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NBA "Prize Picks", Sports Bets & Same Game Parlays for Tuesday!

NBA "Prize Picks", Sports Bets & Same Game Parlays for Tuesday!


Today is my sons 11th birthday and I had planned to volunteer at his school for this program called, "Watch Dogs" where Dads come in 1 day a semesterday and help out with the classes, eat lunch with the students, etc. However, last night after our basketball practice he wasn't feeling great and this morning tested positive for Covid (along with my wife) so we are HOME for the day! I already had the day off work so taking this time to dig through some stats and data as I took a couple days off since it was 60-65 degrees here in KC!

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Prize Picks only releases around 80-125 props in the morning and then there are close to 500 by the time I do the afternoon update on the NBA CheatSheet. There were a ton of UNDERS last night but "Hot Picks" and "Ice Picks" went 7-6 and 2-1 for a combined 9-7 so not great but staying on the positive side. The Roto projections filtering out the 30% and under last 10 hit rates went 7-0 on the top 7 plays and 12-6 across the top 18 so that was nice to see another consistent day using combo filters. There is a video on the website if you want to see it in action.



JOKIC has 3 triple-doubles in a row and 4 in the last 5 games so why not again? I wanted to get a ticket with a JOKIC trip-dub tonight.

Davis & Ayton are high probability double-doubles that I just stuck in there to drive up the odds to +327.

Love the Laker game tonight and will likely have several SGP tickets on it. The LeBron points were very agressive so went with his AST and REB and loaded the Davis train. Anthony Davis 25+ points will give you a much better payday but went lighter as people tend to play the "exact" ticket I post so wanted a safter plus money SGP.

Stuck on MEM game so just went with the top 2 scorers with a floor total to get this from -110 to +155.

Both of these were close to a normal straight wager and it's no fun risking 1 unit to win 1 unit so I put them together for a 1 unit to win 2.65 units.

JOKIC 10+ boards is probably the one that could falter but he's had 10+ in 4 of the last 5 games and the one miss was only 9 boards and DEN is 25-4 at home so let's go after it!

This is my 2nd SGP on the Hawks game so I took a safer approach for the first 3 guys and then took a shot on Trey Murphy who has 30 and 21 points in his last 2 games. His prop grows by only 2 points per increment so you can really juice this up if you want to go after it.

My first bet SGP today and my least favorite. However it has really good odds at +370 so we only need to win this 21% of the time to be profitable.


CAPELA continues to crush on the BOARDS with 10+ in 7 straight games! (This is from our Prop Tool tab on the cheatsheet where you can see the last 7 game logs alongside projections and other various stats.)

Jamal Murray & Nikola Jokic - Jokic has 3 triple doubles in a row and Jamal Murray has dropped 41, 33 and 32 points in his last 3 games. Wow!

PRIZE PICKS TAB - These were the morning "Hot Picks" as there were just under 100 lines and should grow throughout the day.

We have a 10 STREAK on the PRIZE PICKS tab today!

Anthony Davis & Shai are both PLUS MONEY to be the "leading scorer" of the game on DK. Those jumped out at me after looking at these recent game logs. Of course, LeBron is the favorite but the favorite doesn't pay very well.

Good Luck Everyone,



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