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NFL Daily Fantasy Lineups & Stacks from CheatSheetPros!

NFL Daily Fantasy Lineups & Stacks from CheatSheetPros!


Stacking is a "MUST" in Daily Fantasy for these large field GPPs. I prefer to stack a QB with 2 pass catching options and then run it back with 1 pass catcher from the other side. You can do a mini-stack with QB+WR-1 and run back with WR-1 from the opponent. Using our NFL Cheatsheet you select different dropdowns for WR-1, WR-2, WR-3, TE-1, RB-1, RB-2, etc. We also show the projected stack cost and projection, average fantasy points for the stack and value and then targets per stack and target value per $1k of salary. I don't like to give out an "exact" lineup because it will be used by several people so I'm going to focus on a SHELL lineup focused on a stack and then you can fill in the holes with the players you choose!


This is a tab on our NFL Cheatsheet and it shows all the targets broken down by week and then a total with some other various fun stats. This is the first thing I review before building any lineups as I want to see who was getting the "looks". This is helpful in DFS, Season Long Fantasy and Sports Betting. Maybe there was a WR who got 10 targets and only caught 1 ball because of tight coverage and this week no one will play him because people only saw 1 catch for 10 yards but the 10 targets tells a better story.

Here are some things that I notice:

  • Waller with 19 targets? Woah, it's gonna be a good year for him!

  • Dallas has two WRs in the top 4 in targets with Cooper and Lamb - possible stack???

  • Buffalo also has two WRs in the top 7 in targets with Diggs and Beasley - stack???

  • DJ Chark is fairly cheap on most DFS sites and got 12 targets so a good fill in player.

  • D'Andre Swift with 11 targets? Who saw that coming!

  • Jamaal Williams - another cheap DFS fill in had 9 targets last week, great production!

  • Sterling Shepard picked up 9 targets on a team that will have to throw a ton.


I start by looking at QB + WR-1+(WR-2 or TE-1) and a run back with opponent WR-1 or TE-1. Sometimes using the TE will save some salary or you can drop to the WR-2's instead of WR'1s to get a discount if you want to pay up for some studs. What I LOVE about this is the targets and target per $1k of salary to give you something new to sort by to find some sneaky stacks. This is sorted by AVG value for the stack so these were the stacks that returned the most value last week.

Dak / Cooper / Jarwin or Shultz + Keenan Allen - is just nasty!

Hurts with a run back of Deebo is a fun stack in a projected monster scoring game!

Herbert stack up with a Cooper run back is always a safe choice.

Jimmy G with Deebo/Kittle and run back with DeVonta Smith makes me giddy!

This is made just to get you started with some sneaky ideas. You can also review the NFL sheet and see how the team does vs. that specific position such as WR-1, WR-2, TE, etc. If there is shadow coverage on the WR-1 then stack up QB + WR-2 to be contrarian!


STACK SHELL - COWBOYS STACK with a WR-1 run back. This stack returned massive value last week and still not priced really high so I think it's a great cash game stack. Cooper has a massive target share with Dak under center, he's double digit targets in almost every game so Dak going down last year was brutal! But he's back now and let's take advantage of it before everyone else catches on. Keenan Allen is a target PPR staple on DK and perfect run back to have it a back and forth high scoring game!

STACK SHELL - SAN FRAN STACK with a WR-1 run back. This was a decent stack last week as Deebo went nuts setting career highs and Kittle was also mixed in nicely as the 2nd option in the passing game. The run back with Smith is fun as he is electric as we saw last week and look forward to watching him grow on this Eagles team!


NICK CHUBB - He is SCREAMING RB-1 this week. Houston allowed 4.8 yards per carry last week and gave up 100% red zone touchdowns. Now CLE is the #1 rushing offense after one week so what do you think Chubb is going to do? Especially if Vegas thinks CLE is going to get a large lead they are going to milk that clock and pound the rock! CLE has the #1 "O" line right now and Houston the 30th "D" line. Houston also ranks 29th in stopping runs of 5-10 yards. CHUBBY going over the 100 mark with 2 TDs this week!


