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NFL Week 4 - DFS Stacks & Plays!

NFL Fantasy Breakdown & Stacks from CheatSheetPros!



Stacking is a "MUST" in Daily Fantasy for these large field GPPs. I prefer to stack a QB with 2 pass catching options and then run it back with 1 pass catcher from the other side. You can do a mini-stack with QB+WR-1 and run back with WR-1 from the opponent. Using our NFL Cheatsheet you select different dropdowns for WR-1, WR-2, WR-3, TE-1, RB-1, RB-2, etc. We also show the projected stack cost and projection, average fantasy points for the stack and value and then targets per stack and target value per $1k of salary.



  • Vegas implied total of 32.25 points

  • Pivoting off Diggs to a lower cost of Cole Beasley/Dawson Knox is only 47% of the cap and allows almost 6,000 (DK) per player.

  • This is a stack that a run back player likely isn't necessary because of the Bills "DEF" but if you do then I love Brandon Cooks who is only 6400 (DK and has 21, 23 and 24 DK points and the clearn WR-1 in Houston.

  • Most average DFS'ers will use Diggs but his price is high so going with Cole Beasley and either Sanders or Knox is better for GPP. Knox has caught a TD each of the last two weeks although his ceiling is limited.

TIP - Sort stack tab by "Average Fantasy Points/Value" for CA$H Stacks!


  • Sorting by "CEILING" will give you the highest ceiling teams stacks regardless of cost.

  • DAL has an implied total of 27.75 and ARI 24.25.

  • You can see the players highlighted in green.


  • Sorting by average targets per game and the value version is targets per $1K of salary will give you some upside GPP stacks and the one that jumps at me is Miami this week.

  • Jacoby Brissett LOVES Jaylen Waddle (13 targets last week) and Mike Gesicki (12 targets last week).

  • STACK IS CHEAP! Only 39% of cap if you run it back with Michael Pittman (24 targets last two weeks). This allows you almost $7,000 left per player which is great for adding STUDs to your stack.



DERRICK HENRY - Henry is $8,800 on DK this week which is a ton of money but if you are paying up for anyone I don't mind Henry. TEN could be without A.J. Brown & Julio Jones which would mean that Henry would get 25-30 carries against a middle of the road Jets "DEF". I don't usually like playing guys this high because it's hard for them to get that monster value but Henry put up 50.7 DK points in Week 2 rushing 35 times for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns so the upside is there. It's also worth noting that he had 6 catches for another 55 yards in that game. Wow!

NAJEE HARRIS - That PIT "O-Line" is awful as we projected coming into the season but now they've turned Najee into a Le'Veon Bell 2.0 with his 14 rush attempts and 14 catches last week. His last week stat line was amazing and it was 14 rushes for 40 yards (blah!) but 14 catches on 19 targets for 102 yards! He put up 31.2 DK points and didn't have a touchdown. His price tag was only $6,800 this week which shocked me but that is 4x without a TD and if he found the endzone you are talking about a 5x RB.

D'ANDRE SWIFT - Swift is someone that I didn't want anything to do with for season long leagues but for DFS he is making a strong case to be started every week. He is $6,200 which is down from his $7,000 Week 2 price tag. He has put up 23.7, 11.8 and 24.4 DK points thus far through 3 weeks. His most recent game against Baltimore he rushed 14 times and had 7 catches on 7 targets for 60 yards. Playing on a team that will likely never lead he is always a pass catching option and I love the use in the passing game.

ZACK MOSS - He is coming in at a low $5,300 this week and has put up 18.1 and 16.4 DK points after being a healthy scratch week 1 so he is sitting in that 3x-4x value with a cheap price tag in a high powered offense. Last week he had 13 carries and 3 catches with a TD. He will always be in some sort of timeshare with Devin Singletary ($4,800) but Moss is the preferred option that has a growing snap count. Hopefully he can continue to separate himself as he went from the wrong side of a 42-18 snap count in week 2 to a positive 42-34 snap count in week 3. Moss had more red zone opportunities last week (6-3).

