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NBA DFS Plays (February 6th) from CheatSheetPros!

NBA Plays & Stats for (February 6th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


We have a smaller slate today with some exciting games so let’s get started! Congrats on Andy for his GPP win last night in the Q-Cade! Love seeing our premium members have success. Free NBA Sheets today in our Facebook group (link below)!


DAMIAN LILLARD (10,000) – I am looking past his last game of only 40 DKP (which is still 4x value) because he has been fire! Look at these DKP scores – 79, 83, 71, 84, 70 and 92! Break these down into X value you are between 7x-8x his current salary, that is just crazy! He is playing at a 32% better clip with his FPPM going from 1.42 to 1.88. He does have a tougher DVP matchup tonight but I take that with a grain of salt when it is a stud player that is unstoppable!

GIANNIS ANTETOKOUNMPO (11,100) – I don’t mind him because he has 68, 70 and 72 DKP in his last 3 so that is giving you a solid floor for cash games and he can push 7x. It just depends on how much value opens up tonight if you can fit him in.

RUSSELL WESTBROOK (10,200) – Harden at 12,400 is hard for me to stomach with Westbrook on the court so I’d rather come down to Westy. If Westbrook is OUT then I’m fine with Harden at pretty much any price. Westbrook 60+ DKP in 7 of his last 9 games so that is 6x for a floor. He is also taking a ton of FG attempts with 24-29 is almost every game over his last 10. Solid DVP spot as LAL are giving up 50.5 DKP to his position.


BRANDON INGRAM (7600) – Remember we are looking for a total edge over 100 and minutes projected over 30. We say that over and over! Total Edge is 128 with 35 projected minutes. He has solid recent form with 48 and 49.5 DKP in his last two games. DvP spot is a tougher matchup at 0.89 but he has a 69.5 DKP ceiling in his last 10 games and has been getting it done even in tough match ups.

KHRIS MIDDLETON (7400) – Edge of 121 with minutes at 30. MIL has been playing great and even raising them game against tough teams. I love Middleton with Giannis off the court because his usage is off the charts. However, he is still doing well with Giannis on the court. He has played the last 3 game with Giannis on the court and put up 48 DKP, 46.5 DKP and 41 DKP and we only need 37 for value so he is constantly pushing 6x.

LONZO BALL (6900) – Lonzo has been performing better than Jrue as of late. He has 36, 48 and 40 DKP in his last 3 games. On a good night he can push 50 DKP upside. Tonight he has a total edge of a solid 160 with 34 projected minutes. DVP spot is solid at 1.03 and his FPPM is steady with no large dips in production.

AARON GORDON (6300) – Yes I know there are a lot of factors that go into Gordon’s game but he has a solid price point for his production. He has an edge well below 100 at 62.7 but ORL is never going to have a monster edge. He is on a solid 6x value over his last 4 games with a 47 DKP ceiling in his last 10 games. FPPM production has went from 0.93 to 0.98 for a slight 6% increase. With his 47, 45, 38 DKP games in his last 3 he is on my radar tonight!


CHANDLER HUTCHISON (4300) – He is Q for tonight but listed as “probable” for the game. He is coming off 26, 23 and 31 DKP games. We only need 21.5 for value so he is hitting that and climbing into the 6x and 7x range. The nice thing about a low salary player like this is that he can climb up another “X” value with 2 buckets, lol. Price is on the rise from 3300 to 3600 to 3400 and now 4300. Play him while he is punt pricing.

JOSH HART (4900) – He has 28-35 DKP in his last 3 games and playing 28-30 minutes in all of those. He doesn’t have the monster upside with all the mouths to feed in NOR but still a solid cash game player and can get you 6x-7x on a good night when he gets hot.

KYLE KUZMA (5000) – He can play anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes so there is a lot of variance from night to night. He has 2 solid games and 2 shit games in his L4. He has a 40.5 and 35 DKP game which is 8x and 7x value and then 18 and 13 which is 3x and 2x. Total Edge tonight is 187 with 25 minutes. He is below our 30 minutes that we look for but in the 25.6 minutes he has been averaging he is hitting 5.3x value with a 40.5 DKP ceiling game in his last 10. Steady FPPM production at 0.95-0.96 so for Kuzma minutes = points and this could be an exciting game tonight where he gets some extra run! DvP spot is also solid as 1.06.

MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS (3900) – He seems to be the chalk play today so I’m seeing him pop up on a lot of boards. He is coming off a 31.25 DKP game playing only 24 minutes. What I like about MCW is he can fill that stat sheet and is not just a pure scoring machine. In his last game he had 2 blocks, 3 steals, 12 points and a board.

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