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Pitchers & Stacks for Easter Sunday from CheatSheetPros!

MLB Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros!

HAPPY EASTER DFS’ers! I wasn’t going to do an article because I have kids and they love Easter. I have an “almost 4 year old daughter” and a “7 year old boy”. So they are excited with the mythical bunny brings shit to the house! Sorry if you are reading this and you just found on the Easter Bunny is a mythical creature. Anyways hope everyone has a good day!

PITCHERS TO CONSIDER: Today I’m going to start with my favorite plays and then work my way down and pick some pitchers to give you my cliff notes version.

FAVORITE: COLLIN MCHUGH (9300) – Collin McHugh has been solid this year with 4 starts ranging from 19.9-28.5 DK points. He hasn’t “shit the bed” as of yet this year. He has gone 6.0 innings in his last 3 starts and only allowed 0, 2 and 1 ER along with 5, 9 and 4 strikeouts. Now the matchup – TEX is striking out 25.6% of the time vs. RHP and hold a low .228 team batting average. TEX is not a terrible team as indicated they are averaging the 6th most runs per game at 5.5 behind Seattle, Philly, Minny, Cubs and Dodgers. They also have 26 HRs on the year. I think Collin is a safe play today and can be used for GPP or Cash games. The team K% alone gives us a good floor and based on the TEX starting pitcher McHugh should go his 6.0 innings and get the “W”.

FAVORITE: CHRIS ARCHER (8900) – He comes in as our top GPP Algo pitcher on the cheatsheet. He has 3 starts all over 21 DK points giving us a good floor. So I always look to see who did he face in those starts to determine if it is worthwhile information. He faced STL and WAS so I give him props for those and then CIN who is terrible. He went for 28 DK points @ WAS going 7.0 with 9 Ks and only 1 ER in his last start. Now he is facing SFG at home and they are striking out 24.9% of the time as a team with a low .192 batting average vs. RHP and a bottom 5 slate wOBA of .251. They also hold a wRC+ as a team of 58.2 and 54.1 vs. RHP. Solid floor and can be used in cash or gpp!

TIER 2 FAVORITE: JON GRAY (8200) – If you need someone slightly cheaper and you just can’t fit the top two guys in with your favorite stack when in comes Jon Gray. He has 4 starts on the year and 3 of the 4 are over 20 DK points and two of them are 24+ giving you a 3x upside. My one RED FLAG here is that his 20+ points came vs. SD, SF and MIA. Horrible teams. He did faced the red hot LAD and got lit for 5 runs in 6.0 innings. So be careful and don’t “lock him in” so to speak. I will also warn that his GPP algo score is 78.75 and I always prefer pitchers with a 90+ algo score so this is just a GPP play for me. Facing PHI they are striking 22.6% vs. RHP but they are also a powerful offense. Jon Gray has been dominant vs. RHH and struggling vs. LHH. Harper is the big worry here as the other LHH are Cesar and Roman Quinn who have no power so I think he could be a good GPP play.

FAVORITE PUNT: JERAD EICKHOFF (5600) – If you want a dirt cheap punt play then Jerad Eickhoff is who I am going with today. Only $5,600! There are hitters with the same price tag on DK! Eickhoff is joining the rotation because Nick Pivetta was getting ate alive and finally got sent back down to AAA. He threw on 4/16 and went 4.0 innings of long relief and only allowed 3 hits and 6 Ks with 0 ER and 0 BB. Now he is facing COL in COL so if he gets blasted that is just risk that comes with the territory and why we call it a “punt”. Fun GPP play!


STRAUSBURG (10700) – Let me start with saying I hate this fucking guy. I never get him right and I’ve never owned him in season long leagues. I think he is over rated and always hurt. But people will use him. I’d rather look elsewhere because he has a 50/50 show of getting crushed, he will be highly owned facing MIA and I just don’t care for him. His price tag is in the nosebleed range and he has given up 4+ ER in 3 of his 4 starts. He just put up 17.9 DK points vs. SF giving up 4 ER in 6.0 innings but did have 8 Ks. MIA is terrible – average 2.9 runs per game, Vegas projected at only 3.2 runs and they don’t have a projected starting hitter that is at 7 FPPG average. Straus also has a 3.63 xFIP to LHH and 2.93 to RHH along with K9 rates of 10.7 & 11.7. I won’t use him but I definitely understand the argument.

SYNDERGAARD (9800) – He was my “go-to” when I was reviewing the slate and I own him all over in season long leagues. However I’m going elsewhere today. In 4 starts he only has put up 12, 22.7, 19.7 and 14.7 DK points. At his price tag I need a dream matchup (like StrausShit facing MIA) or some recent big games. He has given up 5, 4, 2 and 4 ERs in his last 4 games. He does give you strikeout upside putting up 9, 7, 6 and 7 in those 4 games. The bonus for him is that STL is a tough matchup but they are rolling out several projected RHH hitters and Syndergaard has been crushing RHH. The only LHH in the projected line are Carpenter, Fowler and Wong. GPP only if you want to go that route.

