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bathrobeDFS Breakdown for March 4th!

Hello, everyone! bathrobeDFS here with your daily basketball article. I will go over tonight’s slate from the perspective of a one lineup player on Draftkings. If you have any additional questions or want to see guaranteed updates in regards to breaking news- I provide additional updates, information, and stats on my twitter @bathrobeDFS. Feel free to throw me a follow cause it’s much easier and more timely to provide updates over that medium. It also should go without saying, this is just a preliminary analysis of the slate: everything can change throughout the day, so make sure you are staying on top of any and all injury news and change your lineups accordingly! I am always available to help with any questions there, as well, even if I can’t do a second article. Let’s get started!

The Daily Slate:

This slate is going to be AWESOME. Let’s get right to it!!

Situations to take advantage of (in no particular order):

Luka and Co. - Oh boy. The 29th-paced Mavs are taking on the 4th-paced Nets in what will be a huge pace up spot for them. The Nets give up the 8th most DKPPG and, even though the Mavs are 29th in pace, they give up the 14th most DKPPG, which should tell you how dreadfully bad their D actually is. This has the lowest total on the day, as of now, at 224 and I can’t imagine it going that low, especially with no one on the injury report. This Mavs team rises and falls on the shoulders of now-20-year-old Luka Doncic (9100). Dude is one of the most consistent producers nowadays, proficient in all aspects of the game, and able to get you a 3x2 as well as steals and blocks. He will be lined up against who gives a shit because the Nets don’t have anyone remotely qualified to stop Luka. He’s a 6’7” PG that none of the Nets guards will be able to line up with. Also, none of the Nets forwards. Really. Or anyone else in that arena. Or maybe state at that point, since the Knicks and Kings are in Sacramento. And even then… Also, Centers against the Nets. Who is the Center you want to play? The same underpriced dude we been counting on for a week plus- Powell (5200). He is, easily, one of the best plays on the day. I would expect ownership to reflect that, but, honestly, this may be the worst game on the slate, so who knows when I’m done with this where I think everyone will be ownership wise. One thing that I won’t doubt- Powell is gold, Jerry. GOLD! I am also gonna play the sweet hell out of Dirk (3200), as he keeps putting up his 25 minutes a night on his farewell tour, bottoming out at 5x. I also have another couple of riskier guys that may not get the stats you need to pay off, but who could both get you 10x if everything goes well - Hardaway (5000) and Brunson (3800).

Nuggets vs Spurs PICK EM- Oh Boy! Pick Em is the best thing we can see. If this games finishes the way Vegas thinks it will, we are going to get us some OT and oh boy do we want that. Obviously, that’s not something we can or should predict. But I like to explain it like this- if every game has an X% chance to go into overtime, the closer to pick em it is, the higher X goes. And I would like X to be as high as possible, generally. White (4900) is back to full health. If you doubt that, you don’t understand that he’s a big reason why Westbrook got 44 DKP in 33 minutes in their last game against the Spurs. White is a beast. If he is healthy, he is one of the best PG defenders in the game. So, if he is playing 30 minutes (and he should), he is drastically underpriced. It also means I have no interest in Murray (6100)who I have been off for awhile anyway. Harris (4000) moved back into the starting lineup and, as cold as he has been offensively, he is going to push for 30 minutes today and he is grossly underpriced for that. Harris’ presence also makes me like Murray, as well as Barton (5600) less. Millsap (6600) is the other fantastic defender that will be starting today. With Poeltl (4100) drawing the start at the 5, LMA (7700) will be pushed to the 4 into a direct matchup with Millsap. This is very bad for LMA and very, very good for Millsap, since LMA is one of the worst defenders in the NBA at his position. Jokic (10300) just put up 49.25 DKP in 22 minutes. THAT’S 2.24 DKPPM. I’m just saying here, he will be facing Poeltl for 20 minutes and then LMA for another 15. Which of those people is going to even come close to stopping him. The only thing that will stop him is if he fouls and they pull him. I saved the best on the Spurs for last here- Will Barton is the weak link on the Nuggets. They are going to line DeRozan (7700)against him as much as possible, and he will be able to take advantage of it. I will reiterate- No Jamal Murray tonight. Unless White is benched.

