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NBA Sports Betting Picks for Friday!

NBA Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


In order to help those that only look at the blog articles I'm adding the sports betting screen shot to an article so it will show up for everyone!


Today I found it extremely hard to breakdown any solid plays besides the ones listed above. I lean on Philly (-7) over San Antonio but don't love it. I also debated a play on Minny (-5.5) over the Thunder but ultimately held off. Cleveland should be able to turn it around against a Lillard & McCollumless Portland team but they have lost something like 7 straight in Portland and they are starting a long road trip. Money is flying in on Dallas but they are likely going to be without Luka Doncic and Porzingis. Utah will be missing most of it's starters so not sure what the starting lineup will look like. I'll continue to follow the NBA models when we are not missing any key guys and see how they do but for now these are the two plays I have for today before any "live" betting begins!


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