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NBA Sports Betting EXPODES for a 10-2 night on January 11th! Recap here!

NBA Sports Betting RECAP from CheatSheetPros!


I wanted to share some of the NBA Sports Betting successes from last night and I have included a few of the screen shots below. When there is a "Pace Up" or "Pace Down" indicator look strongly at that game as that continues to pay huge rewards. Last night on 1-22-2021 we went 10-2 with a push. Look at the screen shots and notes.

We projected this game 100-93 and final was 101-91 with MEM -2.5 an easy cover. Our range of outcomes with the "Pace Down" indicated was 189-207.7 with a total of 207. That puts our range heavily on the under. Final was 192 inside our range and under the total that only had 24% of bets on it.

Only 15% of tickets on the over and even a slight Vegas move to the under. Once again our "Pace Up" indicator explodes for another WIN! We had our range of outcomes 229-241 with a Vegas total sitting at 227.5 we were all over the over. Final was 248 total points which eclipsed our safe range of outcomes to the winning side.

"Pace Down" indicator pops to the under 213 here with our range of 196-217. Part of our range was that the game "could" go over but it was a small percentage of the time that would happen in our model. Final was 197 just inside our range on the side of the Vegas total that gives us another WIN! We also have CHA easily covering the -5 here 107-96 and the final was really close at 109-88.

MIL is a HUGE over betting team this year but we had the "Pace Down" indicator popping so we were looking at under 226. Our range was 213-229 so this means only a small percentage of simulations this game would go over. We also had MIL easily covering the -10 and one of our models even had them winning by 17. Final 121-99 for a MIL win and 220 total that was inside our range and on the winning "under bet" that only had 2% of the bets!


NBA is one of the hardest sports to handicap and there is a ton of variance so stick with the sheet and find plays you like and use it as a tool. Watch the tutorial videos and breakdowns and get used to the numbers and you will bank some wins.

Thank you for reading,


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