The Jazz - I wish I could just nail down a player to like but, given the 230+ total and the fact that the Pelicans are like the walking dead defensively, and the opposite of the walking dead in terms of pace I have a hard time not just telling you to go nuts here. I would caution that this game, in Utah, could blow out. Something to be cognizant of when planning your lineups. But it’s not like anyone here is in even close to a bad spot. NO is Worst in the NBA against SF so a sneaky first play to look at is Joe Ingles (5500) as someone who can get you exposure to this game, at a price that can pay off, in a position that you literally can’t improve upon if you are Ingles. He hasn’t been under 32.75 DKP since before the all-star break. In case that wasn’t enough! The Pels are also one of the worst teams against Centers so this should be a good game in which to target Gobert (7900). He has been colder lately, causing his price to fall from 8500 before the all-star break to 7900 now. He is still the player that can get you the 47.75 DKP he gave you 3 games ago against the horrible LAC Center Defense. And, as bad as they are, the Pels have been worse recently. Yeah. That bad. Jrue is actually the only good defender left on this team, and he always plays like he’s in the playoffs so, while I expect the field will be on Donovan (8300), I will pivot elsewhere. If Donovan winds up being unowned, I will take the chance on him without question. Rubio (5900) will get 30 minutes against Elfrid on the Shelfrid and he should make him question Himselfred when Rubio crosses him up the Twelfthred time. Jae (4200) will be someone I play until he’s up to 5k. He just gets too much run, regardless of if this game blows out (again, a serious risk).

LA vs LA - So, I mean, this game is going to be awesome. 5th and 7th teams in pace. 2nd and 10th most DKPPG given up. One of the worst teams against C/PG/PF vs the team Worst against C and 2nd worst against PG. This is going to be a bloodfest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the 238 total I am currently looking at goes over 240 before the sun comes up. The spread is also only LAL -4.5, meaning we can count on everyone getting major run. The Lakers are fighting for a playoff berth. They have been sinking fast, down to 10th- 4.5 games behind the 8th seed. They need to win this. So, when that happens, you go all in. The Clippers are horribly bad against C and PF. You know who’s been starting there lately? Kuzma (6200) and LeBron (11200). You know who’s gonna get 35-40 minutes and be able to smash their value? Kuzma and Lebron. The Clippers are also horrible against PG. This makes me like both Rondo (5600), who let EVERYONE down BAD last game (thus making him less popular tonight), and Ingram (6600) who is getting some serious run at the point. This is going to be one of the rare games I think it is actually ok to play Kuzma AND Ingram together. I don’t plan on getting any cuter with this Laker team. These 4 are going to be where the bread is buttered. They are too cheap for a must win game, against this terrible Clippers team, who are deficient against their positions. Speaking of deficient defenses, the Lakers are worst in the NBA against Centers and 2nd worst against PG. This means that I will be looking at both PatBev (5200), who will get most of the guard duties, as well as LouWill (6800), who should be 8k here. He will shoot the ball 167 times tonight. It is going to be insane. If this game stays close, LouWill plays almost all of the 4th quarter, and takes almost all of the Clippers shots in the 4th as well. Talk about a late night hammer. I would also have some interest in Zubac (4600), though his price is too high, and I expect people to be on him for the revenge narrative BS, but I would have more interest in Montrezl (6300) who is also drastically underpriced for someone who should be able to get you 50 DKP in this matchup. I also want to keep pointing out that Shamet (4000) and JaMychal (3900) are underpriced for their minutes and production.

Situations to be careful of(in no particular order):

