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PRIZE PICKS for Tuesday 2/23 from CheatSheetPros!

NBA PRIZE PICKS Report from CheatSheetPros!

QUICK NEWS AND NOTES: is a new website where you can parlay over/under player props. You can see the website or future articles for full details. We do have a promo code if you would like to sign up – 014219. If you do not have an account yet and it’s available in your area I would suggest holding off as we are trying to become an official affiliate for PrizePicks by the end of the week.

EVAN FOURNIER OVER 30 – Over the last two games Fournier has 28 and 29 real life points and those are equal of 1 prize point. His total over/under is only 30 so he is almost cashing that on points alone. In the last two games he has also 7 and 6 assists which are worth 1.5 giving him 9 and 10.5 point bumps. Then we add in boards which are worth 1.2 on prize picks and he has 7 and 4 over the last two games. In terms of prize points he has 45 last game and 46.2 roughly, 30 feels like a good spot to hit an OVER!

MICHAEL PORTER UNDER 34 – Looking back at his past 6 games his high in terms of “prize points” was between just shy of 30 and his total is set at 34. Last game he put up less than 20 prize points, the game prior was his high of around 30, the game prior was around 28-29 and the two games before that he was sub 20. Assist, Blocks and Steals are the money makers and he doesn’t really do well in those categories making him a solid under play the majority of the time. We project him for 24.8 prize points in our custom projections on the NBA cheatsheet so go UNDER 34. He is running at a 0.91-1.03 prize points per minute so if you take his high of 1.03 and give him 30 minutes he is still UNDER!

PAUL GEORGE OVER 38 – His total at 38 just feels low. We also have him projected for 46.1 prize points cruising over the total. He is a 1.24 – 1.49 prize point per minute player and will see 30+ minutes on the floor. Over the last 15 days he is averaging 44.2 prize points per game. WAS plays fast and little defense and with a team implied total of 122.75 and WAS coming off 5 straight wins LAC needs to be in this game and take it serious. OVER!

JARRETT ALLEN OVER 39 – This is an “extra” play for you tonight. I have several “others” that I like but those top 3 are my favorites. Jarrett Allen is projected to slide over his total of 39 as we have him projected at 40.1 and his ray daily projection puts him at 41.2. He is averaging 2.5 block/steals per game so that is 6-9 points right out of the gate. He has 20 and 26 actual points the last two so if we average those out at 23 and give him the benefit of 9 that is 31 points as a starting spot before any boards or assists. So what are we looking at? We need 8 more points to get the “over 39” and boards are worth 1.2 and he has 17, 10 and 14 over the last 3 games easily putting him over. He doesn’t have many assists he sits around 2-4 per game but that is still 3-5 more points we can add in. Turnovers are -1 but he has very few turnovers. Lean the over here!

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