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NFL TIC-TAC Cards for Sunday!

NFL cards that I'm betting for Sunday!

If you didn't watch the Tutorial Video for TIC-TAC-Props you can watch it below. This is a fun betting method to build your prop cards. I didn't do one for Prize Picks this week but I did several on the DraftKings Sportsbook and wanted to share. I bet them light while I'm playing with this strategy but they are fun. Each 3x3 card is 8 units for 8 different bets and they pay a range of 30:1 up to 75:1 or better just depending on how you put it together. I did one fairly safe and I did one with higher legs in an attempt to get +250 better or on all the legs! With the average payout if you make one TIC-TAC-TOE in 4-5 weeks of NFL betting you will be profitable.

BLACKOUT - I also recommend a small half unit or even quarter unit on a blackout which means betting all 9 blocks. Draftkings will only allow 20 legs so it only fit on of my cards but that blackout bet is $2 for over $220,000! The other card I bet the "X" (both crosses) and it pays over 350:1.

TIC-TAC-PROP Betting Strategy Tutorial Video:


I am not saying to "play these cards" I am just sharing the cards that I put together over the last few days. I recommend coming up with 9 plays and putting them in the boxes according to the tutorial video. This makes NFL so much more fun and easier to track!

LONGSHOT CARD - I went after big payouts and tried to get some squares with +300 to +400. I have noticed odds shift drastically throughout the week on Draftkings.

SECONDARY CARD - This is a little "SAFER" and took some lower payouts and have a few +180 squares hoping to make at least 1 or 2 tic-tac's and make a profit.

MY OTHER BETS - Someone in the chat wasn't happy when I shared a "Winning Ticket" because I didn't post it. I told him that I make several bets and hit a lot of "LIVE" wagers and can't flood the chat with all my picks but I can at least share my pre-game picks!



I made this bet earlier in the week before I found out Buffalo will be without 4 starters on defense. Either way I still think they can win the game behind Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs but they are likely to allow more points to Miami so I don’t want to lay the (-5.5) with Buffalo. Buffalo is #1 in PPG at 36.0 and 3rd in offensive yards per game (413.5). Miami was getting crushed last week before the Baltimore secondary got lit up giving Tua and monster game. Miami has the 30th ranked offensive line and Buffalo ranks 4th in defensive line so they should get after him. Miami can’t run as they are 31st in 5-10 yard runs and 30th in 10+ yard runs making them one dimensional.

Kansas City should cover the spread but getting an even money bet with Buffalo takes out some of the risk. KC ranks 3rd in total offense while Indy ranks 31st. KC also has the 3rd best passing offense while IND ranks 29th in passing defense. Indy has been good against the run giving up only 2.7 yards per carry (2nd best) but they are getting killed through the air. They have allowed a 100% conversion rate on red zone touchdowns to opponent teams and KC is scoring a touchdown 78% of the time they are in the red zone which is 6th best in the NFL.


I bet this early in the week when it opened at +2 and moved to -1.5. I think Denver will play better this week and they are at home but that San Fran Defense is legit!


I can't justify this pick but both of these teams are horrible I just feel Houston is better at moving the ball down the field and with a +130 I only need to win this 43% of the time. I sure don't want to lay anything with Chicago!


We will hit on more TIC-TAC-Props going forward as these appear to be tons of fun!

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