Knicks vs Kings - As much as I like the 232 total, and the bad Defenses squaring off, what I do not like is the fact Vegas already has SAC as -11.5. This tells me a couple of things- First, Jordan is almost certainly going to be out. I have seen reports he may sit out the entire 3 game road trip, and I don’t know if he was even with the Knicks last game. Second, Vegas recognizes how good the Kings are at home, as well as how bad the Knicks are. Last, the Kings are 9th in the West, meaning they need to get all the wins they can if they want a chance of catching the Clippers or Spurs. As far as the game itself goes, it’s a matchup between 2 teams with coaches that are unpredictable, like to spread the minutes around, and that may not need to play their starters more than 3 quarters… what’s not to like?? So where do we go? First, I am still going to be all over Mitch Rob (6400) on the Knicks side. As long as Jordan is out, I am going to be leaning on him. Especially in a huge pace up matchup against a terrible defensive team. If you missed it, Vonleh (4200) also got 28 minutes, at the expense of Ellenson, and put up almost 40 DKP. His 2nd game in a row over 30. He could definitely get run with Mitch Rob in this matchup. Yesterday I said that, when DSJ (6000) and Mudiay (4900) play, you kind of have to roll the dice about which one is going to get more run, and will get more minutes. I also said I generally would just pick the cheaper one at that point. Well Mudiay got 29 minutes. Surprisingly, though, Fizdale finally played the 2 next to each other cause DSJ also got 28 minutes. And, while I may not be no Alfred Einstone, I know that 29 + 28 is more than 48, so they didn’t just split minutes at PG this time. This may have been a function of how insanely small the Clippers play, so we shouldn’t make any rash decisions about it, but it’s possible both start getting run together. I would still go cheaper, though. I also pointed out how the Knicks are limiting Knox severely in order to make sure Dotson (4500) and Trier (4300) get a bunch of run. Dotson got 29 min and 27.25 DKP. Trier got 25 min and 23.25 DKP. Knox got 23 min and 11.25 DKP. Don’t be a sucker and make sure you don’t play Knox. He is a massive, as they say, -EV play. Don’t make that mistake, given what you know. On the Kings Side, I don’t know if Fox (7500) or Hield (7000) will need to get enough run here to make those prices worthwhile. WCS (5800) just saw his price come up 1300 in one game. But don’t be surprised if he bombs here. Vonleh is a really, really good defender. Giles (4100) saw no minutes increase with Bagley out, but his price rose enough that he’s tougher to pay for. Barnes (5100) may be the best play. He can get you 40 minutes if this winds up staying close. He will get 10+ shots, and is one of the main beneficiaries with Bagley out, from a minutes perspective. Bogdanovic (5600) is also underpriced, and should see some run if this game blows out.

The Nets: A Special Deeper Look

Hold onto your hats. I am going to take a LOT of time here. If I was a lazy asshole who didn’t actually care about the quality of my analysis, I could just take a default here - Mavs have been awful against PG, C, and 3s. So throw the Nets in the “situations to take advantage of” section and tell everyone, “Play D Lo (8000), Allen (4900), and Harris (4400).” But is that actually good analysis, or is it the mark of someone who’s being really lazy and trying to take the easy way out? I would say, emphatically, the latter. So much so I will be looking at what people have to say about this game to determine how much stock I give their analysis for the rest of this season. So, let’s break this down, cause this shit has been really tricky the last couple of games.

Let’s start 2 games ago, when Dinwiddie came back- Nets/Hornets. Nets started D Lo, LeVert, Harris, Treveon Graham, and Jarrett Allen (as they have been). The game got out of hand towards the middle of the 3rd quarter, although they started the half down almost 20. So we can look at the minutes and the rotations and see what and who matters now. LeVert and Treveon played about 6 minutes and gave way to Crabbe and Kurucs. One minute later, the other 3 starters gave way to Dinwiddie, Carroll, and Ed Davis. They closed out the quarter. It is worth noting at this point Dinwiddie already has 2 fouls, which might impact the rotation going into the 2nd. At the start of the 2nd quarter, Kurucs and Dinwiddie were replaced by D Lo and LeVert. Kurucs will not see the court again until the game is out of hand. After 4 minutes, Crabbe is replaced by Harris, who will stay in the rest of the half. A couple of minutes later, Davis comes out for Allen, who stays in the rest of the half. A couple of minutes later, Russell is replaced by Dinwiddie, who will stay in until there’s about 30 seconds left in the half when he draws his 3rd foul and Napier gets his first court time. Another 30 seconds after D Lo comes out, LeVert is replaced by Crabbe who, in 90 seconds, draws his 2nd and 3rd foul, forcing him to be pulled for a DeMarre Carroll who, 30 seconds earlier, had been taken out for Treveon Graham. It is also worth noting that, as D Lo and LeVert come out of the game, the Hornets go on a 23-5 run, ending the half with a 68-50 lead.

So, at the half, the Nets are now down almost 20. Allen has played 14 minutes. D Lo played 14 minutes. LeVert is at 13. Joe Harris is at almost 16, but that may be affected by the foul trouble Crabbe and Dinwiddie were in. Treveon Graham got 10, but who cares. Dinwiddie got about 10, but had foul trouble. Crabbe had 11, but had foul trouble. DeMarre had 15, but, again, he played extra due to other player’s foul trouble. Kurucs had 5:42 and that was it. Ed Davis played 10. Worth noting that RHJ didn’t see the floor in the first half at all. If you multiply those by 2, that’s about what you are going to expect for a full game, barring adjusting for foul trouble.

