting in the 3rd hole at 5700. He is 6 for 12 off Marquez and putting up over 15 DK PPG over the last week. He also has two solid hitters ahead of him to give him a good shot at RBIs! Padres are 3rd in last 10 game power rankings and 1st in runs per game, team batting average and wRC+ over the last 14 days. Runs, Runs, Runs!


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