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NFL Daily Fantasy Breakdown for Week 9!

NFL Daily Fantasy Breakdown from CheatSheetPros!


Make sure to keep up with all the changing information as this week has been a wild one already. Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid and since he is unvaccinated there are stricter rules for him and he was ruled out vs. KC. Henry Ruggs was released by the Raiders after doing 150+ mph and causing a collision that killed a young woman and was under the influence. Tyrod Taylor returns this week, Saquon Barkley and David Montgomery also have a shot to get back on the field. Make sure you check your final lineups as I think we have more news coming down the pipe!


The stacking concept is simple. Most GPP winning lineups will have a team QB and usually at least 2 pass catchers and one from the opposing team. So that is a good start for building your lineups. Find your QB + 2 pass catchers + 1 run back player from the other team and fill in from there.



  • Stack is dirt cheap at only $16,700 for the combo of the 3 players.

  • Let's start with TUA as he is only $5,800 on DK so looking at 4x value that means we need 23.2 DKP. Since returning he has put up 16.2, 28.5 and 25.3. The game against BUF last week was tough so I'll take the 16.2 but the prior 2 games were over 4x value on his salary THIS WEEK!

  • Last week Jaylen Waddle had 12 targets and 11 for DeVante Parker and both priced at only 5300 and 5600.


  • This stack is even cheaper at $14,800 for the 3 so that means this 3 man stack is less than $5,000 average per player!

  • Ruggs was cut this week after the fatal DUI crash so those targets should boost up Hunter Renfrow and Bryan Edwards.

  • If you do one line with the Dolphis stack (as above) then you can hit another with the Raiders and plug Gesicki in your TE spot. If the Miami stack sinks it's likely because Gesicki had the big game so you have him covered on this lineup!

  • Using an average $2500 defense this allows you almost $7,000 per player left to fill in 4 spots and that makes for a sexy lineup!


  • This stack works for GPP or cash. When looking at the run back stacks the highest ceiling which is usually reserved for GPP brings up the Ravens with the top two pass catchers and a run back with Justin Jefferson and a ceiling of almost 6x. The good thing is it also has an average value of 3x making it solid for cash games.


JOSH ALLEN - He is the most expensive QB but after digging through game logs he also has the highest floor and upside. At $8,200 we need 32.8 DKP for 4x value and look how often he is hitting 4x and going past that number. The 39.5 and 40.2 games were pushing 5x value! Compare this to someone like Kyler Murray who also needs around 32 DKP for the 4x and how often he is NOT hitting that number.

DAK PRESCOTT - At only $6,900 we need 28 DKP for 4x value and each of the last 3 played weeks he is right around that number. Denver is a tougher matchup because with this weapons he can sling it around the field on anyone.

JORDAN LOVE - You want a complete punt in the QB category? Then look at Jordan Love at only $4,400 going up against one of the worst defensive teams. If he has Adams back from covid and Aaron Jones he has some weapons he can play with. Packers will likely lean heavily on the run but they can run every play and heck 10 DKP is 2.5x value!


Sorting by only WR and GPP Algo you can find some of the better WR for the slate. Keep in mind this is ALL GAMES so it has non-main slate games included. I usually look down the salary column and ownership and get a feel for some lower owned guys that could pop. Here we see Amari Cooper, Jaylen Waddle, DeVante Parker and Marquise Brown are all $6,000 and under and on the main slate so those are the guys we will look at today.

AMARI COOPER (DK-5700 / FD-6900)

Amari Cooper is only 5700 on DK and CeeDee Lamb is 7200 and while both are gobbling up targets I prefer the cheaper option. Last week Cooper had 13 targets to Lambs 8 targets and put up 8 catches for 122 yards and a touchdown. That gives us a great ceiling for a sub $6k wide out option.

JAYLEN WADDLE (DK-5600 / FD-6100) / DAVANTE PARKER (DK-5300 / FD-6200)

Both of these are cheap WR options this week in a game against a weak Houston defense. Last week they were both on the field and combined for 23 total targets (12 Waddle, 11 Parker). Houston allowing 401.4 yards per game (30th) on the season and 30.1 points per game (31st). Get some exposure to Miami as one of their big 3 will have a big game.

MARQUISE BROWN (DK-6000 / FD-7700)

Baltimore was on a bye last week but in Week 7 Brown had 14 targets where he turned those in for 5 grabs for 80 yards and a score. Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown are the primary two pass catching options for this Ravens team and Brown put up a 6x game (at current salary) in just Week 5 giving him GPP upside!

JAMAL AGNEW (DK-4300 / FD-5200) *Projected <1% Ownership.

He had 12 targets last week and only 4300 on DK this week and while the matchup is horrible against Buffalo he might be able to rack up some garbage time yards against a prevent defense. Jamal Agnew has been running out of the slot with Laviska Shenault moving to the outside after DJ Chark’s season ender.

TAJAE SHARPE (DK-4200 / FD-5500)

He picked up 6 targets last week and turned those into 5 grabs for 58 yards and 10.8 DKP. That’s not a huge amount of production but with Ridley out we could see him stay in that range with a near minimum price tag he is someone to consider.


Following the same format we use RB to filter out the position and then GPP Algo and look at the ownership and price. I prefer spending up for RB because they have a higher floor and less chance to lay a zero in your lineup. Austin Ekeler and Aaron Jones are the top of the list and I don't mind their price points. Check ownership between Cordarelle Patterson and Dalvin Cook.

AARON JONES (DK-7200 / FD-8500)

Ownership numbers will be higher than this screen shot since today Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid and was ruled out but this is chalk I’m happy to eat! Last week he had 15 carries and 11 targets and put up 24 DK points. Now he gets to face a KC team giving up 4.6 yards per carry (26th) and allowing 121.8 rushing yards per game (22nd) AND ranks 28th vs. pass catching RBs. Also consider AJ DILLON (DK-4600) who should get another 15+ carries as they rely on this running game. Dillon’s value is tied to scoring a TD as last week he had 16 carries for 78 yards so that is only 7.8 DK points but if he punched in a TD that is 13.8 around 3x value. Aaron Jones has the bigger upside with the usage as a receiver.

AUSTIN EKELER (DK-7900 / FD-9000)

He is expensive but he is heavily involved and running backs are the foundation of our lineups that give us solid floors with upside. He had 24.4 DK points last week putting up 64 rushing yards with 10 targets for another 60 yards and a touchdown. That was only 3x his salary but in Week 4 and Week 5 he put up 32.5 and 33.9 DKP games which are in the 4x range. Philly is a decent defense only allowing 4.0 yards per carry but they still allow 123.5 rushing yards per game (24th).


I wasn’t even looking at Patterson until Calvin Ridley suddenly “stepped away from football”. On DK he is 6300 so for 3x we need 19 points and last week he had 18.2, prior weeks 14.1, 18.4 and 34.6. He is pretty consistent with that 2.5x – 3.0x range so great for a floor but he has flashed in that 34.6 DK points he was pushing 5.5-6x. With no Calvin Ridley he could get a few more looks in the passing game. He has 5, 5, 9, 6 and 7 targets giving him frequent usage and after Week 1 he doesn’t have less than 14 DKP in any game. (NOTE: Look at the ownership between Dalvin Cook and Cordarelle Patterson in the screen shot above, 24%-28% vs. <3%.

TARGET MONSTER SCREEN for players with 8.0+ targets per game:


Thanks for reading & good luck!



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