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5 NBA Plays for Saturday from CheatSheetPros!

5 NBA Plays for (January 4th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros!


DERRICK WHITE (4200) – Solid value play tonight for the main slate. He is projected to play +6 minutes over his last 4 game average of 24.4 minutes and even if he doesn’t he is still putting up 5.3x value playing only 24.4 minutes. If he does get those 6 extra minutes we are looking at 6x-7x value. His FPPM (fantasy point per min) production has also increased from his 0.83 season number to 0.98 over his last 6 games. We need 21 points for 5x and 25 points would give us 6x and he has put up 27, 23, 14, 27 and 25 over his last 5 contest!

JORDAN MCRAE (5700) – Hello Jordan McRae! His price has climbed from 3100 to 5700 this year and he is 2 of his last 3 games over 50 DKP! Whoa! He has a massive 55 DKP ceiling in his last 10 games and a 7.25x average over his last 4 games. His FPPM production is out of this world going from 0.99 to 1.24 over the last 6 games. Playing 32 minutes per game over the last 4 and projected for another 30+ minutes tonight!

LONZO BALL (6500) – Lonzo could be a sneaky GPP play tonight as most places he is only projected at 4.4x value so most optimizers aren’t going to load him into a lineup. However, he has a grade of 113.6 so he is over our 100 number we are looking for and playing 35.1 minutes per game over the last 4 and projected for another 30-33 minutes tonight. His FPPM production is also a nice jump from 0.86 on the season to 1.13 over the last 6 games. This game has a 224 total and they are +2.5 point dogs so this could be close. He also has a last 10 game ceiling of 59.0 DKP!

LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE (7200) – Total edge of 136.8 tonight and projected to play 33 minutes and playing 32.7 over his last 4 games gives us some consistency that he will be closer to his projection. His FPPM production is off the chart going from 1.20 to 1.41 over his last 6 games and he has a 4 game average of 43.6 DKP which is over 6x value. He also has a massive ceiling we need for GPPs with a 65.8 DKP game in his last 10games. Also DVP is a smash spot as opponent allowing 54.35 DKP over the last 14 days. He is coming off 45, 46 and 51 DKP games. Blowout is a concern as they are +12 dogs but a massive 228 total in this game.

TRAE YOUNG (9500) – If you want to pay up for a stud in cash games I love Trae. He is only projected at 4.9x at most tout sites and we have him going to more of a 5.3x value game. His total edge if you are wondering is 113.3 so he is over the 100 number that we look for to find success on our “Grade” tab on our NBA cheatsheet. His FPPM production is also on the rise going from 1.37 to 1.46. Opponent allowing 50.7 DKP to his position over the last 14 days, 221 game total and +7 dogs. He will need to score to stay in this game. He is coming off games of 50, 14 (blowout), 64, 67, 51 and 61 DKPs. We only need 47.5 for 5x value and he should be able to climb over that tonight!

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