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NBA 5-Pack of Prize Picks, 8-SGP's and best options for SGP boosted legs!

5 PACK - PRIZE PICKS - from the morning NBA CheatSheet!


NEW!! "Hot Picks" absolutely smashed last night going 12-6 and that was after an 11-5 test run the day prior!

Last 10 Hit rates 80% and higher EXPLODE going 21-5!

PRO-TIP using the Prize Pick CheatSheet & Finding Plays:

1) Sort by Last 10 hit rate and scroll down through the top 20-25 plays if you need help narrowing your search. I know on the PM update when I release it at around 4:30 central time there are north of 500+ Prize Pick lines loaded!

2) Filter out the "Hot Picks" and dig through those to see if any of them pop for you.

3) I ALWAYS look at the Prop Tool to see the last 7 game logs to make sure it's not a one-off game that is raising up the average.


If you play on DK you understand the daily NBA same game parlay boosts. We always dig in and try to find the best game where you can get 3-4 legs with decent odds. Draftkings kicked us in the nuts when they went from a (-500) to (-300) odds to qualify. These are the plays that are (-300) or better. I had the WAS game down but DET is stuck in the winter storm in Dallas so game has been PPD.


I typically share most of these in our chat group but wanted to toss them in the article today since I had some downtime.

This was my morning "DART" that pays 20:1 odds. But the WAS game as PPD so the odds will drop but wanted to share it anyways.

Love, Love, Love Sochan right now and trying to ride his hot streak!

Mikal Bridges & John Collins have very obtainable numbers for a (+195) leg.

Mikal Bridges has 16+ points in each of the last 7 games with an average of 22 PPG over the last 4.

John Collins is at 15.5 PPG over the last 4 and has been 11+ in each of the last 7 games.

DeAndre Ayton has 22, 23 and 19 since his return and even 16 would be a down game and still hit.

Chris Paul is an assist monster and 25+ is a FLOOR for him, if he misses it will only be by a couple but his ceiling he could put up 30+ as he did 2 night sago on 1/28. Putting these together for (+255) YES please! (1 unit to win 2.55)

Keldon Johnson is the top scorer for the horrible Spurs putting up 26 PPG over the last 4 and has a ceiling in the mid 30's.

Fox has been slumping but 32 and 29 points last 2 could be his breaking out.

Jeremy Sochan with 17 and 30 points the last 2 games and the last 6 games he has a low of 14 so 12+ is just too good to pass on!

Keegan Murray P+R is my least favorite but wanted this over (+200). He's on the floor for 32+ minutes and the last 4 games he is averaging 7.3 boards and 14.3 points. His combo P+R he has 26, 12, 19, 29, 17, 43 over the last 6 games.

Steph has 33.3 PPG over the last 4.

Klay has 6, 6 and 5 3PM over the last 3 games.

Draymond Green has 8.3 AST per game over the last 4 and 7 AST has been his FLOOR over the last 6.

Rudy Gobert is likely the hardest leg but has 33, 27, 20, 29 and 31 over the last 5 game giving him a 4/5.


I wanted something fairly "SAFE" so dropped 2 units on this for a small builder. I don't mind if I take a small loss but plays like this hit at a high clip!


You can read through the plays and understand why I picked them. 1 unit wins 2.5 units and it's a fun sweat!


You always need some fun darts that are very low cost with high payouts. I've hit some of these that were +5000 and +6000. Even if you are a small bettor the $2 at +6000 pays $120 so take a shot!

I typically do 1-2 of these a night with the leading scorer and double doubles. This one is 0.5 units to win around 5.5 units so little risk.


I had a $10 risk free parlay on DK since I lost the risk free yesterday so used this to get some action in 3 of my favorite games with modest lines.


When looking for the "Leading Scorer" props on DK I go to the PROPs tab as shown below. I had some good hits this last week with Mikal Bridges +500< using this tab. Here you see Fox is the likely favorite to lead the scoring but Keldon Johnson could give him a run at better odds. This shows a single stat for the last 7 games for all the projected players so you can see a mini heat map!

The PROP Tool is the most useful tab for PRIZE PICKS & Player Props:

Here you can see Keldon Johnson game logs for the last 7 games right next to the player projections and prize pick lines as they come in. He's been smashing on the POINTS props!

Jeremy Sochan has been killing his prize pick line of 13.5 and we can get 12+ on Draftkings at decent odds to add to our SGPs. What jumps out at me is the 27 min per game average but slightly more when the game was somewhat close.

I know you've seen the Claxton posts as this guy is a block monster! He had a streak of 3+ for awhile and we were getting +185 to +225 on DK for over 2.5 blocks. He still has 2-3 per game and the last game was a semi blowout so he only played 27 minutes. USE THE SHEETS THEY ARE KEY!


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