In the second half, the Nets start with their first half rotation for about the same amount of time. And, again, LeVert comes out for Crabbe, Treveon for Kurucs, D Lo for Dinwiddie, Harris for Crabbe but, this time, Jarrett Allen is replaced by RHJ. The game is still completely out of hand, and the Hornets have pushed their lead to 21 points, the game’s high point. These backups, though, fight and claw their way back against the Hornets backups. From the point those 5 took the floor until the 8:49 mark in the 4th, the Nets worked on decreasing the lead from 21 to 9. They brought D Lo back in for Dinwiddie and then Harris for DeMarre, and Allen for RHJ. When they brought Allen in, a couple minutes after they brought D Lo back in, they also brought Dinwiddie back in for Kurucks. This gave the Nets a lineup of Allen, D Lo, Harris, Crabbe, Dinwiddie. Unfortunately, in this time the Hornets went on a 10-3 run, bringing the game out of reach again. So the Nets once again subbed in RHJ for Allen, Kurucs for Harris, Carroll for Crabbe, and Napier for D Lo over the next stretch of minutes.

All in all, when you dive into it, it looks like, from this game, RHJ is only getting blow out run now. Davis is only playing when there isn’t blow out run. Kurucs will get spotty minutes in close games, and blow out run. D Lo is gonna get less than 30 minutes now, with Levert getting close to 24 (less due to blowout) and Dinwiddie working his way into 24 minutes immediately. With Harris playing 28 minutes, there’s just too many bodies here, as you can see from this one game. Napier seems to only get in now if people are in foul trouble or the game is out of hand. Carroll will get a bunch of minutes no matter what. He seems to be one of the safer bets to get any kind of run.

Ok. One game down. Let’s look at the next game, another blowout, this time between the Heat and the Nets. This game started the same way - Harris, D Lo, Treveon, Allen, and LeVert. Treveon and LeVert get 6 minutes before ceding to Kurucs and Crabbe. Harris, D Lo, and Allen play about 7:30 before giving way to Killer D’s (there should be a sarcasm font) DeMarre, Dinwiddie, and Davis. Those 5 closed out the half. At the start of the 2nd half, the Nets switched Dinwiddie and Crabbe out for D Lo and Levert. So, the 5 on the floor for the 1st 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter are DeMarre, Davis, Kurucs, D Lo, and LeVert. Four minutes in, Kurucs gives way to Harris, who stays in the rest of the half. Harris and the other 4 are on the court together for about 2:30 when Davis and LeVert give way to Allen and Dinwiddie, who play the rest of the half. After another minute and a half, D Lo and DeMarre yield to Kurucs and Crabbe.

So, at the half, the Nets are only down 10. They have managed to keep this game close the whole time, with the Heat going on a late 5-0 run, increasing the lead from 5 to a game-high 10. Harris has 15:30 or so in the first half. D Lo has about 15 minutes. LeVert had about 12:30. Allen got about 13 minutes. Treveon got his initial 6 minutes and didn’t see the court again. Crabbe got 10 minutes. Kurucs got 12 minutes. Ed Davis got about 11. DeMarre got a little over 12. And Dinwiddie got 10. Once again, RHJ didn’t see the court in the first half. Multiplying this by 2 should be a more reasonable approximation of how many minutes people would get in a full, competitive game. But, again, it would be better to just see some full, competitive games.

The 2nd half started as the 1st half did with the same 5. After about 5 minutes, the Heat lead had increased their lead from 10 points at the half to 13 points at this point. At this point, Treveon, Allen, and LeVert, are replaced by DeMarre, Davis, and Crabbe. After another 30 seconds or so, D Lo is pulled out for Dinwiddie. At this point, the Heat had already started on a 12-2 run which would push the lead to 23, and into firm blow out status. A minute after D Lo came out, the Nets replaced Harris with Kurucs. Around this time, Ed Davis got his 3rd foul and was replaced by JARED DUDLEY until the end of the 3rd quarter, on the court with DeMarre, Dinwiddie, Kurucs, and Crabbe.

The 4th quarter starts with the Nets down 20. This is one of the interesting things- They started the quarter by replacing almost the entire lineup. Dudley stayed in, of course, but, with Dudley, you had RHJ, making his first appearance, Harris, D Lo, and LeVert. The Heat went on a 13-5 run in the first 3 minutes of the quarter, so D Lo was pulled out after 2:30 for Crabbe and, 30 seconds later, Dudley and Harris came out for Dinwiddie and Kurucs. The lineup stayed this was until the Heat went on another 6-0 run, forcing the coach to trade out Crabbe for Treveon. And that was it. RHJ played all 12 minutes. LeVert played all 12 minutes. It was as if, the blow out was so bad, the coach recognized that they should just try to continue to stretch out LeVert and Dinwiddie and they did.

