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MLB Stacks & Pitchers for May 7th from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!



STRASBURG (10600) – He is going to eventually bite me in the ass but gotta roll with him for now. He is coming off 30, 27 and 42 DK point starts. He has only given up 3 ER in his last 21.2 innings with 29 strikeouts. Wow! MIL strikes out 26.5% of the time vs. pitcher hand and carries a low .239 team batting average. If you’re paying up then get to Strasburg! <OTHER STUDS: Jose Berrios is fine as he has put up 20-25 DK point starts but I don’t think he has that 30-40 point ceiling but he is a fine cash option. TOR has a nice high strikeout rate for him at 26.9%. Syndergaard I don’t mind for cash as SD has a 27.1% strikeout rate. Outside of his last start 46 DK points vs. CIN he has given up 5, 4 and 5 ERs so I’m holding off for now. >

CALEB SMITH (9500) – Highest price of the year for Smith who has quietly put up 30, 25, 28 and 27 DK point starts. He has only given up 3 ERs in his last 25 innings and that was facing CLE, PHI, WSH and PHI again. He also has 30 Ks in that span. I think he is a solid value and could be good for GPP if he can get that “W” but that bullpen is awful!

JON LESTER (9000) – Also like Lester today as he is more likely to get the “W” at 500 cheaper. He is coming off a great game @ SEA going 7.0 with 0 ER and 8 Ks. Miami is terrible and they have the lowest wRC+ vs. pitcher hand on the slate at 62.7, lowest wOBA at .260 and 7th lowest team batting average of .223. They also don’t have a projected hitter in the starting lineup that is over 6.0 FPPG over the last week. Add in the 3.2 runs per game over the last week and 2.9 over the season and Lester makes a solid cash option or gpp play.

MAD BUM (7600) – It starts to get real dicey when you get down below this range. Yes MadBum is @ COL which is a terrible environment for a pitcher but we have to save some money and take out shots. Coming off a solid start vs. LAD he went 6.0 with 1 ER and 8 Ks for just shy of 24 DK points. The reason I like him is he did face COL outside of COL on 4/13 and put up 26 DK points going 7.0 with 2 ER and 7Ks. COL is a hotter team right now and they are at home but SFG also have the #2 ranked bullpen so if they can get a lead the pen should be able to hold it and give him the “W”.

All of the other pitches below Mad Bum have been rough. Jalen Beeks had a good start vs. KC putting up 25.5 DK points in only 4.2 innings with 7Ks. He was someone I was also looking at.


BOSTON vs. David Hess – David Hess has been terrible with an xFIP of 5.10 and 6.36 to LHH and RHH respectively. He is also allowing a .343+ wOBA to both sides of the plate. Boston has scored an average of 6.7 runs per game over the last week and 4.9 on the season. They are expensive as f*&k but worthwhile. What makes this even more juicy is that Baltimore is dead last in bullpen rankings giving up a 2.17 HR/9 (league bullpen average is 1.26), giving up a team batting average of .279 (league average .237) and has an ERA of 6.11. Even if Hess has a good game that pen is going to get crushed!

KANSAS CITY vs. McHugh – I don’t mind a KC stack tonight. McHugh has given up 4, 3 and 9 ER in his last 3 appearances. In his last 9.1 road innings he only has 3 Ks. He has put up games as high as 28.5 DK points and as low as -14.5. KC has scored 5.1 runs per game over the last week and 4.7 on the year. They also have a wRC+ of 105.8, .257 team batting average and .331 wOBA. Houston has the #1 bullpen so KC has to get to him early because if McHugh has a good 5 innings this stack is dead.

HOUSTON vs. Duffy – Let’s jump to the other side. Houston has scored 7.5 runs per game over the last week, have a wRC+ of 127.2 and has taken over the #1 power ranking in our custom rankings. They have the highest OBiso in the league at .837 (#1) and most HR of any team (60)! They also support a team batting average of a whopping .275 and low 19.1% strikeout rate. Duffy had a rough first start and then a solid outing at home vs. TB going 6.0 with 1 ER and 6Ks. Houston is another beast! And even if Duffy has a good game while he is getting stretched out that KC bullpen ranks 24th with a low 8.4 K9, 20.9% strikeout rate and allow a .273 batting average and 1.54 whip!

CINCY vs. Mike Fiers – I never thought I’d be writing up a Cincy stack this year, lol! Cincy has been scorching scoring 5.9 runs per game over the last week which is way above their 4.2 run per game average on the year. Fiers has given up 3, 2, 6, 6 and 6 runs over his last 5 starts. Oakland bullpen sits at 17th so right in the middle of the pack. The reason I like this stack is the pricing on Cincy hitters. Eugenio (4100) starting to pick it up with a .320 wOBA, Winker (4300) with a .381 wOBA, Dietrich has a whopping .443 wOBA and last 14 game ceiling of 44 DK points at only (4500). Senzel just hit two HRs last night at (4200). Votto has been sucking ass this year but only (3500) and Fiers gives up a 5.28 xFIP to LHH with a low 5.9 K9 and 1.83 whip and .397 wOBA. Why not?


COLORADO – Scoring 7.3 runs per game over the last week and facing a suspect pitcher they were right on the cut line. Colorado also has a wOBA that is 58 points higher at home along with a 4.2% lower K rate. SFG have the #2 bullpen was the only thing holding me back!

CUBBIES – I think this will be really low owned since Caleb Smith has been fire this year. He has a low 3.00 and 3.70 xFIP to RHH and LHH with a 9.9 K9 to LH and 12.1 to RHH. Cubs have a wRC+ of 117.6 and 3 guys in their lineup have a last 14 game ceiling of 28+ DK points. The main reason they would make the cut is the Miami bullpen ranks 28th giving up a 1.69 HR/9, 1.47 whip and 5.82 ERA.

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