LOVE THIS PLAY: PAXTON (9400) – I will own some Paxton today! I love this guy and he was on main target in the Yahoo Pro money leagues. He has struggled this year. I mean come on he faced BAL in both of his first two starts and only put up 17.7 and 20 DK points??? WTF. He went to HOU for the 3rd start and gave up 5 ER in 4.0 innings. Now I was rethinking if that was a bad decision. And then he comes up to face BOS in his 4th start and I was thinking, “Oh God”. He went 8.0 innings, tossed a 2 hitter, 0 ER, only 1 BB and 12 whopping strikeouts! BOOOOM! Now my Royals are tricky. They shit the bed vs. terrible pitchers and then they go up against Kluber and knock him out in the 2nd inning for 7 runs. I can’t figure it out. I’m hoping since they don’t have a lot of BVP vs. Paxton since he was in Seattle for so long that he can sneak in and have a big game. Kluber they have seen over and over again. They also lit Chris Sale up years ago when the CHW would come into town. So far this year KC has been shit vs. LHP. KC is only striking out 21.9% of the time but all their other stats are garbage vs. LHP. They have a .203 team batting average (35.7 points lower than vs. RHP), .277 wOBA (36.1 points lower than vs. RHP), wRC+ of 69.7 (24.5 points lower than vs. RHP). Ok so I start this off as someone I was going to consider and now I’m on the verge of locking him in! Paxton!

CLAYTON KERSHAW (9000) – If you want to go here that is fine. I won’t own any today. 20.7 DK points in his first start going 7.0, 2 ER and 6 Ks. Good start right? It was vs. CIN come on that team is hot garbage right now. In come MIL with a team batting average 25.4 points higher vs. LHP, wOBA that is 23.3 points higher and wRC+ that is 122 vs. LHP. Due to people playing him I’m going to pivot and let someone else watch this egg.

BRANDON WOODRUFF (7800) – Solid play that didn’t make the cut due to his matchup today. He has faced STL twice, LAA and the Cubs and put up 19, 15.9, 11.6 and 17 DK points and posted 6, 7, 8 and 5 strikeouts. Don’t mind it.

STACKS & PITCHERS TO TARGET AGAINST: We have some huge stack scores today on our Daily Stack sheet so let’s dive in!

NYM vs. Dakota Hudson – Building are LHH. Hudson with minimal stats has a 6.52 xFIP vs. LHH (2.86 vs. RHH) and allowing a .627 wOBA. LHH are priced fairly cheap too. Nimmo (4200), Cano (3600), Conforto (5100… okay that’s high!) and McNeil (4200). I would also squeeze in Peter Alonso who has a 3.91 wOBA and 11.1 FPPG at only (4900). NYM also average 5.5 runs per game which is well over their 4.5 projected runs today by Vegas.

HOUSTON vs. Shelby Miller – My word this has a stack score on our cheatsheet of 195.21. I think that is one of the highest scores I have seen all year. Miller has an xFIP over 9 to RHH and LHH. Limited stats but he is struggling and we are going to take advantage of that! Houston has a projected vegas run total of 6.4 runs so this may be… will be chalky. Use any of the hitters they all have a wOBA over .300 vs. pitcher hand.

ARIZONA vs. Tyler Chatwood – Chatwood getting the start today and he has been fairly solid tossing 6 innings this year out of the bullpen with 6Ks and only 1 ER in his last 3. He has a 5.24 xFIP to LHH and 3.61 to RHH. Last year he struggled with a 6.37 xFIP to RHH and 5.58 to LHH. So has he turned a corner? I love this middle stack here with David Peralta (.405 wOBA), Adam Jones (.378 wOBA) & Christian Walker (.534 wOBA with 10.2 FPPG at 4600). I was lucky enough to grab Walker in 2 season long leagues when he was dropped. He went 4 for 4 yesterday with a walk. This guy is an animal! ARI averages 5.2 runs per game so hopefully this one is less chalky.

MIL vs. Clayton Kershaw – So yes I did write up Clayton above and if you want to use him that is fine, I’m not. However I much prefer a sneaky MIL stack since his only game was facing a week offense last time out. MIL hitters are all cheap outside of Yelich (5600) who has 8 HR in 6 games. You can use Yelich and add the other guys around him and have a fairly inexpensive priced stack. Cain (4300) – Yelich (5600) – Braun (3900) and Grandal (4300) would be my preferred as they all have wOBAs in the high .300’s and up vs. LHP. Be careful with Mouse (.221 wOBA vs. LHP), Jesus Aguilar (.147 wOBA), Shaw (.197) and Arcia (.262).

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