At the end of that game, Harris got 26 min, D Lo got 23, LeVert got 29, Allen got 18, Treveon got 15, Crabbe got 22, Kurucs got 27, Davis got 14, Dinwiddie got 25 or so, DeMarre got 19, Dudley got 7 and RHJ got just the 12 minutes in the 4th quarter.

So, now that it is all said and done, what can both games tell us?

That D Lo (8000), LeVert (5300), and Dinwiddie (5000) are going to be fighting heavily for minutes. It looks like, if everything goes perfectly, D Lo could get you about 26-30 minutes a game and Dinwiddie and LeVert getting 25ish each themselves, depending on how much time the coach wants to put LeVert at SF. In those 2 games, D Lo averaged 1.16 DKPPM for those 2 games. That means, if he gets 30 minutes, he will project to get 35 or so DKP. That’s not remotely close enough to value here to think he’s a good play by any stretch. Dinwiddie has gotten about 0.88 DKPPM in those 2 games. If he gets 25 minutes, that is about 22 DKP. Again, that’s a hard sell. LeVert got us 0.96 DKPPM which, again, if you give him 25 minutes, comes to just over 24 DKP. Not terrible for the price, but not someone we are going to flip out over, especially considering he will only put up 5 threes a game, where Dinwiddie could get 10 or so.

That Joe Harris (4400) is a great play. Harris seems to be one of the safest bets to push about 28-30 minutes, regardless of the presence of Levert, Dinwiddie, Kurucs, and Crabbe. Over the last couple games, he has put up 0.85 DKPPG which, if you give him 30 minutes, comes out to about 25.5 DKP. Which actually IS great for that price. Over his last 5, he has gotten about 0.8 DKPPG which, again, is about 24 DKP which, at 4400 is good enough for me. Especially given how bad the Mavs are against 3s and how much Harris loves to shoot them (he did beat Steph Curry for the 3 point contest crown, after all).

That DeMarre Carroll (3700) is also greatly undervalued on DK. While he doesn’t have the positional advantage of other players, he still puts up a consistently decent DKPPM, especially recently. Over the last 2, he has 1.03 DKPPM. He would be able to pay off his salary if he just played 20 minutes at that rate. He’s at 0.86 DKPPG over his last 5. He would only need 21.5 minutes to pay that off. If he can get one of his 25-30 minute games, he could crush that salary. With Treveon DOUBTFUL, He should be in line for extra run.

That Crabbe (3300) is going to get his 23-25 minutes every game as well. Last game he put up 9 three pointers and only hit 1. If he were to get hot at that minute projection, he would demolish 3300. He is risky, given how cold he’s been lately. But he was someone priced 4200 a week and a half ago. And, again, the Mavs are really, really, really bad against 3s lately.

That Kurucs (3200) is also somewhat too random to be trusted. But his randomness is both how many minutes he plays and how he produced. It is a major risk, especially in a 7 game slate, but in any slate, to even consider him

Napier, Treveon, and Dudley are unplayable as of right now

The Nets Center position is a cluster fuck. Which is incredibly unfortunate, given how bad the Mavs have been since they traded Jordan. Allen (4900) could get you 18 minutes today or he could get you 28. Is RHJ (3000) only getting blow out run now intentionally? Or is he going to find his way into the 2nd half rotation regardless? And how will that affect Allen and his normal backup Ed Davis (3300)? When we see who is starting at PF tomorrow (hopefully not RHJ), we can look further into this. But as of right now, as bad as the Mavs are against PG and C, it’s too clustered to trust the big names. But if you wanna attack them on the perimeter, you have some great options here.

Situations to monitor:

John Collins QUESTIONABLE - The Heat are a slow, defensive team that can really only be attacked at the PF spot. That is going to change the more run Dragic gets at PF instead of Justise but, as of now, it is how it is. With Trae (9300) priced up that high, it is understandable to be skittish of him, just make sure you have him in your pool if you play MME. After getting ejected last game, he should be in line for heavy minutes tonight. If Collins is out, especially, we can count on a solid game for him, regardless of matchup. If Collins (7100) can play, he is going to be drastically underpriced here. Again, it’s not the best of team matchups, but, in terms of individual matchups, he is going to be able to eat. If Collins is out, I will also love getting on Len (4000) and Poythress (3400) again for their prices. The one thing of note- Dedmon (6400) would be moved to PF in the case Collins misses and Len starts next to him which would be an amazing matchup for him, as it would for Collins, at an even better price.