CORDY PATTERSON - When you get a sub $5K RB you are almost punting and hoping for a 3x return because you love the rest of your lineup. Patterson is a viable option if you need to go that route as he has 16.2 and 23.9 DK points the last two weeks so for all you math wizards out there that is 3x and almost 5x at a "punt" price. The last two weeks he has had both 7 carries and 7 targets in both games so 14 touches is pretty decent on DK where you get the PPR value.


THOUGHTS ON STUDS - I hate reading articles where people are explaining why Derrick Henry is the top RB because anyone who watches football understands all the STUDs and they are reflected in their price tags. I prefer to let you know my pick between the top options. This week Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp and Adams are the top 3 WRs in pricing on DK.

Cooper Kupp has the best matchup running 75% of his routes in the slot against Marco Wilson who covers the slot 95% of the time. Marco Wilson is rated as a 51.5 corner by PFF and allowing a high 71% catch rate. Tyreek Hill is un-guardable but it's worth noting that he will see 25-30% of his routes against Slay who is a top corner. D. Adams you can't really lock down who is going to cover him because he is ALL OVER. He has almost an even split lining up and running rounds on the left, right and out of the slot but it's worth noting that ALL HIS OPTIONS are advantages per PFF.

TERRY MCLAURIN - I love Scary Terry this week for a GPP play. He had an 11 catch - 107 yards - 1 TD game the week before last and blew up for 30.7 DKPs. Last week he faced a tough Buffalo defense and was held in check. I think most people won't see that is was just a tough defense and they will look at past him. At only $6,900 that big game was over 4x value.

DJ MOORE - With no CMC I was curious to see what happens to the other targets. DJ Moore is the clean WR-1 in Carolina and showed that with his 8 catch 126 yards game on 12 targets last week. Love me some DJ Moore and even more with no CMC. Priced at $6,600 we are still getting a WR-1 at sub $7K.

COLE BEASLEY - Priced at only $5,400 is a solid options as Cole Beasley is owning the slot for Buffalo right now. He had 13 targets in Week 1 and Week 3 and coming off an 11 catch, 98 yard game last week. All the hype was on Sanders catching the end zone balls but Beasley is the target monster here that can return big value!

MICHAEL PITTMAN - I believe he was the #3 WR on the season right now in DK points but don't hold me to that. He has 24 targets the last two weeks put up a 8 catch 123 yards game the week before last. If he can find the end zone those would be huge returns on his $5,400 price tag on DK. T.Y. Hilton will be coming back into the mix so we'll see what that does to his target share.

KALIF RAYMOND - Out of no where he got 10 targets last week and caught 6 balls for 68 yards and priced in the mid to low $4k range.


MIKE GESICKI - As you read above Jacoby Brissett loves Gesicki and peppered him with 12 targets last week and he caught 10 of them for 86 yards. If Jacoby is at the helm then Mike is a cheaper TE option.

DAWSON KNOX - Buffalo has a lot of options but Knox has caught a TD each of the last two weeks and is only $3,600 on DK which is in the "punt" range.

TYLER CONKLIN - He is "Q" this week but blew up last week with a 7 catches for 70 yards and a TD and priced at only $3,500 on DK which is really low for his production. Let's get some shares and see if he can duplicate it.

DALTON SCHULTZ - Just like Buffalo there are a ton of options in Dallas but Schultz had a monster game last week with 6 catches, 80 yards and 2 TDs and priced at only $3,400.


  • Notable things here Cole Beasley, Michael Pittman, Marvin Jones are target monsters and only $5,400 on DK.

  • Jakobi Meyers popped with 14 targets last week at only $5,200 this week.


  • Two rock solid "DEF" from last year are struggling this year in Tampa and Washington. Tampa did just sign Sherman to a small contract.

  • Carolina edges out the top spot over Denver 60.2 to 60.0 fantasy points allowed. Both of these squads are rock solid right now performing at a high level.

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