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NBA Prize Picks & Player Props for 3/16!

NBA Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!


Still in Gulf Shores for Spring Break with the family but ready to crank out some more picks! Last night I covered with CHA -3.5 in a tight game and my Harden over 8.5 REB gave me a 2-0 night. I also did a CHA / LAC / BKN over parlay for a couple units that hit.


Jimmy Butler over 48 FPs – I don’t know why this number stays under 50. He has put up 68, 57, 63, 52, 57 and 62 over his last 6 games, not even close to being at 48. If he is under then I’ll just take the loss on this pick.

Anthony Edwards over 32 FPs – He is a shooter! In 7 of the last 8 games he has 20+ FG attempts. Some of the games he has almost this number in points alone! In prize points he has 43, 35, 41, 32, 37, 36 and 44. He is flying over this total game after game!

Rudy Gobert over 41 FPs – Hit the over in 4 of the last 5 and coming off a 77.1 prize point monster game. 41 feels a little too low for Gobert.

Coby White over 25 FPs – Coby White is a ball of stress for my prize picks but he is getting the job done by a hair. He has 25.3, 25.1 and 25.4 over the last 3 games. Prior to those 3 games he has 6 straight that were easily over and most in the low 30’s. Basically he has been over 25 in 9 straight games but they gave been close!

Kyle Kuzma over 28 FPs – 36.6 average over the last 5 games and his last 3 games have been 34, 42 and 45 so going over any number in the high 20’s here.

Jimmy Butler over 8 AST – Averaging 9.3 AST over the last 5 games and it was 8 games ago the last time he was under 8.0 AST in a game. High likely hood of an OVER 8.0 here. I like that 8.0 is a push also.

Clint Capela under 1.0 AST – In the last 15 games he has 0 or 1 AST but NEVER 2. So taking under 1.0 should either give you a win or a push.

Sports Betting Player Props:

Jimmy Butler over 21.5 (POINTS) – He runs this game and he is the main scorer. He has 29, 28, 27, 29, 33 and 27 points over the last 6. We will see how many Bam takes away but 21.5 feels like a good target to take an over on. I sure as F**K am not taking an under.

Robert Covington over 17.5 (P+R+A) – He wasn’t even on my radar today. He has 31, 18, 21, 14, 25 and 33. I like these lower totals that we can squeak over. This should be a monster scoring game and last time they played they put up 250 total points so like a low over to hit tonight.

Anthony Edwards over 28.5 (P+R+A) – 40, 32, 33, 27, 30, 27 and 36 over recent games. He is always at that number or higher so there is a high probability of him going over.

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