Whiteside QUESTIONABLE, Dragic QUESTIONABLE - Given how fast the Hawks are, and how horrible their D is, this news is really substantial. Everyone on this team is in play today, so the less players they have available, the better for us. Hopefully we are told of their status after morning shootaround, but if not, this game is the first to tip off so we shouldn’t have too big a problem planning for every eventuality. If Whiteside and Dragic play, I would expect them to be limited so I would have no interest in them. They would also make Bam and Justise slightly less appealing. If both/either miss, Bam (5600) and Justise (5700) become exceptional plays, though, for the money, I would much rather take the stab on Wade (5000). Either way, I expect Olynyk (5300) to get heavy minutes, no matter what, and to crush it today. He’s another one of my favorite plays on the slate.

Someone sitting for the Bucks - Ok. So, Vegas totals can tell us a lot. They can also tell us a lot when they aren’t there. Especially when midnight approaches on the day of a game, and there is no spread out for what should be an obvious drubbing. This leads me to believe that there is some inside information (such as Giannis not getting on the plane to Phoenix) that a Vegas insider, who is paid to scout that kind of thing, would know. But that we wouldn’t have access to yet. Tomorrow morning, Bledsoe or Middleton or Giannis or some combo of the 3 will be declared out and resting because, honestly, why else wouldn’t this game have a 240 total with a MIL -14 spread already. Even in Phoenix. So, unfortunately, we are going to have to wait and see what the hell is going to happen. We can assume that Vegas is just not putting out a total to this game for no reason, and everyone will play, but that’s foolish. I will do it anyway, though, cause who said I didn’t help everyone equally? This game is going to blow out, so I can’t play any of the big priced players (assuming everyone is in). The most expensive I would go is Oubre (5900) who would get backup/blowout run. I would also expect Jackson (4600) to get extra run in that case, making him an intriguing play. Pat Con (3400) is a wonderful punt again at that price, considering he has been getting solid minutes, even when everyone is healthy, and backup run. Just be aware DK is wrong and Brogdon is not on the injury report. This also makes folks like Holmes (3400) and Melton (3100) interesting punts, though I will have a hard time going there. And please don’t ask me about the Isaiah Canaan (3200) revenge narrative unless half the Bucks are out.

Brow QUESTIONABLE - So, Brow came down with an illness according to reports. While there is a chance he would play, why even make him travel to Utah with the team when he’s sick, if they don’t want to play him anyway. So I imagine we are going to find out early that he’s out, although who knows at this point. He’s not someone I will consider playing if he plays, but if he misses the effects are significant. First, as I have often point out, as good as the Jazz are defensively, across the board (for the most part), and as good Gobert is as a defender (#1 in DRPM among Centers), the Jazz are really bad at defending against Centers. That would mean I would have a ton of interest in, first, Diallo (4100), who would get a ton of minutes, including blow out run, at the C spot. I mean, if Brow misses, I would lock him in to 100%. Especially with the red “1st” next to his name on DK which will make people get off him. But he is being shown as a PF, not as a C (which is a green “26th”). That’s going to lower his ownership quite a bit, which is great for us. The Jazz are best against PFs, so I would have a hard time paying up for Randle (8200), but you can’t argue with the fact he could get you 50 DKP. I would most likely let him kill me then play him and have one of so many things go wrong. Jrue (7600) is someone, as I pointed out last game, that is being underowned, underpriced, and underprojected based on faulty information. We were told he would be limited to 28-30 minutes. Since then, the lowest he has been has been 31 and that was in a total blowout. And he still got 43.25 DKP. Defenses haven’t been able to stop him from getting you 45-50 DKP lately, and, at that price, I will sign up for that all day, every day. Especially at the low ownership cause people think he’s going to be limited. Lastly, Elf (5700) is, again, is too cheap for getting anywhere from 32-36 minutes he’s been getting. His last 2 games were his worst, at 33.5 and 30.75 DKP, and, in both of those, he was 1 basket from a 2x2. I don’t think Elf is necessarily gonna get you 50 here (though he certainly has the ability to get you a triple double, at any point, and 50 DKP), but I do think that he should be closer to 7k right now, and we need to take advantage of that pricing inaccuracy as much as we can.

Alright. Running out of characters. Outro Short. Good Luck. Love you all!


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