No surprise Amari Cooper is at the top of the list with all the volume he got last week! Dropping 41.9 DKPs is massive return on a sub 7k player. Tyreek Hill comes in at #2 as he is slightly more pricey at 8400 but dropping 40.1 DKPs is a solid return. DeeBo Samuel torched everyone last week for his 35.9 DKPs and he is also under 7k. If Aiyuk is limited or out he might be another solid target to fill in this week!


CMC is the top guy, duh! But he is 9900 on DK and that's just too much money for me to spend for a RB. I mean last week he had 27.7 DKPs but that wasn't even 3x value, not a good play for GPP but solid for cash games as he has a huge floor each week. Joe Mixon for only 7000 is a good RB2 play as his 28 DKP was in the CMC range, he got a ton of volume and he is 2900 less on DK. You know we love Nick Chubb so I won't go on about him again. Darrell Henderson at only 5700 and Melvin Gordon at 5900 both spark my interest after their week 1 workloads, they are cheap enough you don't need a ton. Damien Harris is still under 5500 and projected to be "lower" owned and he got I think 23 carries last week? Yes please! Your GPP play here is Jamaal Williams at only 5200 projected at 2% ownership putting up 25 DKP last week. Now I don't agree with the ownerships but what I'm looking at is the percentage of Jamal Williams vs. Joe Mixon for example. 2% vs. 10% so if it ends up being 16% vs. 5% that fine, I'm just targeting the lower guy in GPPs as long as there is upside.


Pay up or punt is typically my TE plan each week. I usually take the TE that goes with my stack so I don't have to make a decision. Rob Gronkowski comes in at our top algo play after that 29 DKP game last week and now going up against ATL. Travis Kelce, duh, if you can afford him he is like CMC a stud but can't likely win a GPP due to his price tag. T.J Hockenson comes in at #3 for 5500 he is 2100 less than Waller and put up a solid 23.7 DKP last week and playing a team with no defense that will throw a ton. T.J. Hockenson is like a Darren Waller Jr.



Love this for cash games. Cash games are double ups, triple ups and any single entry 3 man, 5 man, 10 man, etc. contest I treat as "Cash". 3 ball catches is too many for a GPP but for cash you know 2 of the 3 will get value (or at least more than likely) and you have a stud PPR guy in Allen on the run back with our RB Lock of the Week - Nick Chubb. I went Schultz here because he caught 6 of 6 targets last week so preferred him over his counterpart Jarwin who is projected higher.


Love this for a GPP entry. I went with Stafford who was safely priced at 6400 and put up 27.3 DKP last week with a narrow list a WRs. It's either Kupp or Woods and then we see someone like Van Jefferson last week pop off for the second highest scorer. I'm going to just lean on Kupp for now and then you can also add Woods but I saved the money and went down to Higbee as he is due for a TD. Higbee had 11.8 DKP last week and priced at 4100 so that is almost 3x. The run back here is what makes it GPP going with Hines who is much cheaper than Taylor (most DFS'ers will go Taylor) and Hines had 14.2 DKP last week for almost 3x. You can take an Indy WR (Pittman, Campbell, Pascal) they are all dirt cheap I just chose Pascal for the screen shot. This leaves MASSIVE MONEY on the table! You have over $7,100 per player for 3 spots! You can add Nick Chubb and then have two stud players in the WR and FLEX spot.


You can't see it on the above screen shot but the one that shows Nick Chubb and our breakdown for him has this at the bottom. It's a breakdown of fantasy points scored week by week. When stacking I always have this pulled up so here you can see Pascal had 20.3 last week and both RBs were solid. I update this manually each week to give you the best information around with all the stats right next to each other!

Hope you enjoyed this article. I tried to show screen shots of things I look for on the sheet and how I build my GPP lineups.

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