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Monday Night Football Betting Breakdown!


What an amazing weekend of football! We went 5-2 in our College Football picks and our favorite play was on Georgia where our model projected a score of 44-6 and the final was 48-7! I missed some big SGP's on Sunday but still had a blast. Carson Wentz over 199.5 (alt) was my favorite and after the 1Q he had 12 passing yards, eeek! But he ended up well over 300+ as he always does since Washington can't run! How about that meltdown by the Raiders??? and the Browns??? and how bad is the Denver play calling that the crowd has to count down the play clock for them! Horrible play calling for the Colts and Giants! Jonathan Taylor got 5 carries at the half? What are you guys doing! Saquon takes the ball down to the goal line and instead of playing "real" football and pounding the rock they try to roll out Daniel Jones for a 5 yard loss? Then he gets sacked for another 5 yard loss. Run BARKLEY up the middle he is 6'0" 230+ pounds! My word! Sorry, that is my rant!


Buffalo Bills (-10) teased down to (pick)

Minnesota (+2.5) teased to (+12.5)

Minnesota/Philly over 50 teasted to 40

Buffalo should win this game but covering a double dig spread isn't easy. Titans beat them in Week 6 last year 34-31 so laying them as a double digit dog is hard so I'm teasing it down to "pick'em". My model has this with Minnesota winning the game so grabbing the points and adding another +10 sounds good to me! Philly at home should be able to score and after they allowed the Lions to hang 35 on their defense I'm not worried about the Vikings being able to put points up! (*When I said "my model" keep in mind there is only 1 game this year and Vikings held the Packers to 7 points while Eagles allowed 35 to the Lions so of course it's going to skew toward the Vikes.)


BET #1 - Josh Allen over 229.5 passing yards | Stefon Diggs over 69.5 receiving yards - Pays +100

I originally had Buffalo ML included with the two above but after seeing the Titans win last year 34-31 I decided just to take a "safe" dunk. Gabriel Davis is not likely to play and even if he doesn't I don't think he'll be a full health so look for Diggs to go nuts again! Last year in the game vs. Titans Diggs was 9 for 89 with a TD and in Week 1 this year he went 8 for 122 and a TD.

BET #2 - A.J. Brown 7+ catches with 100+ yards - Pays +295

When playing SGP's you can go "safe" or you can "go for it" and this is one I'm going after it! A.J Brown was a monster in Week 1 with 13 TARGETS and finished the game with 10 GRABS for 155 YARDS! You can alt bet this down to something safe but I'll save that for the long legger and take a shot at 3:1 on something he easily did last week.

BET #3 - Stefon Diggs 7+ catches with 100+ yards - Pays +255

If you add Josh Allen 230+ passing yards (which feels like a lock) this goes up to +280 so pick your poison!

BET #4 - MIN +10.5 | OVER 40.5 | A.J. Brown 5+ & 60+ | Justin Jefferson 80+ yards - Pays +250

We have single bets now we need something with a few more legs. This is the bet I'm more likely to put my SGP boost on for DraftKings.

If you want some more action let's dive into some MLB SGP's that we can add in!

When I was looking through the MLB CheatSheet this morning this stuck out like a sore thumb! Look at the Batter vs. Pitcher data vs. Kelly - 123 team at bats and batting a whopping .382 with 8 Home Runs!

LA Dodgers +3.5 runs | LA Dodgers over 2.5 runs - Pays (-330)

This is a "SAFE" leg that you can add to any of the above to "juice it up"!

Here is the Week 6 matchup last year incase you want to dig into some of the stats! Notice DEREK HENRY rushing for 143 yards and 3 TOUCHDOWNS!


Baltimore vs. Alexander

Atlanta vs. Abbott

Colorado @ Home last 5 games has scored 6, 4 13, 8 and 10 runs!

LAD vs. Kelly and Kershaw just faced them and went 7 shutout innings.

Good Luck Everyone!

Just wanted to drop some stuff in over my lunch break!



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