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NBA TIERS Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!

NBA TIERS Report from CheatSheetPros!


If you have never played TIERS on Draftkings it is a great break from traditional DFS. You pick a player out of each TIER and compete as you would in a normal DFS contest. No salary caps, No position searching, just pick & go!


This is one of the most difficult TIERS on the slate tonight. Here are my rankings for this tier.

Luka Doncic – Great for cash or GPP. In his last 5 games he has hit 87.5 and 77 DKPs giving you the highest ceiling of any T1 player. Most nights he has a floor of 50.

Nikola Jokic – Great for cash or GPP with 56, 72 and 65 DKP over his last 3 he has a great floor and a massive ceiling so he is a safe pick with a high floor.

James Harden – He slides down to #3 for me because of the game they just played with Kyrie and Durant on the floor they were eating into each others production. If it wasn’t for 2OT he wouldn’t of hit the 50 DKP mark. I want to see how this plays out a little longer. GPP is fine but not for cash.

Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi is the bottom of the list for me and won’t make my lineups tonight. Over his last 3 he has 33, 43 and 55 DKPs giving him a much lower floor as they are usually blowing out the other team. They are a massive -13 point spread tonight and he needs that close game to hit his ceiling.


Trae Young – He tops the list for me here for a couple of reasons. He is projected to be the lowest owned player in the tier and he is coming off of a 3 game run of 66, 55 and 51 DKPs. He also has a massive DVP boost as MIN vs. PGs are giving up 59.7 DKPs and 25% of the total points they are allowing are to the PG spot. Want another reason? MIN is allowing 242.5 fantasy points per game which is the 2nd highest on the slate.

Kevin Durant – He is fine to use but he is projected to have twice the ownership of Trae. I don’t mind mixing him into GPPs but prefer him for cash only with the ownership that high. The last game the big 3 BKN players were eating into each other and without 2 OT he wouldn’t of hit that massive 77 DKP game. But the ceiling is there.


Julius Randle – He is a solid cash option with a solid floor. He has put up no less than 46.3 DKPs over his last 5 and broke the 50 point mark twice in that span.

Zach LaVine – Prefer GPP over cash for LaVine as he can hit the 50 point mark but has a lower floor putting up only 31.5 the game before last. Game is juicy with a 228.5 total and small +3 spread. He is a 1.21 FPPM player and playing at a 1.40 over his last 5.

Paul George – I won’t have any of him tonight due to the large spread and recent games. Hard for him to have a ceiling game with Kawhi on the court with him. He has been in the mid 30’s 2 of the last 3 games giving him a much lower floor. Only use if doing a massive amount of GPP lineups.

Andre Drummond – Just cross him off the list, he is sitting in this tier because his DFS price is high because he was priced up after playing 30+ min per game. Now he is sharing the playing minutes with Jarrett Allen. In the last game when Allen made his debut he was held to just 26.3 DKPs. Hard to use him for cash or GPPs. He is a dead square.


Nikola Vucevic – He is projected to be the highest owned player and for good reason. He has 51.5, 48 and 69.5 DKPs in his last 3 contest. The only red flag is the low team total of only 107 and the high ownership. Good for cash but not as pivotal for GPPs. He is easily the highest FPPM player in the tier at 1.47.

Kyrie Irving – He is my second option here. He was smashing in the game with Harden and Durant and when they went into 2 OT Durant took over. He is a consistent 45ish DKP player and should get more assist with those two guys on the floor. On our NBA cheatsheet has the 2nd highest algo score in the tier.


Clint Capela – LOCK THIS GUY IN! You want to get cute then pivot elsewhere but not here. Capela is one of the top GPP Algo plays on our cheatsheet and the last article we wrote him up he dropped 76 DKPs. Game total of 225, Team total of 116 and he has put up 76, 54 and 55 over his last 3 games. DVP SMASH SPOTMIN is allowing the 2nd most FP to the C position on the slate and 23% of the total. Huge floor here and he can chase his big ceiling game also!

Jerami Grant – If you don’t like FREE squares and want to pivot them Jerami Grant is in play. With 47.5, 43 and 58 DKP over his last 3 he has the highest floor of any of the other players on the slate and a massive usage. I don’t like the low team total and vegas total but if you want to pivot Grant is in play.

Kristaps Porzingis – Don’t mind him as a pivot either with 53.5 DKPs in his last game.


Victor Olaipo – This tier is a wild card and you can mix and match players for GPPs. All of them have hit the 40 DKP range but have floors in the low 30’s. Oladipo is one guy taking a ton of shots with a usage rate pushing 40 and locked into 32+ minutes.

Kyle Lowry – Easy second choice here with no less than 35 DKPs and hitting as high as 47 over his last 4 games. 222 vegas total and team total of 113. Consistent producer locked into 32+ minutes per game.

Fred VanVleet – I likely won’t own many shares of VanVleet but he would be my 3rd option. He has 46 and 43 DKPs in 2 of his last 3 but the other 2 in his last 4 games were 27.5 and 30.8. Lowry or VanVleet usually will have he bigger game so if you pivot have a line up with each.


T1 - Luka Doncic – Nikola Jokic – James Harden

T2 – Trae Young – Kevin Durant

T3 – Julius Randle – Zach LaVine

T4 – Nikola Vucevic – Kyrie Irving

T5 – Clint Capela – No reason to pivot in cash, free square!

T6 – Victor Oladipo – Kyle Lowry


T1 – James Harden (projected lower ownership than Luka/Jokic)

T2 – Trae Young (projected low ownership, smash dvp spot)

T3 – Zach LaVine (lower floor but high ceiling)

T4 – Kyrie Irving (lower ownership than Nikola Vucevic)

T5 – Clint Capela (ownership isn’t massive and spread out so this is a lock for me. Porzingis projected and the 2nd lowest player in tier.)

T6 – Victor Oladipo / Kyle Lowry / Fred VanVleet – all projected around the same ownership.

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