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NBA DFS Plays (March 10th) from CheatSheetPros!

NBA Plays & Stats for (March 10th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


We didn’t do any articles or write ups for the 3 game slate yesterday so I wanted to dive in first thing this morning and get some NBA DFS plays out there so you can start building while we are waiting for all the breaking news to arrive!


SHAQ HARRISON –He is coming up as a “Tier 1: Core Player” on the grade tab of our NBA cheatsheets. With Zach LaVine out again his minutes are locked in so I want to see how has Shaq been doing. In 28.5 min/game he is putting up 6x value on his current salary and has a last 10 game ceiling of 48.5 DKP which is great for his very fair price tag of 5000. Steady FPPM production and locked in minutes gives me a solid player I can build around that isn’t nose bleed pricing. So for DK at 5000 you need 5x = 25 DKP to hit value. His last 3 games he has played 36, 34 and 29 minutes and put up 30, 48.5 and 29.5 DKP. So basically they were all 6x and higher games. GPP or CASH

TREY LYLES – Aldridge is “Doubtful” for tonight and Lyles has done really well in his absence. Priced at only 5300 he has smashed in 4 of his last 5 games putting up 31, 29, 17, 35 and 45 DKP. For someone that only needs 26.5 DKP to hit value he is easily going over that number and using that as a safe floor. He also has a solid last 10 game ceiling of 44.8 DKP. DeRozan and Lyles are the only players hitting 30+ minutes on average for the Spurs. GPP or CASH

DEMAR DEROZAN –I don’t get really excited for him because he has been semi-slumping but turned it around in his last two games for 6x value returns. He has 43.5 and 43.25 DKP games in his last two but prior to those his previous 3 were just 5x or shy of. I definitely think he is in your player pool at only 7400 because 6x-6.5x is a likely outcome. GPP or CASH

ANDRE DRUMMOND – Cleveland is facing CHI tonight and they are really tough on PG, negative to the league average vs. SG and right about average vs. SF with a slightly plus matchup for PF and then a big advantage vs. C. CHI is giving up 59.4 DKP to the C position over the last 14 days and that is a +16.9% position advantage. When Drummond is smashing then Nance isn’t hitting value so don’t use them together. When Drummond has been off the court Nance has been smashing. Drummond has put up 57.75 DKP and 60.25 DKP in his last two games playing 33 and 36 minutes. We need 43.5 DKP for his 8700 salary to hit value on DK and he has been smashing that when playing 29+ minutes. He had 2 tough games vs. MIA (go figure) and only played 22 min vs. WAS and ATL. 5 of his last 10 games have been over 50 DKP and take out the tough MIA matching and we could say 5 of his last 8 games in decent matchups. Any player I can get in the high 8k range that can put up 50+ and hit 60 DKP has to be in the pool tonight. GPP or CASH

MARQUESE CHRISS – If you need to save some money off the C position we can go down and look at Chriss. He is priced at 6000 on DK so we need 30 DKP to his value. He has put up 43, 45, 29.25, 34.25 and 33.75 DKP in his last 5 games. So someone that is not hurting you, giving you some value with some upside. It isn’t a great matchup tonight but it’s about average. In 29.4 min/game he has been putting up 6.3x value with about a 7x ceiling in his last 10 games. FPPM production is a tick up from 1.12 to 1.24 for a +10% gain. GPP or CASH

ELFRID PAYTON –His last 3 games he has played a solid 28-31 minutes per game and put up 32.25, 40.25 and 41.75 DKP and priced at only 6300. The last time they played WAS he went for 45.5 DKP and was priced at 7500 and now he is 1200 cheaper. He also had a 59.25 DKP game vs. CLE on February 3rd so there is some hidden upside. I think paying 6300 for Elf and hoping for 40-44 DKP is more likely of an outcome but it’s nice to see a big game in the past so he is capable of it. GPP or CASH

MITCHELL ROBINSON – After looking at ELF (above) I noticed the NYK C is in a decent spot tonight from a DVP perspective. Mitchell has the highest total edge ranking on the team at 157.3 (we look for players over 100 and prefer 120). He is only playing 25.7 min/game but averaging over 6x value at 33.6 DKP. Priced at only 5500 that is someone we can look at when he has a DVP spot of 1.15. He has flashed some upside hitting 46, 44, 37.25 and 36.5 DKP games in his last 7. GPP only

DORIAN FINNEY-SMITH – There is some risk here as he is questionable with a hip injury but he could be a GPP winning player. He is priced at only 3700 but has flashed almost 10x upside. He is coming off a 2 DKP game playing only 9 minutes but prior to that he had 32.35 and 33.75 DKP games playing 31-32 minutes each. He has put up 31+ DKP in 3 of his last 5 games. But again there is risk of another sub 10 min game and a re-injury even if he is a go for tonight. GPP only

KRISTAPS PORZINGIS – Since I’m hitting all the mid-range players I want to get a stud priced player in besides Drummond. Porzingis is also a T1 player on the cheatsheet and priced at 9300 but putting up 6.2x value over his last 4 games. FPPM production is nice going from 1.30 to 1.54 for a +19% increase and a solid DVP spot of 1.07. He struggled last time out vs. IND playing 38 minutes and only putting up 24 DKP but look at his prior 5 games. 63, 67, 76, 49 and 57 DKP. Any sub 10k player that has 60+ DKP upside has to be in the player pool. GPP or CASH

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