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NBA 5 Man Prize Picks card for 3/11/21 from!

NBA PRIZE PICKS Report from CheatSheetPros!

QUICK NEWS AND NOTES: is a new website where you can parlay over/under player props. You can see the website or future articles for full details. We do have a promo code if you would like to sign up – 014219. If you do not have an account yet and it’s available in your area I would suggest holding off as we are trying to become an official affiliate for PrizePicks!


ELFRID PAYTON OVER 23 FP – His season average is 0.84 prize points per minute and he has been playing above that. His is projected for 32 minutes tonight so on the low end you get 32 min x 0.84 = 26.8 FPs. His RAW projections for DFS converted into prize points is 28.1 prize points and his line is only 23, GO OVER!

JIMMY BUTLER OVER 22.5 PTS – I was leaning over 48 FPs since his has 52, 57 and 61 the L3 played games but his actual points is only 22.5 and there is no Bam Adebayo tonight. He has 29, 33 and 27 over the L3 games so 22.5 seems low. Found this on our now Prize and Props sheet that was just released yesterday!

JAMES HARDEN OVER 8.5 REB – Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant are out tonight so it’s another James Harden and Kyrie show. I love the Harden REB over and I’ve nailed the last two with ease. He has 10, 14, 7, 9, 11 and 11 so he has only missed it once and that was a game they lost by 17 to DAL. Taking the majority of outcomes and hitting the OVER!

COBY WHITE OVER 16 PTS – Coby drives me nuts. He always looks like he is a “dead prop” and then wakes up in the 2H and goes nuts to get his stats. I like over 28 FPs since he has 34, 33, 28, 32, 42 and 32 over recent games but I like his PTS over and think it’s a tad bit easier to hit. He has 25, 20, 19, 20, 24 and 19 PTS over the last 5 so taking over 16 in a HUGE TOTAL pace up spot for them!

ZION WILLIAMSON OVER 8.5 REB – Zion has been as consistent as they come and while I don’t mind his FPs or other props I like his REB total over 8.5. He has 9, 10, 14, 8, 6 and 10 over recent games. He is someone that is always going to be close to that number, it’s not like he is going to put up a ZERO on you. His PTS I looked at but at 27.5 that is a good line as he has 28, 26, 23 and 34 over the last 4 and I think we have more upside in the REB prop!


James Harden over 55 FPs

Lowry over 43 FPs

Vucevic over 46.5 FPs and over 26.5 PTS

Anthony Edwards over 32 FPs

Coby White over 28 FPs

Buddy Hield over 30 FPs

Jayson Tatum over 7.5 REB

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