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Wyndham (Round 4) Showdown Plays!

PGA Stats & Plays from CheatSheetPros!


This was a fun week as I got to play the PGA showdown slates everyday and write an article everyday for them. In our article we posted for Round 3 we went with Webb Simpson (-5), Horschel (-5), Mark Hubbard (-6) and Doc Redman (-7). We faded Fleetwood (-2), Lowry (E) and C.T. Pan (+6). There were a few others but they weren’t make or break performances. Let’s look at the final round and see how things stack up!


WEBB SIMPSON – With a -4, -4 and -5 round it’s hard to look past the consistency of Webb. I put a large bet on him for a top 20 finish (at -175) so I feel pretty decent with him in the final day. Still waiting for that massive -7 to -9 round from him. He is just consistent across the board and you don’t have to worry about him blowing up your lineup.

SI WOO KIM – Ok so he is the highest algo rated player on the cheat and he is in 1st place with a 2 stroke lead. He has put up a -5, -5 and -8 this week for a tournament total of -18. He has a +3.24 ball striking, +1.75 in approach and +3.52 in T2G. he is crushing it and has a ceiling of around -8 going into the final round. Can’t buck him now!

BILLY HORSCHEL – Dropping down to the 9000-9999 range of players Horschel makes the top of the list. His algo grade is right below Kim as he has put up a -15 for the tournament shooting 3 rounds between -4 and -6. He is +0.96 strokes gained and higher in putting, ball striking, approach and T2G. I can only see his last 11 rounds right now looking at the cheatsheet and he hasn’t shot above par in any of those. Look for another solid round as he tries to overtake Kim on the final day.

KEVIN KISNER – He started off slow at -1 and then shot a -6 and -5 in the last two rounds and he is also over +1.00 strokes gained in putting, ball striking, approach and T2G. He has a ceiling of around -7 and an average of almost -3 per round.

DOC REDMAN – So when wifey fell asleep last night I was digging through all the PGA scorecards for the top 25 guys and Doc blew my mind. He had no bogeys through 36 holes and only had 1 today when I checked on him. He has shot solid rounds of -3, -6 and -7. He has solid stats at +2.80 ball striking, +1.53 on approach and +3.28 in T2G. I can’t image he is going to suddenly have a horrible round on the final day. He has been playing well and it T2 right now and this should be a good payday for him.

MARK HUBBARD – Hubbard was the top value play on Fantasy Cruncher this week but I still didn’t have any of him because their PGA projections are dogshit. However, he is having a solid tourney shooting -3, -5 and -6. He is over +1.10 strokes gained across the board in putting, ball striking, approach and T2G and sits T5.

TALOR GOOCH – I didn’t have him on the list but I’m throwing him in as a bonus as I was between Gooch and Hubbard. Gooch shot -5, -5 and -2. He is over 2 strokes gained in ball striking, +1.26 in approach and +1.70 in T2G. He ranks really well over his last 36 rounds so this isn’t a fluke for him. He can easily shoot -5 to -7 tomorrow and close this tournament out with a good payday.


In this category I am looking for guys who have a high “algo” grade on the showdown cheat sheet and prefer guys who have at least 2 good rounds. I am going to hit on a few of them that I’m looking at for Sunday.

PETER MALNATI – Almost min priced on DK he has put together rounds of -2, -5 and -6 and is +1.73 strokes T2G for the tournament. He is a good lineup filler for the cheap side that could give you an outcome of -2 to -6 and that is a good return.

CHRIS BAKER – He is the highest algo guy in the tier of players below 6,999 on DK. He has shot -7 and -2 in the last two rounds and even though he is -0.39 strokes gained putting he is +1.43 ball striking, +1.05 on approach and +1.67 in T2G. Priced near the bottom he is another good lineup filler.

BO HOAG – I like consistency and he has put up -4, -2 and -3 rounds this weekend. While ranking 33rd in putting he is +1.27 with the flat stick and has an average round of -3.9 strokes which is unheard of in this tier and a ceiling of -9. At the 3M open he opened with a solid -7 and closed with a solid -9. Priced at only 6500 on DK another great low end guy.

Any other guys in this range that have played 2 solid rounds I don’t mind mixing them in and out of multiple lineups for GPPs. Vincent Whaley and Brinson Paolini have both gone -4 and -4 in the last two rounds and they are MIN PRICE on DK at 6,000. Kramer Kickok has gotten better each round and went from -1 to -3 and then -5 and also MIN priced! Hank Lebioda is 6100 and hasn’t done much but he is -2.22 strokes gained putting and if that turns around he could drop another -4 or -5 round as he has a solid approach at +1.09 and T2G and +2.84. The +2.84 is the highest of anyone in this tier. Rob Oppenheim is 6300 and dropped a massive -8 round today. My word of caution on him is that he is ranked 153 in putting and +2.36 strokes for the tournament. His first two rounds were both -4 and -4 so hard to argue against him at only 6300. Ryan Armour has shot -6 and -5 in the last two rounds and he is +1.01 ball striking for the tournament at 6600.

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