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MLB Stacks & Pitchers for Thursday!

MLB Stacks & Plays from CheatSheetPros!


Tonight we have a 7 game main slate for DK and hopefully they play! Last night was crazy with the teams sitting out and games going into PPD with lineups flexing around other games that might go. Last night we had NYM and DET as 2 of the 4 highest scoring teams on the cheatsheet (LAD and SDP were the others that did not play) and they didn’t disappoint with Tigers putting up 7 and NYM 5. The prior night we had Giolito as one of our favorite pitchers and he tossed a no hitter and put up 59.5 DK points! Boom goes the dynamite! Also make sure if you are sports betting you are checking on the MLB sheet. Last night DET/CHC and ARI/COLO were screaming OVERs and both easily covered to hit my parlay!


TORONOTO vs. MAZZATOR has been on fire as of late with 3 of the top 4 projected hitters hitting .275, .307 and .294 on the year. Stacks is DIRT CHEAP at 4320 per person for the top 5 man graded stack. Mazza has been a message with a 5.47 xFIP last year and allowed a massive 1.59 whip and .328 batting average. It was only 16 innings so don’t go crazy! This year he only has 2 starts and has went a total of 5.2 innings (combined) and put up 7 Ks and gave up 4 ER with 9 hits and 3 walks. Randal Grichuk and Teoscar Hernandez are two of the hottest hitters in the lineup and they have to be in your stack. They are priced fair at 3900 and 4300 on DK. I also like Vlad and Lourdes Guirriel in this stack and for the 5th guy you can use whoever is going to fit based on your other players.

OAKLAND vs. LYLESThis is more of a stack against Lyles rather then a hot Oakland stack. Lyles has put up negative 9.6 DK points and negative -3.8 DK points in his last two starts. In those two starts he went a combined 8.0 innings and gave up 18 hits, 14 ER and only had 4 Ks. You can stack Oakland for a wide range of pricing with 4580 for the highest per person for the top graded 5 man stack and get down to 4100 on the lower end. Players I like here are: Stephen Piscotty (3500) who has been on a freaking tear putting up 10, 11, 17, 15, 0 and 14 DK points in his last 6. Marcus Semien should bat at the top of the order and if he can get on and then score a run we might be off to the races. Matt Champman has a massive ceiling of 46 DK points. Khris Davis the only player I would avoid right now as he is batting .155 on the year and has a wRC+ of only 25.4 vs. RHP and averaging a whopping 2 FPPG over the last 14 days.


MAX SCHERZERMax comes in at a whopping 10,900 in a slate where pitching is very thin! I’m only hoping for around 2x-2.5x from most pitchers so I’m going to work more on the stacks aspect on this slate. Scherzer has been up and down this year so I give him a 50/50 shot of hitting 2x-2.5x tonight vs. PHI. 4 of his last 6 starts he has been over 20 DK points with a high of 32.9. He is coming off a 6.5 blasting from MIA where they put up 4 ER in 4.2 innings. He also faced PHI on 07/18 and gave up 7 ER in 5.0 innings. So if you are a believer in a team really hitting a pitcher well then PHI might not be a terrible contrarian stack. Scherzer has faced this PHI team with 108 combined Abs and has a whopping 43% strikeout rate and allowing a .130 average. He also has a BABIP of .351 which means he has been a little unlucky with balls hit this year. xFIP of 3.37 for this year and 2.88 last year and a 15.5% swinging strike rate he has to be in play tonight.

HYUN-JIN RYUComing in slightly cheaper at 9700 on DK is RYU who has been solid and consistent with 4 starts of 19.4, 19.1, 23.1 and 28.8. He is someone that can go 2x-3x and give you a solid floor. BOS has hit him well with a .275 clip but that is only 51 team Abs. BOS has been up and down this year. RYU has an xFIP of 3.07 with a 1.03 whip and .204 batting average.

CHRIS BASSITTSliding down to 8600 we get Bassitt who has been a little up and down this year. He is coming off a 16 DK point start vs. LAA going 5.2 with 2 ER and 6Ks. He tends to excel vs. weak teams. On 08/02 he faced SEA and put up 26.35 DK points going 5.2 innings with 1 ER and 7Ks. I consider TEX the equivalent since they are 30th in the L10 game power rankings. 5 of the 9 projected starters for TEX are hitting under .222 for the year and they rank in the “Low/Mid” in fantasy projection. Bassitt has a 35% strikeout rate vs. TEX with only 40 team Abs. His 2.97 ERA and .214 allowed batting average is putting him in play tonight.

SIXTO SANCHEZSo this is the best cheap option that I can find tonight. He is only 5100 on DK and has only had a single start. He put up 13.65 DK points vs. a good WSH team where he went 5.0 innings with 3 ER and 4 Ks. Not a bad punt! NYM are red hot right now so this is a tough matchup but it is built in his pricing.

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