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NBA Sports Betting Picks for Friday Night!

NBA Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!


In order to help those that only look at the blog articles I'm adding the sports betting screen shot to an article so it will show up for everyone! Happy Friday!

*** PLAYER PROPS ARTICLE is also posted on the Website! ***

NEW FOR 2022!

Today we launched a trial run of our "College Hoops Betting Board" for 2022. We have the "Live Lines" turned off while we test some features in the background but you can see the different stats that we have listed. Right now it will post up to 50 College Games on a single tab with our projected lines from different models and our consensus line. We can also quickly see how each team is ATS and Over/Under on the season!

** Try our NBA CheatSheet with our “Player Prop Tabs” for FREE on Thursdays here: Free Group Link:

Thanks for reading & good luck!



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